Why Are RV Bathroom Doors So Short? – All You Need To Know


Anyone who is new to the RVing world might notice one thing right off the bat — the bathroom doors are extremely short. They will typically be missing a few inches off of the top and the bottom of the door. This means less privacy when doing your business or taking a relaxing shower, which can be off-putting. What’s the deal?

Why are RV bathroom doors so short? RV bathrooms are short to allow the exhaust fan to work properly. It is also necessary for proper ventilation when the air conditioner or heater is in use.

Since an RV bathroom does not come with any type of ducting for ventilation system in place, the extra room at the top and bottom is essential. However, there are ways to add privacy to your RV bathroom door.

If you are wondering why your RV bathroom door pales in comparison to bathroom doors in your home, you have come to the right place.

We are going to discuss why this extra spacing is utterly important. We will also be sharing some unique tips and tricks on how to get more privacy as well as critical etiquette tips for RV bathroom use.

Why Are RV Bathroom Doors So Short?

If there is one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb in an RV it’s the bathroom door. Sure, the bathroom isn’t going to be the glamorous master bathroom you have at home, but that is to be expected.

The miniature-sized door, on the other hand? That might come as a surprise. But there is a rhyme and a reason behind this structure.

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The truth of the matter is the extra space on an RV bathroom door is important. Although it might hinder privacy a bit, it shouldn’t be messed with.

Some RVers might think that they can design a longer door that will put an end to the gaps, but this should always be avoided. Here’s why:

A Shortened RV Door Allows the Exhaust Fan to Work Properly

When you are going to the restroom or taking a shower in your home, you likely have the exhaust fan operating.

The exhaust fan is incredibly useful for a variety of reasons. It works by sucking out humidity and heat from a smaller area, such as an RV bathroom.

In turn, fresh air is able to enter from a vent — otherwise known as the gaps on your RV bathroom door.

Essentially, the exhaust fan works to replace hot, humid, and even smelly air. Think about it — if the exhaust fan is not able to work properly, then there is nowhere for the steam from your shower to go. There is also no option for replacing the air.

This means that bad odor from the bathroom will essentially be trapped. This will end in a nightmare for the rest of the RVers.

If you want to avoid horrendous odor and unbearable humidity, then the exhaust fan must work properly. Therefore, one of the biggest reasons why an RV bathroom door is so short is so the exhaust fan can do its job.

Not only that, but it also makes a much better experience for you and your fellow RV mates.

(Source: ForestRiverForums)

It Also Allows for Proper Ventilation and Temperature Control

 Another reason why the extra space on the door is important is to allow for proper ventilation. Again, the RV bathroom is a very small space (most of the time).

It’s nothing like a regular bathroom that might come with a vent or a window.

Without the spacing, an RV bathroom will be far more susceptible to extremely hot or cold temperatures. If the AC can’t reach the RV bathroom, then it’s likely to end up being way too hot.

Have you ever tried to go to the restroom when it’s suffocatingly hot and humid? It’s not exactly enjoyable.

On the other hand, the heating system also needs to be able to reach the bathroom. Just as taking a restroom break is uncomfortable in the heat, it’s just as uncomfortable in extremely cold temperatures.

Nobody wants to shiver while they’re doing their business.

The spacing on the doors is essential to allowing ventilation in and out of the RV bathroom. In turn, the RV bathroom will remain temperature — even if it’s extremely hot or devastatingly cold outside.

The short door will ensure that the RV bathroom is always an enjoyable experience that will take you back “home” — at least in your mind.

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(Source: KeystoneForums, RV.net)

Finding Privacy in an RV Bathroom

Now we know that the short RV bathroom door has a very specific and important purpose. That being said, you don’t want to try and fix up a door that will go all the way to the ceiling and the floor.

This could lead to a smelly, uncomfortable bathroom! But there are ways to make your RV bathroom a bit more user-friendly and private.

Make an RV Bathroom Privacy Curtain

The best option for making an RV bathroom more private is to attach a privacy curtain. The curtain will allow for more privacy while one takes a shower without hindering the ability of ventilation or exhaust fan.

Attaching a privacy curtain is a cinch. All you need is a swing arm curtain rod, a shower curtain, 2 square bend hooks, and a drill. You will drill the two square bend hooks on either side of the short RV bathroom door.

Then, attach the swing arm curtain rod. Finish by applying the shower curtain. Now you have a fully functional privacy curtain to deal with the shorter door.

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Add a Towel to the Top Space

Another option is to simply tuck a towel into the top gap of the RV bathroom door. We put an emphasis on the top because it is less likely to hinder the ventilation and exhaust fan.

This is because most of the “suction” necessary for these things to occur come from the bottom of the bathroom door, rather than the top.

Before You Go — A Few RV Bathroom Etiquette Rules

We can deal with the short RV bathroom door because we know why it’s designed and structured as so.

We also know some handy tips and tricks for adding privacy to the bathroom. But without proper bathroom etiquette, none of these things matter.

Before thinking about drilling a privacy curtain into your RV, take a look at these simple etiquette rules. Trust us — your fellow RVers will thank you for doing these things:

  • Never use too much toilet paper. While we’re at it, never try and flush anything else, either. This includes larger, clog-happy items like wet wipes as well as smaller things such as a cigarette butt. RV toilets are finicky. Try and flush too much, or something other than toilet paper.
  • Add a little bit of water. It’s important to add water to the tank. But too much can be devastating. Don’t overdo it!
  • Consider the “T” trick. If you place two small pieces of toilet paper in a “T” shape in the toilet bowl on top of the hole, then solid waste will go down more readily.

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Final Thoughts

RV bathrooms can be tricky if you’re not used to them. The biggest issue one might have is the small bathroom door, but the door is designed that way for a purpose.

It allows for ventilation and the exhaust fan to work properly. You can add a privacy curtain or stuff a towel on top while you shower for added privacy.

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