Allstate Car Seat Replacement Policy (Accident + Coverage)

Allstate Car Seat Replacement Policy

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Allstate car seat replacement policy is or will my car insurance pay to replace a car seat?  Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you have Allstate car insurance, you already know that they have pretty good coverage, especially when it comes to car accidents, and if you have a young child, having excellent coverage to protect that child and their safety seat is essential.

So, what is Allstate car seat replacement policy? Allstate says it will cover a car seat after an accident in accordance with the NHTSA recommendations. If you qualify for car seat replacement, you will receive a check for the amount the current seat you own is worth to then purchase a new one.

What is NHTSA, their recommendations, and the details around Allstate car seat replacement policy?

Continue reading this article to find out. 

What is Allstate’s Car Seat Replacement Policy?

Allstate car seat replacement policy, states that they will cover car seats in accordance to the NHTSA or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

The NHTSA says that car seats do not have to be replaced in minor accidents or in other circumstances that may not have impacted the seat and its ability to protect the child using it. 

Your car seat may not need to be replaced if:

  • The car door closest to the car seat was not damaged
  • The car could be driven away from the crash site
  • No one in the vehicle was injured
  • There is no visible damage to the car seat
  • The car airbags did not deploy

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What if the Car Seat Manufacturer Recommends Replacement Even if NHTSA Doesn’t?

There are many car seat manufacturers out there that believe there are many dangers in using any car seat that was involved in a crash, whether there is physical, noticeable damage or not.

Even if the accident was minor, companies such as Greco recommend children’s car seats be replaced after almost any type of collision.

Will Allstate or my car insurance pay to replace a car seat? If the manufacturer of the car seat that was involved in a motor vehicle accident requires their car seats to be replaced no matter what type of accident they are in, you may be able to get Allstate to cover the cost, even if it isn’t in accordance with the NHTSA guidelines.

Why Are NHTSA Guidelines Less Strict Than Many Car Seat Manufacturers?

The NHTSA guidelines were not always so relaxed when it came to minor accidents. However, over the years, they scaled back on requirements because of how many children were being driven around without any safety seat at all while their parents waited to replace the seats that were deemed unusable.

How Can You Get Allstate to Replace Your Car Seat Even if it Wasn’t a Moderate or Severe Crash?

You can request that Allstate covers the cost of a car seat involved in any type of crash as long as the manufacturer of that specific seat is willing to provide a letter to the insurance company, or you can show them the replacement policies found in the user manual.

Once you provide this information along with photos, paperwork, and all the other requirements when filing a claim, you shouldn’t have any issues receiving a payout to replace your child’s seat. 

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How To File a Claim with Allstate?

How do you file a claim with Allstate to have your child’s car seat replaced after an accident?

For the most part, it seems like Allstate is more than willing to reimburse you with enough money to replace a car seat in an accident, no matter what the circumstances are.

You are not going to get a huge settlement for it, but you will get enough to replace the one you lost. 

To file a claim with Allstate, all you have to do is call their customer service center and find your local agent for further information, or you can start the process online by logging into your Allstate online account.

You may be eligible to file a QuickFoto Claim and use your phone to get the job done with ease.  

What is Allstate Goodlife CarSeat Program?

Allstate wants to make sure the customers and their children are safe even before an accident takes place.

This is why they have paired up with Safety 1st, to provide the public with a coupon code that can be used, whether you are an Allstate customer or not, to get 20% off select car seats.

To get this offer, all you have to do is go to the Safety 1st website, select the car seat you want to purchase then enter the promo code ALLSTATE; from there, you will get 20% off of your product along with free shipping. 

What if the Manufacturer of My Car Seat Doesn’t Specifically Recommend the Replacement of the Product?

Technically, if there is no reason the car seat needs to be replaced like there is no noticeable damage to the seat or the accident wasn’t bad, Allstate doesn’t have to cover the claim.

 However, for the most part, customers do not have any trouble getting their car seat replaced as long as there is sufficient evidence it could have been affected by the crash and the seat should be replaced. 

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Manufacturers Recommendations

Why do some manufacturers recommend replacing car seats even if the NHTSA doesn’t?

Many car seat manufacturers and even other car insurance companies feel that car seats should be replaced in any type of collision (minus minor parking lot fender benders, a key to the side of your car, a door being opened into your door, etc.)

This discrepancy is because car seats can be damaged in places you can’t see, such as inside the buckle or hairline fractures in the plastic.

These damages can affect how well the car seat can protect your little one. 

Summing Things Up

If you are a customer of Allstate, you are in good hands.

The company is well-known for making claims relatively simple and getting a car seat that was involved in a collision regardless of the severity is just as easy as long as you have the proper paperwork, pictures, and you understand your policy.



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