Who Makes Sporti Swimwear (Products, Reviews)

Who Makes Sporti Swimwear

Do you know who makes Sporti Swimwear?  this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Sporti Swimwear is an amazing line of top-performance swimwear proving everything from swimming caps to fleece swim parkas and everything in between.

So, who makes Sporti Swimwear? Sporti Swimwear is made and operated by a company known as spiraledge.com. Sporti Swimwear is a line of aquatic apparel, sold exclusively at SwimOutlet.com. They are a swimwear e-commerce store.

For more information about the Sporti Swimwear company, keep reading this article.

Who Makes Sporti Swimwear?

Sporti Swimwear is an entire line of clothing specifically focusing on the swimming sport.

This is an exclusive item sold only at SwimOutlet.com, which sells a massive selection of swim gear and tons of different swimwear brands including Adidas, Columbia, and Nike.

Who Owns the Sporti Swimwear Brand?

While Sporti Swimwear is known for being an exclusive only found online at SwimOutlet.com, it is actually an item that is owned by an International retail and software company, Spiral Edge. 

Spiral Edge owns multiple online retail apparels and health-conscious companies that focus on healthy and active lifestyles and athletic clothing. 

All five stores owned by Spiral Edge are full of healthy living appeal items and tools. While SwimOutlet.com has everything you need for aquatic workouts.

Their other companies focus on different areas of health.

  • Everyday Yoga: This online retail store sells all the items you could ever want to practice yoga right from your own home.
  • Practyce– Here you have access to a whole slew of online yoga and meditation classes with a bunch of different instructors so you can get into better shape inside and out no matter where you are.
  • Swim.com- This is one of the most advanced online training platforms to help improve your swimming skills from any device. 
  • Tend- Tend is the first of its kind software specifically designed to help farmers own and operate sustainable farms.

All of the companies run by Spiral Edge have been created to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into communities all around the world, making it easier to get information solely online.

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Where is the Sporti Located?

While the Sporti brand is an online exclusive product, the Spiral Edge companies headquarters is based out of Campbell CA, and West Chester, OH. 

The Spiral Edge company also has affiliates and partners located all across the globe in order to bring customers a wide array of selection and swim gear.

Sporti Swimear Reviews

Yes, Sporti is a great option for swimwear and accessories. This line of swimming gear is more affordable than the more notable labels but made nearly as well. 

Anyone can get a designer swimwear look at a lower price and right online. 

This company provides a massive option of swimsuits and more for anyone interested in hitting the water; whether for recreational purposes or those getting ready to take part in a triathlon. 

The apparel sold at this company has to be pretty good since it has been seen on multiple reputable media outlets including :

  • PopSugar
  • Glamour
  • Elite Daily
  • O The Oprah Magazine
  • Shape
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Women’s Health
  • Self
  • Refinery 29

The company is also a big supporter of many great causes including the USA Triathlon, US master Swimming, Swim Across America, and many more.

SPORTI products: What Can You Purchase?

The swimming items available for purchase through the Sporti brand are almost endless. They offer an array of swim gear in many different categories.

You can get items for a group of people if you are training with a team, or specially made gear for those planning to swim in very cold temperatures, or even items for dryland training.

Sporti products come in an array of colors, designs, and styles.

Some of their most popular and unique options are holiday-themed swimsuits, tummy control swimwear, and amazing graphic swim caps.

You can also go economic friendly with Sporti’s renewed collection that launched in 2020.

This line of bathing suits and swim gear has been created from scrap fabrics that were cut from other manufactured swim gear. 

By making these items, Spiral Edge is helping to reduce waste by upcycling materials that would have otherwise been thrown out, adding tons of waste to our landfills. 

Sporti Swim caps

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Who Should Shop at Sporti’s?

As mentioned, Sporti’s is a swim apparel company geared towards any type of person who enjoys spending time in the water.

Whether you are just starting out in a swimming career or an avid diver or surfer, they have a selection for you.

The company sells items for men, women, children, plus-sized figures, unisex options, etc. There is not a swimming item you won’t find by visiting the Sporti website.

Is it Easy to Order From the Sporti Store Online?

Online ordering at Sporti’s is easy and affordable. Shipping is offered at a flat rate of $5.99 no matter how much you purchase.

Anything you buy that totals more than $49, you will receive free standard shipping.

Shipping is fast, taking between 2-7 business days depending on where you are located, and the items arrive in perfect conditions, or returns are free and easy.

If you have any trouble at all with your online purchase, you can contact the company with 24/7 phone support or their live-chat options.

Sporti Swimwear Size chart

Below you can find the Sporti Swimwear Chart:

Summing Things Up

The Sporti swimsuit line was created by a health-conscious and innovative online apparel and software company.

The suits are designed to be affordable, comfortable, reliable, and attractive.

Sporti is an exclusive line sold at swimoutlets.com owned by Spiral Edge.

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