Why is Sam’s club Gas so Cheap? (All You Need To Know)

why is Sam´s Club gas so cheap

With the sudden rise in gas prices across the States, you must be on the lookout for cheaper alternatives. During that search, you must have come across Sam’s Club, which is undoubtedly one of the most famous warehouse clubs.

They provide gas at relatively cheaper rates, so why is that? Sam’s Club purchases gas in bulk at a discounted price, therefore, giving their customers gas at an economic rate.   

This article will investigate the reasons behind the surprisingly low rates of this company and explain how they manage to maintain cheap rates across their outlets. So, let’s dive in!

What you need to know about Sam’s club gas

It is a series of retailers that supply food in bulk on a paid membership. An advantage they give to their members is cheaper gas. 

They run on the ‘membership business model’ that aims at providing gas at economical prices to its members only.

The membership model entails that you will need to become a member to avail all the services and discounts. The revenue collected through membership fees helps them maintain their low prices.

It is a division of Walmart that is present in 600 different locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, improving their accessibility.

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Prices at Sam’s club

The gas price at Sam’s can vary depending on the area/state you are purchasing the gas. The price variation is due to supply, demand, taxes, and inflation.

So, the rate you get in Alabama would be different from that of California. 

Usually, when shopping for gas at Sam’s club you will notice a 10-20% decrease in the gas prices as compared to the market price of that state.

This means that you will be paying approximately $0.20 less per gallon of gas in comparison to the regular gas stations.

Why is gas cheaper at Sam’s Club? 

The reduction in price seen at this warehouse club is due to multiple reasons, which are: 

Buying in bulk

Firstly, they buy gasoline in bulk from the refineries at a discounted rate that they pass on to their customers/members, which might be you.

Furthermore, it is located close to oil refineries, saving them very high transportation costs and allowing them to keep low prices.

Business foundation

Moreover, the foundation of their business lies in supplying you with low-cost gas and remaining market relevant.

So, they have to supply gas at customer-friendly rates. Moreover, their business is not run on very high profits due to reduced rates, so most of their earnings are through memberships. 

Strong competitors

In addition, they have strong competitors like Costco and BJ that ensure the prices remain competitive.

So, in a tough market with giant competitors, it is no surprise that they provide gas at surprisingly reduced.

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Sam’s Clubs prices compared to its competitors

Multiple other companies deliver gasoline at low cost, giving Sam’s club competition. Two of these major competitors that you might know of are Costco and BJ’s.

Among these two, Costco is easily the bigger competitor as it offers prices that are $0.20 reduced compared to the national market. This decrease is quite significant in attracting customers.

BJ’s are in no way less challenging as a competitor; however, they supply gas that is $0.10 cheaper than the national market. This makes their services a little more expensive as compared to Costco and Sam’s club. 

These companies will offer you amazing discounts on their membership card, so if you regularly purchase gas then it would be beneficial for you to get one made.

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Quality of the gas at Sam’s Club

You might be wondering if the gas is of good quality as it is being supplied at reduced rates. The answer is not very clear-cut, the quality depends on some factors.

However, the majority of the gas provided by Sam’s is of good quality, but it can vary from outlet to outlet.

The variation in quality seen between regular gas stations and Sam’s is mostly negligible and the quality is as great as you would get at any other station. Furthermore, you will also get added benefits from purchasing at Sam’s club. 

Lastly, do keep in mind that the gas provided is not of top-notch quality but there is nothing to worry about as most of the stations rarely provide you with gasoline that is of very good quality. 

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Other ways gas is made cheaper at Sam’s Club

There are several discounts you can avail yourself through Sam’s club credit card, membership, and membership plus cards.

These different card types will help you get various discounts and services which will improve your experience as their customer, and you will get gasoline at an economic price. 

The information regarding the services offered for different card types is available on their websites, so, you can have a look and select which card suits your needs best.


The gas supplied at Sam’s club is at a lower price in comparison to regular gas stations as the purchasing is done in bulk at a discounted price, as the stations are located near oil refineries.

Furthermore, the market competition keeps the prices in check as lower prices are always preferred by customers.

As the business is modeled around memberships, only customers that have membership cards can purchase gas from these outlets, so if you want to purchase gas from Sam’s you need to get the card made.

You can also get added benefits through different membership types and save up.




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