Who Makes Radley Lawn Mowers (Are They Good, Quality + More)

Who Makes Radley Lawn Mowers

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who makes Radley Lawn Mowers? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Radley lawn mowers are sold by Home Hardware, a popular hardware store in Canada! However, are you aware of who actually makes Radley lawn mowers? Does Home Hardware make them? 

Radley Lawn Mowers are made by The Jinding Group. However, Radley has been rumored to be linked to a few different corporations based in China, but there isn’t a consensus on who actually manufactures their products. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the rumors surrounding Radley lawn mowers, discuss their quality, and provide some reviews on their different lawn mowers.

Where Can I Buy A Radley Lawn Mower? 

Radley lawn mowers are sold exclusively from Home Hardware, a Canadian based company. You can purchase them in-stores and online from Home Hardware. 

Radley makes a variety of their items sold at Home Hardware including power tools, generators, and batteries. 

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Is Radley A High Quality Company?

There is very little information available about Radley online, however, they are reportedly medium quality for a low price! While you can’t expect a discounted tool company such as Radley to provide professional or contractor grade tools, you can rely on these for basic home projects. 

This is the same for their lawn mowers. While this may not be the mower someone chooses who has acres of property to mow everyday, they will work just fine for the average homeowner who mows every couple weeks. 

They are reportedly to function well, last a long time, and again, they are pretty cheap when compared to other brands. 

Who Manufactures Radley Lawn Mowers? 

It is hard to nail down exactly who manufactures Radley products. There isn’t a lot of information about their origins. However, there are two schools of thought circulating the internet about this. 

First is that Radley products are made by Chinese companies, most notably either the Jinding Group or the Hangzhou Laideli Corporation. 

The second is that they are manufactured by one of the major companies that produces most of the tools. These would be Black Decker and Techtronic. 

Which Chinese Companies Have Been Linked To Radley? 

We would like to again state that these are simply rumors. None of this information has been confirmed by Radley, Home Hardware, or the respective companies. This simply comes from the musings of individuals online. 

The first Chinese company rumored to produce some of Radley’s products for them is the Jinding Group.

They are most well known for their power tools such as electric saws, drills, grinding electric tools, cutting electric tools, and other related products

However, they also produce various yard tools such as blowers, hedge trimmers, and weed eaters. Unfortunately, this group doesn’t currently manufacture lawnmowers in their catalog, so it is unlikely that they make Radley mowers. 

The second Chinese group linked to Radley is the Hangzhou Laideli Corporation. However, this company primarily manufactures hand tools and does not state that they manufacture lawn tools of any kind, so again, an unlikely match for Radley lawn mowers. 

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What Major Tools Brands Potentially Manufacture Radley Tools?

Since those rumors don’t hold much water as far as Radley lawn mowers are concerned wwe have to consider that some of the major tool companies in the U.S. may produce Radley tools as well. 

The biggest companies in the U.S. are Black Decker and Techtronic. 

Techtronic owns major tool companies such as Ryobi, Dirt Devil, Oreck, Milwaukee Electric, and Hoover. They hold a 9.88% market share in the hand and power tools global market and have an estimated amount of $6 billion in sales every year. 

Black Decker owns companies such as Lenox, Craftsman, Irwin Tools, DeWALT, and CribMaster. They hold a 14%market share in the hand and power tools global market and have an estimated amount of $7.14 billion in sales every year.

Since these two companies are major players in the tools industry it is likely that they produce tools for many other brands that have not been explicitly linked to them. 

For this reason, we can speculate that they could play a hand in manufacturing Radley lawn mowers. Other potential manufacturers that control the manufacturing of several of their own companies include Lowes, Home Depot, Hitcahi, and Bosch. 

Again, this is simply speculation, and it doesn’t really tell us where the lawn mowers would be manufactured as each of these companies likely have several different manufacturing locations. 

Do Radley Mowers Have Good Reviews? 

Many of Radley’s lawn mower products on the Home Hardware Website have at least 4 stars, some even have 4 ½ stars. Many of the reviews are positive and praise the lawnmower for their quality. 

Radley makes gas, self-propelled, battery powered, and push lawn mowers. All of these have great reviews from satisfied customers who would purchase them again. 

For instance, a review for their battery powered mower praises the battery life of 40 minutes and states the mower cuts the grass evenly. 

A review for one of their gas mowers says it is easy to put together, easy to push and cuts evenly! 

So, although Radley isn’t necessarily a contract grade or professional manufacturer, their products are still high quality for the price. It is always important to keep your expectations for products bought from homegood stores, such as Home Hardware, realistic. 

While the products will work well and get the job done, they aren’t going to be winning any awards. But, if you’re looking for a cheap lawn mower that can last a few years and get your grass cut, you can’t go wrong with any of Radley’s mowers. 


Although we may never really know who manufactures Radley lawn mowers for Home Hardware, we don’t need to know that in order to determine their quality. 

You can look at the reviews yourself to see that Radley products are well worth their price. They produce a great mower for a lower price than their competitors and are definitely worth checking out the next time you visit Home Hardware. 





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