Who Makes Kirkland Prosecco (The Truth!)

Who Makes Kirkland Prosecco

Prosecco has been quickly growing in popularity over the years. This beverage is bubbly, delicious, and fun for many different events, as well as creating mixed drinks.

The Kirklands Prosecco brand is a top seller for a lot of Costco customers, and for a good reason.

Who makes Kirkland Prosecco? Kirkland Prosecco is a D.O.C.G wine produced in high-quality grape vineyards located one of two hillsides in the provinces in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, mainly Asolo. The prosecco is obtained and transported from Italy to Kirkland’s facilities through the help of Misa Imports.

Costco is known for affordable items that are made of great quality and high standards, and this shows in the Kirkland Prosecco brand.

Who Makes Kirkland’s Prosecco?

While you may think the Costco “store brand” prosecco is probably a cheap, low-end wine, especially at only $8 a bottle., you would be wrong.

While it is true that Kirkland is simply a private label for Costco products, that doesn’t mean the product is of poor quality.

Actually, Costco items are created by some of the very “name brand” products you pay extra for when passing over the Kirkland one.

For example, Kirkland’s signature prosecco is a high-quality D.O.C.G product, meaning it is created from only the best grapes grown on the hillside in an Italian vineyard.

Here these grapes are pruned and picked by hand and usually only seen in high-end wines.

This product is imported through the Misa Import company; once it is delivered to the Kirkland facilities, the signature label is placed on each bottle, then they are packaged and shipped to Costco stores everywhere.

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Who is Misa Imports?

Misa Imports is the go-between company, acquiring wines and spirits from all around the world and pairing them up with retailers who are looking to sell them in their stores, restaurants, or bars.

Misa imports make it easy for companies to get their hands on all of the wine products they need quickly and easily.

They will take the time to work with each customer to ensure they are getting exactly what they need to meet their customer’s needs.

For Costco, this company is their link to the vineyards in Italy, known for the best grapes for fantastic wines.

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Who is Kirkland Signature?

We already mentioned that Kirkland is a private label for the Costco “store-brand” products, but we didn’t mention the reason behind it.

Costco named this label after the location of its main headquarters located in Kirkland, Washington.

Costcos noticed the issue people had when it came to purchasing “store brand” items, with the idea that more affordable products were somehow of lower quality.

In order to put customers at ease and to increase the sales of these items, Costco created a new private label to put on their products, and it seemed to work.

Although this concept doesn’t seem to be too big of a secret anymore, the items have already gained enough fan base; they continue to sell.

No matter what you are looking for, Costco is and always has been about high-quality, reputable, and affordable products.

What Kind of Grapes Are Used in Kirkland’s Prosecco?

Kirkland’s Prosecco is made from Glera grapes hand-picked in Asolo, Veneto, Italy. Although the Glera grape can be used in many different brands of wine and champagne, it is most commonly utilized in sparkling wines. 

These grapes are grown on minerals soil that gives the grapes a great structure and strong taste.

The grapes are fermented in a Charmat tank, and the secondary fermentation process is completed in a pressurized vat.

Is Kirkland’s Prosecco Good?

Kirkland’s Prosecco is a great way to ring in the new year or to mix up for a few mimosas with the ladies.

Because this product is D.O.C.G quality, it has passed the taste test panels, indicating it is what it advertises and tastes just as delicious as it claims.

At first sip, this prosecco has a semi-sweet, fruity, crisp flavor, with the aroma of citrus, strawberry, apples, and a tiny hint of freshly baked bread. This is a light wine and pairs well with a variety of foods and snacks.

This bubbling drink has some extreme fizzling action right after it leaves the bottle and has the perfect combination of dry and sweet flavors.

Now that we know this prosecco tastes good let’s get into its ingredients and nutritional factors.

First and most importantly, the alcohol content in this beverage is listed as 11%, which is right at the average percentile for this product. 

Even though prosecco is a good source of your daily fruit intake, grapes are high in natural sugars, which easily puts you over a daily limit of carbs.

On average, there are around 120 calories per flute of prosecco and 1.5 grams of sugar.

Kirkland Asolo Prosecco Review

When it comes down to it, not many Costco customers were surprised that the Kirkland Asolo prosecco was a product of Italian-grown grapes.

Most of the reviews we have seen mention how this wine is such a great find and an amazing product for such a small price tag. 

There were very few negative reviews regarding this Prosecco, leading us to believe it holds up to its reputation.

Summing Things Up

Kirkland’s Prosecco is a top-quality, affordable, and delicious option when it comes to store-brand wine.

It is made from some of the best grapes in the world and put through the best process for producing a fantastic product. At just seven bucks a bottle, how can you go wrong?




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