AllState Auto Claims (Full Guide – Do This Now!)

AllState Auto Claims

How do I make an insurance claim? Do you know what Allstate Car Insurance claims is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

AllState is one of the top rated auto insurance companies in the country used by millions of Americans. When it comes to making a claim, how do you go about it, and is AllState good to work with?

AllState has a number of different ways to file an auto insurance claim including by phone, online, or on their mobile app. Claims adjusters work to ensure that AllState clients get fair and timely settlements.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about making a claim with AllState from phone and fax numbers to online forms. We will tell you how to get in touch with a claims adjuster, how long it takes to settle your claim, and how reliable AllState is.

How Do I Report a Claim to All State?

Since AllState is such a large insurance company, they have a variety of ways that you can file a claim with them in order to ensure the easiest possible method for you the customer.

As soon as there is a claim to be reported from an incident or car accident, you need to file the claim right away so that they can get started on the investigation.

AllState needs to know three basic pieces of information in order to start a claim in your account. First, they need to know that an accident has happened. AllState cannot move forward with a claim if they don’t know there is one to be made.

Secondly, they will need the name or names of the person or persons involved in the accident as well as the other parties’ insurance information.

Once you have gathered all of that information, you can contact AllState one of three different ways to get your claim started.

You can call their claims reporting hotline any time of day or night to speak with a representative immediately. You can also pull up a claims form straight from their website once you log in to your account.

Alternatively, you can start filing your claim right at the scene of the accident as long as you have a working phone.

AllState has a mobile app with the ability to file claims as soon as they happen so that you don’t lose a moment of time when it comes to rectifying the situation.

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How Do I Check on the Status of My AllState Insurance Claim?

If you’re the type of person who needs to know exactly where your claim stands every moment of the day so that you stay on top of getting it cleared up, AllState provides a service for you to monitor your insurance claim status.

With the mobile app, you can track any open claims to see exactly where it is in the process of being investigated and rectified.

All you need to do is download the app if you don’t already have it. It is available by texting AllState to request the app and they will send you a download link.

If you are involved in a claim with another person who has AllState insurance, but you do not, you can still check the claim status with All State. All you have to do is sign in as a guest in order to view your claim status.

You can also check the status of your AllState claim on their website by logging in to your account. AllState will be able to indicate if they are still in the investigation stage, searching for repair estimates, in the repair stage, or preparing to send payment for your settlement.

If there are any actions that need to be taken on your part, AllState will contact you so that the claim can move forward as quickly as possible.

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What Is the AllState Claims Phone Number to Call?

Filing a claim right after an accident can be nerve-wracking. If you aren’t great with computers and have no idea how to begin to use All State’s mobile app (or have a phone that is compatible with apps), you can always talk to a live representative.

Make sure you gather as much information about the accident as possible and call 1-800-ALLSTATE.

All State’s phone number is easy to remember. If you are dialing on a phone without associated alpha-numeric buttons, the phone number is 1-800-255-7828. An AllState agent is ready to assist you no matter what time of day you call.

Their claims number is available to reach an agent twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

If you have any questions regarding your claim, you want to check the status of your claim, or you need to report a claim, All State’s phone number is one you will want to have handy.

It would be prudent to save the number on your phone even though it is easy to remember. That would be one less thing for you to think about in the event of an accident.

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Is There An Email Address to Send Claims Information to All State?

If you would rather email an AllState agent about your claim in order to establish a digital paper trail of your claims communication, you can visit the contact page for All State.

You will need to fill out a secure form with information including your name, email address, physical address, customer status, nature of your request, and a brief message.

An AllState representative will reply to your inquiry at the earliest possible opportunity. If you need to send documents over to support your claim or AllState needs to send you sensitive information, AllState will provide a secure link or email address so that your information is not exposed to the internet.

Establishing a chain of emails with AllState to track your claim is a good way to keep records of your claim should the need arise in the future to look back on the steps taken during the claims process.

How Do I Start an Insurance Claim Online with All State?

The first step to filing a claim with AllState online is to set up your online account. You just need your email address, AllState insurance account information, and a created password to get started.

Once your account is established, log in and click on the section for filing a claim.

You will be asked to enter information such as the name of the other person or persons involved in the accident as well as their car insurance information. There will be a section to fill in any details about the accident. Here you should write all of the relevant details that AllState needs to know about the claim you are filing.

From there, you hit submit claim and AllState will get to work investigating your claim so that you can begin figuring out your next steps.

All State’s QuickFoto Claim feature can help speed up the process by allowing you to submit pictures of you’re the damage to your car straight through the app or your online account.

AllState will also help guide you toward the best options for repairs and get quotes from different places to help choose the best option for you.

Through the online account, you can track and review your claim once it has been completed and AllState will notify you when you can expect payment on your settlement.

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What Is the Physical Address for AllState Claims Department?

If you are not tech savvy in the least and would rather send in your claims information by snail mail, AllState can accommodate your request.

