Apple Headphones Replacement Policy (Accessory Warranty You Need To Know)

apple headphones replacement policy

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Apple Headphones replacement policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

So, whether or not your Apple headphones are covered by a replacement policy depends on when you purchased the headphones and if you have an active warranty. You might be able to get the headphones replaced entirely, but you might have to pay for replacement or repair, depending on the situation.

A Genius will help you learn if your headphones are under an active warranty.

So, what is Apple Headphones replacement policy? Apple has an extensive warranty and replacement policy for its branded headphones. All Apple-branded headphones come with a one-year limited replacement policy to cover any manufacturing defects. You can also invest in AppleCare+ to ensure your headphones are protected for longer.

To learn more about the Apple headphones replacement policy, keep reading. This article fully explains the different ways that you can cover your headphones with a replacement policy and warranty. Let’s dive right in!

Does Apple Have An Apple Headphones Replacement Policy?

Apple has a replacement policy for Apple-branded headphones. All Apple accessories automatically come with a one-year limited warranty.

This limited warranty provides a replacement policy if your Apple-branded item undergoes manufacturing defects within the first year of purchase.

In addition to the one-year limited warranty, Apple headphones can also be covered by AppleCare+, but you must purchase it separately.

AppleCare+ can extend your headphones coverage two years after you purchased the warranty.

AppleCare+ offers some replacement policies, but they will try to repair the headphones first. The headphones will only be replaced if repair is not an option.

Between the one-year limited warranty for Apple accessories and the optional AppleCare+, your headphones can be replaced or repaired for free or at a low price.

Still, not everyone is covered. If you did not invest in AppleCare+ and it has been over a year since purchase, your headphones are not covered by any replacement policy.

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About The Apple One-Year Limited Warranty For Apple Accessories

If you have an Apple-branded product, you automatically are covered by Apple’s one-year limited warranty for the first 365 days.

This warranty covers all Apple products and accessories, including Apple-branded headphones, Beat headphones, and AirPods. Regular headphones that go into your ear are also covered by the same warranty.

Under this warranty, your Apple product is protected for one year after the original purpose. The headphone must be Apple-branded, but they could have been purchased from a third-party store. So, you just have to make sure that the headphones are sold by the Apple brand.

The one-year limited warranty specifically applies to manufacturing errors or defects.

If the headphones start acting up due to a manufacturing error within one year of purchase, the headphones can either be repaired or replaced outright.

You will have to visit an Apple location or authorized service provider or mail the headphones in to get the replacement. That way, an Apple Genius can inspect the headphones to see if they are covered. Unfortunately, not all defects are covered by the one-year limited warranty.

If the defect is caused due to your use, it is not covered.

Once again, the Apple one-year limited warranty provides a replacement policy for Apple-branded headphones. The defect has to be due to a manufacturing error, and the case must be Apple-branded.

If not, your headphones are not covered by Apple’s replacement policy.

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AppleCare+ Apple Headphones

As soon as it has been longer than one year since you purchased the Apple headphones, they are no longer covered by Apple’s one-year limited warranty.

Even if it has been one year and one day, the policy does not have to be honored, and you will have to pay to get the headphones fixed or replaced.

If you are worried that your headphones will break, you can invest in AppleCare+. AppleCare+ extends your coverage. You get this coverage for two years after you purchased AppleCare+.

For every year, you can be covered for two incidents, with each having a potential service fee of $29. In some cases, your headphones can be replaced, but a Genius will attempt to fix it first.

The benefit of investing in AppleCare+ is that you know your headphones are covered. If something were to happen, you only have to pay a small fee to get the headphones fixed.

In comparison, you might have to pay hundreds of dollars to get them fixed or replaced without this coverage.

The downside is that the coverage does cost some money, but it could save you a lot in the long run.

How To Replace Apple Headphones

Regardless of whether you have the one-year limited warranty or AppleCare+, replacing Apple headphones is basically the same. You’ll need to set up an appointment at a local Genius bar or another authorized service provider.

During this appointment, a representative will inspect the headphones to see if they fall underneath whichever warranty covers your headphones.

If you only have the one-year limited warranty, it’s less likely that the headphones will be covered than if you had the AppleCare+.

If the Apple Genius determines that the headphone defect is covered, they will either try to fix or replace the headphones. If they are replaced, they will be replaced with either an identical generation or one of equal value.

You might have to send the headphones in to the Apple headquarters first. Although this will take up more time, it is unavoidable in many scenarios.

You might also have to wait to get your replacement product shipped to your home. Either way, you will get your replacement item back.

Final Thoughts

Apple offers an Apple headphones replacement policy. The one-year limited warranty covers Apple-branded products and will allow you to get a replacement if manufacturing errors are detected within the first year of ownership.

AppleCare+ lasts for longer and covers more.

If you have Apple’s one-year limited warranty, AppleCare+, or both, your headphones are covered as a result. Contact your local Apple store or authorized Apple service provider to get your headphones checked out and see if they qualify for replacement.

We hope this article helps you find a way to fix your Apple headphone woes.

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