Who Makes Rab Jackets? (Are They Good? Quality + Reviews)

Who Makes Rab Jackets

Rab jackets are popular hard-wearing outdoor coats that can withstand the elements while keeping you warm and dry. So, who should be credited for these fantastic products? Let’s take a look.

Rab Jackets are made by Equip Outdoor Technologies, which took over production in 2007 after found Rab Carrington retired. They are manufactured in the UK and throughout Asia.

In this article, we will go into detail regarding the production of Rab jackets, where the materials come from, and so much more.

Who Makes Rab Jackets?

Rab jackets are made by the Rab company, founded in 1981 by avid rock climber and mountaineer Rab Carrington. Rab’s initial products were hand-stitched sleeping bags crafted straight from his own attic.

Once the product line picked up in popularity, he then moved the company to a factory in Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England.

Once established, Rab’s company expanded its products to include more outdoor gear, including backpacks, shelters, and appeal, including Rab jackets.

Now the Rab company is a well-known and sought-after brand, especially for outdoor enthusiasts; they are outsourcing much of their production overseas, utilizing resources and partners that share the same views and ethics as they do. 

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Where are Rab Jackets Made?

While the company started off with its products being made out of Sheffield, today, the company’s headquarters is stationed in Somercotes, Derbyshire, UK.

This change took place in 2007 when the company exchanged hands, becoming a brand acquired by Equip Outdoor Technologies.

Although the headquarters is stationed in the UK, there isn’t very much product creation going on there.

At this facility, they are tasked with,

  • Hand filling all of the down sleeping bags
  • Manufacturing expedition suits
  • washing and repairing customer products

All of Rab’s other products are manufactured in Asia. With 25 sites throughout the country. In China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam. 

Where Are Rab Jacket Materials From?

The majority of Rab jackets are made from goose and duck down, pulled from ethically sourced companies, most of which they have been working side by side with for more than five years.

The outer material is a knit polyester fabric that is durable, lightweight, and water-resistant, keeping the wearer warm and dry in even the harshest conditions while still being comfortable and having the ability to move freely.

All of the materials used to create Rab jackets are high-quality and chosen specifically for each item to give you the best fit and protection possible, depending on what you will be doing while wearing them.

What Are Rab Standards for Manufacturing and Production?

The safety and health of their employees are just as important to Rab as its quality clothing, which is why they high-standards with strict guidelines in place for anyone who works in their factories. 

Some of the guidelines they follow include:

  • Pre-evaluation surveys with new partners
  • Mandatory chemical compliance requirements
  • Frequent audits against the BSCI Code of Conduct
  • The adoption of the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practice in all facilities

What Types of Fabric Technology are Used to Create Rab Jackets?

Rab jackets are created from four main types of technology, including s Gore-Tex®, Pertex Shield®, Proflex™, and Pertex Shield®+.

These are all top-of-the-line ways to create durable and high-end clothing that can handle much of what you put it up against with ease.

  • Gore-Tex- This is a synthetic waterproof fabric that is permeable to water and air vapors
  • Pertex Shield- This is a durable, high-performance material that has extreme breathability
  • Proflex-Robust- This high-performing and functional material has high breathability and is water-resistant.
  • Proflex- This is a breathable, flexible, stretchable, and waterproof fabric that has a rigid nylon material with a high gauge knit-wicking lining.

Are Rab Jackets Affordable?

While Rab jackets are not the cheapest option, they are definitely more affordable than many other popular brands. Their jackets are typically in the $100-$200 range but are built to last.

So, these jackets are a good option depending on what you plan on using them for.

However, you can also find yourself spending quite a bit of money on some of their more high-end options, such as the Alpine down jackets or the Resolution Jacket line.

These products will run you around $300 to $500, depending on the style you choose. 

You will also find they have some great accessories such as gloves, backpacks, and sleeping bags that also come with a pretty hefty price tag but are worth every penny.

What do Customers Think?

Rab jackets actually have excellent reviews from customers who have recently purchased their first coat to those who have been buying their products for many years.

They are said to be long-lasting, stylish, comfortable, and warm. 

You can wear one of these jackets while you are outdoors hitting the slopes, then out and about around town the very next day. They are versatile and stand up well to the higher-end companies.

Rab’s customer service is friendly, professional, and prompt, making it easy to ask questions, request returns or exchanges, and talk with someone regarding any problems you may experience.

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Summing Things Up

Rab jackets have been in production for more than 40 years, starting with quality products and crafted from quality materials.

This company still creates amazing jackets with even better technology today that makes the higher cost worth the money you will be forking over. 




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