They have a designated claims department address to which all insurance claims related documents can be sent. Here is the postal address:

AllState Insurance Claims Department

P.O. Box 660636

Dallas, Texas 75266

AllState understands that there are certain circumstances that warrant sending physical copies of evidence through the mail rather than digitally which is why the physical mailing address is available as a method of contact when filing a claim.

If I Need to Fax Information for a Claim to All State, Where Do I Send It?

Since AllState insurance claims are usually handled through local claims adjuster offices, you will have to contact your nearest AllState agent to see what their office fax number is.

Faxing documents is still a valid and efficient way to send information to your insurance company. It is faster than snail mail, but potentially more secure than email.

Most AllState offices are still equipped with fax machines; however, it is a good idea to call the office ahead of time to ask if they have a fax machine, what their working number is, and alert them that you will be sending a fax over shortly.

Always remember to include a cover page with any fax so that the AllState office is aware of the nature of the information you are sending and how many pages to expect.

Another way to get the fax number for your local AllState agent is to check their website. They may list the number there in order to make it easier to find for their customers.

How Do I Work With an AllState Claims Adjuster?

Once you have filed an auto insurance claims whether by phone or digitally, you will be contacted by your local claims adjuster.

The claims adjuster will do an investigation into the accident and contact you about the accident to hear all of the details from your perspective even after you’ve submitted it in writing to the insurance company.

While claims adjusters are typically very friendly, they are also trained to negotiate and work for the best interest of all parties involved including the insurance company.

Make sure you understand the details of the accident and any resulting injuries so that you can relay them confidently and firmly to the claims adjuster.

This way there is little room for negotiation on the settlement that you may be entitled to. Most people struggle when talking to claims adjusters and end up hiring lawyers to help settle an auto insurance claim fairly.

As long as you stick to your guns and don’t back down, All State’s claims adjuster should work with you to help you get the settlement you deserve.

Is AllState Good at Paying Claims?

AllState is one of the largest and most financially secure insurance agencies in the country. There is no question that AllState can pay out any of the claims filed by its insurance holders. However, whether they can pay out and whether they will are two different questions.

According to one of the most trusted gauges of car satisfaction J. D. Power and Associates, users ranked AllState as being slightly below average for a satisfactory claims experience in a survey conducted in 2021.

Overall, between its financial credibility and about average claims experience, AllState ranks middle of the road in terms of insurance companies that are good at paying claims.

You may have to be a bit more forceful when it comes to standing up for yourself with All State, but in the end, you should be able to get the settlement you are owed.

If after all of the investigations and negotiations by the claims adjuster you are still not happy with the settlement AllState pays you, then you can dispute the amount under All State’s Claim Satisfaction Guarantee.

AllState will put a credit towards your account to help make up for your unsatisfactory experience with their claims settlement. This way they can keep their customers happy and still keep their customers.

How Long Does It Take AllState to Pay a Settlement Claim?

Compared to other car insurance companies, AllState settles claims fairly quickly and pays its customers settlements within a reasonable timeframe. Most of the time AllState car accident claims are filed, investigated, settled, and paid out within thirty to forty-five days.

Since AllState is a large company, they have a lot of employees to help move claims along quickly.

Unlike other companies that may delay cutting a check, AllState will send you a check in the mail as soon as the claim has been settled. However, this timeframe represents an average of how long it takes to receive a settlement check from All State.

On All State’s website, they claim that certain claims can be settled within a day or two so that you may receive a check within a week. These cases are typically for cut and dry claims with little to no investigation or reparations involved.

On the other hand, some customers report that AllState can take a few months or even years to settle especially if there is personal injury involved.

Bodily injury cases usually require extensive investigation and can sometimes be contested more heavily because the payouts tend to be higher due to expensive hospital bills.

Does AllState Handle Claims Well?

According to a survey conducted by U.S. News to review and rank the best car insurance companies for 2022, AllState comes in at number six.

Apparently, only 45% of AllState insurance customers were completely satisfied with their claims experience from the ease of filing a claim, to tracking its status, to complete resolution of the claim.

In the category of claims handling, AllState came in at number seven being outranked by other car insurance companies such as USAA, State Farm, Farmers, Nationwide, and Geico.

While these numbers may seem low, it can be hard to get a good rating for insurance and ranking number seven across the entire board of insurance companies nationwide is not too shabby.

In terms of how well AllState handles insurance claims, that may also depend on your local claims adjuster. The satisfaction of claims is dependent on how well you can work with your local AllState branch.

So the U.S. News survey is a reflection of AllState locations all over the country, not necessarily the ones in your area.


Filing an auto insurance claim through AllState is fairly easy and there are many ways to accomplish it – through the mobile app, over the phone, or online.

In order to file a claim you need to provide details of the accident, who was involved, and the insurance information of the other party or parties.

Any way you decide to file, AllState offers secure ways to send your information and allows you to track the status of your claim, so you always know where the claim stands. On average claims with AllState are settled within one to two months.

Overall, AllState scores slightly below average in customer satisfaction for claims.


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