Who Makes Studio Blue Jeans? (All You Need to Know)

Who Makes Studio Blue Jeans

Do you know who makes Studio Blue jeans? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Studio Blue jeans may be made by denim giant, Levi’s. It’s not completely clear who is behind the popular Studio Blue brand, but many signs point to Levi’s. Studio Blue jeans are high quality and reasonably priced, much like Levi’s are. These jeans are offered in a wide array of cuts and styles. 

Many of our favorite products are made by manufacturers of well-known brands. Sometimes the companies are open about their relationships. Others, they are more discreet.

Studio Blue jeans seem to be made by Levi’s, however, it’s not stated anywhere on the jeans if there is an underlying manufacturer. Read on to find out more about this dynamic.

Does Levi’s Make Studio Blue Jeans?

Big name brand companies often own other, lesser known brands. Levi’s is certainly one that does.

Studio Blue jeans are made to match the current trends and cuts of jeans today. They come in a variety of colors, fits, and distress levels. 

It’s believed that Levi’s makes the Studio Blue brand as a complement line to the jeans they sell under Levi’s. So, what does this mean for you?

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Are Studio Blue Jeans Good Quality?

Levi’s are known for their high quailty and durability. If Levi’s manufactures Studio Blue jeans, also, you can count on good quality there too.

The jeans are well made and durable. You can machine wash them and tumble dry them, also. They will come out looking like new.

Where Can You Buy Studio Blue Jeans?

Studio Blue jeans are sold on the increasingly popular Stitch Fix website. It’s a website and app that allows people to shop from home and have their own stylist choose clothes for them to try before they buy. 

You can also check out websites like Poshmark to find good deals on Studio Blue jeans that are up for resale. 

How Do Studio Blue Jeans Fit?

Most women report these jeans run a little bigger and have a lot of stretch. Jeans tend to stretch throughout the day, so some fashion experts recommend purchasing a size down from what you think you’re comfortable with if you want them to fit snug throughout the day. 

The denim has good stretch in it. This keeps denim from stretching out too much and becoming saggy looking. The material is blended with something more elastic that helps the jeans keep their shape and size.

How Do Studio Blue Jeans Feel?

The denim material doesn’t feel thin like some other jeans do. Customers report the weight is nice. They’re not too heavy and thick, but also not too light and cheap feeling. They are made well and retain their shape well.

Does Studio Blue Make Other Clothing Items?

Studio Blue is known mostly for their jeans. However, they do have other clothing articles for sale, as well.

You can find tops, outerwear, pants, skirts, and activewear with the Studio Blue tag inside. None of the pieces are highly expensive. You’ll get good quality for a reasonable price.

Should You Machine Wash Jeans?

In recent years, some fashion experts have claimed it’s best not to wash your jeans. They say the jeans will lose their shape and won’t fit the same way if you wash them a lot. 

It seems a bit risky not to ever wash your jeans. So, we recommend you wash them but not too much. You don’t need to wash jeans after each day you’ve worn them. 

When you do need to wash them, it’s best to wash them inside out. You should also wash them in cold water. By turning them inside out, you can help prevent fading. By using cold water, you can help prevent shrinking. 

Brand new jeans may need to be washed separately the first time. The dye can bleed and stain other pieces of clothing. This happens sometimes with dark jeans that are dark blue or black. 

Even though jeans are made of tough denim material, you should wash them on a delicate cycle if you can.

You want to keep your jeans in the best condition you can. A gentle cycle helps maintain the denim’s integrity so you can keep your jeans for a long time. You should also use only mild detergents with jeans.

We do not recommend drying your jeans in a dryer. Time in the dryer can break jeans down more than the washing cycle does, sometimes. The best method for drying jeans is to hang them so they can air dry.

If you must put your jeans in the dryer, put it on no heat or low heat. It also helps to put dryer balls in with the jeans.

Then, take them out while they’re still a little damp. You can stretch the seams and reshape them while they’re damp for the best results.

Final Thoughts

Studio Blue jeans are thought to be made by Levi’s brand. The relationship between the two brands seems to be closely held.

We can tell you that Stitch Fix has latched on to the Studio Blue brand for use in their personal stylist program.

Studio Blue jeans are good quality and have good reviews for their fit and feel. They also come in many styles and colors.

They have good stretch in them that helps maintain their shape. They’re priced reasonably as a middle-of-the-pack jeans option and are built to last.




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