Apple AirPod Replacement Policy (Service, Repairs – Secrets Nobody Is Talking About)

Apple airpod Replacement Policy

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Apple Airpod replacement policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If your AirPods get broken, Apple or an Apple authorized service provider can service them to make them like new again.

That being said, some models are past repair. If you need to get the AirPods replaced outright, there are options, but there are several factors you will need to consider.

So, what is Apple Airpod replacement policy? Apple will replace broken AirPods that are still under warranty, but they will not replace lost or stolen AirPods. If you don’t have AppleCare+, you will also have to pay more for the replacement. The replacement costs will also depend on what generation of AirPods you have.

To learn everything you need to know about Apple replacement policies for your AirPods, keep reading. This article breaks down AirPod replacement info and costs.

Will Apple Replace My Broken AirPods?

Whether or not Apple will replace a broken AirPod depends on whether or not it is within warranty. If there are any manufacturing defects detected within the first year of purchase, Apple will either repair or replace your AirPods for free.

If your AirPods are broken on accident during that one-year warranty, you can get a replacement for $29 if you have AppleCare+. Of course, not everyone gets AppleCare+.

If you aren’t covered, you can still get repair or replacement options, but you will have to pay more.  

What If I Don’t Have AppleCare+?

If you don’t have AppleCare+, you can still get a replacement for your broken AirPods, but you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

You will have to pay for each individual AirPod and the case. The exact price will depend on the generation.

The out-of-warranty cost for replacing each earbud is $69. If you have Apple AirPods pro, it costs $89 to replace the case.

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Will Apple Replace My Lost AirPods?

Unfortunately, lost AirPods are not covered by the Apple repair or replacement warranty. It isn’t covered by AppleCare+ either. You will have to spend $69 to replace each AirPod, in addition to the charging case.

The regular charging case costs $59 to replace and the wireless or MagSafe charging case costs $79.

If you need to replace the AirPod Pro specifically, each AirPod will cost $89, and the charging case will cost $99.

Will Apple Replace My Stolen AirPods?

Just like with lost AirPods, stolen AirPods are not covered by a warranty or AppleCare+. So, you will have to pay to replace each AirPod and the case.

The prices will depend on which generation of AirPods you have, as we covered above.

Will Apple Replace My AirPods If The Battery Is Broken?

If your AirPod charging case stops working properly or the battery mechanism malfunctions, Apple does not offer replacement services until the charging case holds less than 80% of its original capacity. Before it gets to that point, Apple offers battery services.

If you have AppleCare+, you can get your battery serviced for free, regardless of the generation. If you do not have AppleCare+, there will be a fee for the battery service.

AirPods Max cost $79, AirPods and AirPods Pro cost $49 each, and all charging cases cost $49.

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Will Apple Replace My AirPod Ear Tips?

If you have issues with your AirPod Pro ear tips, the Apple limited warranty will allow you to replace the ear tips for no charge.

If you happen to lose the ear tips or need an extra pair, you will need to buy new air tips. By purchasing the ear tips through Apple’s online store, there won’t be any shipping fees.

How Do You Return Broken AirPods For Apple Replacement?

If you have broken AirPods that are eligible for Apple replacement, you first will need to find your proof of purchase or the original box.

Make sure that the proof of purchase is the original. If you don’t have these things, you cannot get your AirPods replaced. Additionally, you will need both AirPods and the charging case.

Once you have everything you need, you have the option to bring the AirPods to an Apple store or an authorized provider. You can also mail in the AirPods through a prepared shipping box. Send the AirPods directly to Apple.

Apple AirPods Replacement Costs

We know that we covered a lot of costs and situations above. To make things a little bit easier, here’s a comprehensive look at the estimated replacement cost based on your AirPod generation and the situation:

Lost AirPods Replacement Cost

Generation ; ItemFee
AirPods Pro$89 each
AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Case$99
AirPods Pro MagSafe Charging Case$99
AirPods (3rd Generation)$69
Charging Case$59
Wireless Charging Case$79
MagSafe Charging Case$79

Damaged AirPods Replacement Cost

Generation ; ItemAppleCare+Out-Of-Warranty Fee
AirPods Max$29Varies
AirPods Pro$29$89 each
AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Case$29$89
AirPods Pro MagSafe Charging Case$29$89
AirPods (3rd Generation)$29$69 each
AirPods$29$69 each
Charging Case$29$59
Wireless Charging Case$29$69
MagSafe Charging Case$29$69

Battery Service Repairs Cost

Generation ; ItemAppleCare+Out-Of-Warranty Fee
AirPods Max$0$79
AirPods/AirPods Pro$0$49 each
All Charging Cases$0$49

Ear Tips

Need For ReplacementCost
Issue covered by warranty$0
Issue NOT covered by warrantyBuy new ear tip
Lost ear tipBuy new ear tip
Stolen ear tipBuy new ear tip
Want extra ear tipsBuy new ear tip

Final Thoughts

If you’re having trouble with your AirPods, consider getting them replaced. If your AirPods are still in warranty or you have AppleCare+, it’s super easy and affordable to replace your AirPods outright.

You can replace AirPods without a warranty or AppleCare+, but it will be more expensive.

Of course, you can consider getting your AirPod serviced instead. Servicing the AirPods may be more affordable, depending on what is wrong with them.

In some cases, getting them replaced entirely is the more economical choice.

If you are still confused about your AirPods and whether they can be replaced, we recommend calling Apple or visiting an authorized service to check out the AirPods directly.

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