13 Things You Need to Wear or Pack While Camping with Your Boyfriend (Advice from a Girl)


Have you ever wondered what to wear or to pack while camping with your boyfriend? Crickets are chirping, the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, a smoky campfire crackling, gooey marshmallows melted together with chocolate, and the starry night sky. This sets up a perfect and romantic camping trip with your boyfriend.

Need help figuring out what to wear or pack for your fun and romantic camping trip with your boyfriend? Well, this article is here to help you with your problem. Let’s get started!

7 Things You Need to Wear While Camping With Your Boyfriend

When camping with your boyfriend, you may want to wear the perfect date outfit, but you need to remember that you are going to be outside in the woods somewhere.

Therefore, remember comfort and functionality are vital. With that said, you can still look cute even in relaxed-styled clothing.

Layered Clothing

Layering clothing is essential for you to wear and have packed if you are going camping. If you get too hot, you can always remove a layer, and if you get too cold, you can add a layer to help keep you warm.

This way, you can mix and match your outfit(s) and be functional while staying fashionable.

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Comfortable Shoes That Can Get Dirty

If you have gone camping before, then you know that your shoes are going to get very dirty with mud, dust, sand, etc.

A great pair of comfortable shoes to wear while camping would be any old sneakers or boots. If you have comfortable hiking boots those are also a great choice.

You want to keep your feet dry, safe, and comfortable.

Comfortable Clothes That Can Get Dirty or Smoky

Just like with your shoes, you are going to need to wear clothes that you are comfortable in, and that can get dirty or smoky.

These clothes should be soft material that allows you to breathe and stretch out so that you can relax and take a nap in the camper or RV in the middle of the day.

Your clothes are going to get smoky due to the campfire for cooking food and roasting marshmallows, making popcorn, or roasting meat under the night sky.

Examples of these clothes would be t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, shorts, athletic wear, yoga or sweat pants, etc.

The Right Underwear

Naturally, you should be wearing a bra and underwear, specifically wool underwear. The wool will help keep you cool, it dries quickly, and it allows for a range of motion.

As for your bra, a sports bra or two is the right choice. Sports bras are made for you to sweat and move in. They vary in strap types and are comfortable without being restricting.

A Hat or Sunglasses

Both of these items are good things to wear since they will help to protect your face and head.

A hat will help with the heat or rain, and if you have messy or fly-away hair, you can cover it up. The sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and make you look cool.

Make sure to put sunscreen on so that you don’t get unwanted tan lines from your sunglasses.

A Jacket

Depending on the weather, a warmer or lighter jacket is necessary. You can wear one and pack the other. A slightly thicker parka will be perfect to wear as the sun sets and it gets colder.

You can also use it as a pillow or wear it to bed on top of your pajamas to be warmer. The lighter coat or windbreaker will help so that you don’t over-heat, by keeping the sun off your skin or protect you from the rain.

If you don’t want a jacket, then you can always bring a vest, fleece, and nylon fabrics are suitable types of jackets to wear.

A Fanny Pack or a Light Backpack

A fanny pack or a lightweight backpack is something that you need to have with you while camping. 

Having either or both items will allow you to carry your phone, your jacket, a water bottle, tissues or wet wipes, some snacks, or a camera with you wherever you go.

Because it never hurts to be over-prepared for everything while out on a hiking trail or in case of a sudden shower, you can pull out your umbrella so that you don’t have to walk in the rain.

6 Things to Pack While Camping with Your Boyfriend

You know that you are going camping and now you have a few ideas of what to wear—now moving on to the hardest part, what to pack? No need to worry, here’s a free tip: don’t forget to bring bedding or a sleeping bag and pillows.

In addition to that tip, here are a few more suggestions of things that you can pack.

Daily Necessities

These are things that you use in everyday life. Here are some suggestions:

Wipes and Tissues – They are great for cleaning your face and hands or for bathroom use if you not near a restroom.

Toiletries – Remember to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste, pads and tampons, and other body care items.

Water bottles – You are going to get thirsty out under the sun, and you can use the water to cook and clean. They are good to have just in case you don’t have access to a clean drinking source.

Non-heated hair curlers – You can still style your hair in the morning with these curlers. That way, you won’t have to deal with a bad hair day while camping.

Blankets – If you want to cuddle in front of the fire or snuggle up under the stars, then you are should pack blankets. They will also help to keep you warm at night.

Sunscreen – Make sure that you bring sunscreen so that you don’t burn while outside.

Proper Activity/Weather Attire and Extra Clothes

Extra clothes are a must in your packing process. The extra clothes will be beneficial if you want to change into a different outfit, or if your current outfit gets ruined or sweaty while being outside, you have another set of clothes to change into for the day or evening.

Since you are going to be packing the extra clothes, you will also want to include the appropriate activity and weather attire.

You don’t want to be stuck on a cloudy and windy day with only short-sleeved shirts, shorts, and sandals or in the blazing sun with only warmer clothes.

It would help if you prepared for any potential weather changes or spontaneous activities.

There may be a lake for swimming, which is perfect for some summer fun. You will want to pack your swimsuit; here is where you can show off your new swimsuit to make your man go crazy for you.

Camping Items for an RV

If you haven’t gone camping in an RV before, then here is a list of different things that you will need for camping in an RV.

RV EssentialsKitchen and Cooking SuppliesFoodOutdoor Fun
Surge ProtectorWater BottlesBatter Mixes, Smore’s IngredientsPuzzles, Chalk, Bubbles
Electrical AdaptersCutting BoardEggsBooks and Magazines
Toilet Chemicals/Cleaning SuppliesBowls, Plates, Cups, Paper Towels, Plastic bags and Wrap and Eating UtensilsDry Milk, Condiments, Drink MisesPlaying Cards, Frisbee, Guitar, Hammock, Camping Chairs
RV-friendly Toilet PaperMatches and LighterCanned Food, Peanut Butter and JellySports Equipment and Water Activity Equipment
Wheel ChocksFood Storage ContainerCooking Spray or OilYard Games: hula-hoop, horseshoes, etc.
Flashlight, First-Aid KitCamping Griddle and Pie IronSalt, Pepper, Sugar, Flour, etc.Headphones, Portable Speaker, Camera
Batter Jumper CablesTongs and SkewersSoupsFishing Gear

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Electronic Items

A laptop to Netflix and chill, portable speaker, portable charger, a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot – these are all things that you can you use inside your RV.

If you brought your laptop, you have a way of entertainment, especially if you have a Netflix account.

Setting the Mood with Romantic Lights and Music

If you want to set the mood, then you are going to need the proper items. You can decorate the inside of the camper with warm LED lights; they will help to set the mood and make for a great makeshift night light.

An excellent wine paired with light snacks and a campfire will help create that romantic mood.

If it’s raining outside and you are unable to do a campfire, then you can go inside the camper or RV, turn on the lights and find a good movie or TV series on Netflix to snuggle in and enjoy for a movie night.

Non-Perishable Snacks

Dry food that you can eat while on the road, out for a walk, or as a midnight snack. Trail mix, dried fruit, pretzels, nuts, saltwater taffy, popcorn, chips, etc. are all great and yummy snack ideas.

You can also get ingredients for making s’mores to have at night over a campfire.

Hopefully, these few suggestions on what to wear/pack while camping with your boyfriend were helpful for you so that you can start packing and planning for your fun camping trip.

Don’t forget to bring bug spray. You and your boyfriend should focus on each other and have fun while being surrounded by nature.

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