Who Manufactures Alphalete Clothing? (Are They Good? Quality + Review)  

Who Manufactures Alphalete Clothing

Have you recently heard about Alphalete Athletics clothing line? Are you wondering if it is worth the price? We have the scoop on who makes Alphalete clothing and what the brand is all about.

Alphalete Athletics is a fitness and lifestyle clothing line that caters to younger people by creating hip designs at a reasonable price with free shipping on qualifying orders. This company designs their own line of custom apparel and then uses several reputable manufacturers, including those that manufacture for brands such as Lululemon, Rise, Burton, and Gym Shark.

The following article dives into all you need to know about Alphalete Athletics!

Who created Alphalete Athletics?

This wildly successful fitness clothing company was created by a famous youtuber named Christian Guzman in 2012.

He is a fitness coach and nutrition specialist that began by giving people tips on YouTube and Instagram as a hobby into a multimillion-dollar fitness company.

The company currently employs 20 design, fashion, and brand specialists and now generates $1.63 million in annual sales.

What is Alphalete Athletics focused on?

They hand pick colors, test out all the designs, and tailor make all their products to provide their customers with the best possible style and comfort that they can buy.

They spend months designing products and never release anything until they are fully satisfied with the final product. Their motto is to create a product where Luxury meets effortless comfort.

Where is Alphalete Athletics located?

The design division and headquarters of the Alphalete Athletics company are located in Strafford, Texas.

The manufacturing facilities are located off site but are said to be located in the United States, using domestic and imported raw materials.

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Does Alphalete Athletics buy from China?

Yes, there are import records indicating that Alphalete Athletics has bought products from a Chinese company called Vanquish (hk) Ltd, which is a commonly used supplier in the Hong Chong area of China.

There appears to be only one shipment in 2018 for 446 products with the description of Alphalete Simplified Joggers.

Where is Alphalete Athletics Manufactured?

Alphalete Athletics uses several different manufacturing companies during the process of creating their products, and that information is tightly guarded by the company.

Regardless of where the fabric originated or where is it sewn together; Alphalete Athletics has proven to be a reputable company that produces high-quality fitness apparel.


Alphalete Athletics has many reviews that highlight the high-quality material used to create very comfortable products.

While not being the cheapest on the market, they are not extremely expensive for items that will continue to last.

  • This company doesn’t just throw a logo on any t-shirt and call it a fitness tee. Alphalete Athletics has a team of designers that are putting fitness first, and created fitted products made to help you perform better. Many of the items are sweat and water resistant, breathable, and made with high quality materials.
  • Alphalete Athletics has also gone above and beyond for female customers. Listening to reviews, they have updated their line of leggings. Now offering them with 30% thicker fabric for a breathable, flexible, and comfortable fit without the sheerness that comes with thin leggings. They also come in a wider range of amazing colors to choose from.
  • Their graphics are clever and catchy without being too over-focused on design or flash. Always looks professional.
  • Reviewers have indicated that they always receive their product as expected in the time frame they were given.
  • Due to the custom nature of the clothing, the sizes seem to run true. Typically, the items are tight fitting compared to loose fitting, which makes these fitness clothes flattering to the form.
  • The price for an entire outfit might seem high for workout clothes, but that one outfit is all you will need, and it will last a long time. It was definitely worth the purchase.

What are their prices like?

Alphalete Athletics is a higher end fitness clothing brand that sells its products in-store and online at lower prices than its competitors.

You can find a performance hoodie for around $68, Cargo pants for $78, and Tee shirts for $44.

They are not the cheapest fitness apparel company on the market, but their devotion to quality makes up for the price.

How can I try Alphalete Athletics without committing to spending a lot of money?

Alphalete Athletics has an online store that offers a “last Chance” section This will give you access to items that are on sale for considerable discounts.

Shopping from this section might give someone the ability to try this brand without a lot of commitment, but these items might also not be available for a future purchases if you end up finding something that you like.


Alphalete Athletics is a fitness and lifestyle clothing company that was started by a fitness YouTuber over a decade ago.

They design their own line of custom apparel and then use several reputable manufacturers, including those that manufacture for brands such as Lululemon, Rise, Burton, and Gym Shark.

They have grown to become a leading competitor in the fitness apparel market. They offer their customers high-quality products that are tailor-made to be the best and most comfortable fitness outfits possible, with a reasonable price and free shipping on qualified orders.

Alphalete Athletics has great reviews and is said to always be worth the price.





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