Who Makes Kirkland Luggage (Costco Luggage)

Who Makes Kirkland Luggage

One Kirkland product that customers love is Kirkland luggage. But due to the label, many customers find themselves wondering which company actually manufactures this luggage.

The Costco supermarket chain has been supplying customers with products under the Kirkland label for years now. However, the Signature brand presents quality products that rival those of other name brands.

So, who makes Kirkland Luggage? Other Kirkland bags and luggage are made by Ricardo. Since many of Costco’s Kirkland brand products get manufactured in or near the same places that many name-brand counterparts get manufactured, we can deduce that Kirkland luggage was once produced at or near the places where other big brands like Travelpro come from.

While Costco does not currently advertise Kirkland luggage on their website, consumers can still purchase Kirkland luggage through other retailers, such as Amazon.

In this article, we’ll dive into where you can find Kirkland luggage for sale and further, who is responsible for making Kirkland luggage.  

What Is the Kirkland Brand?

Did you know that the Kirkland name is actually a part of a much bigger corporation called Costco? Members of this famous supermarket chain are well aware of the Kirkland name, but some people may not realize that Kirkland products have become famous even outside of Costco.

The Kirkland Signature brand is a label used to market their store brand products, including food, drink, and more. 

One of said Kirkland products was actually luggage items for a while, but now Costco mainly supplies luggage from other big brand names, such as Samsonite, Baggallini, Hartmann, and others.

This Kirkland luggage was once supplied directly through the Costco warehouses and stores across the United States.

Although Costco doesn’t currently supply Kirkland luggage, at least on their website, you can still sometimes find Kirkland luggage sold by other websites that sell and/or resell name brands. 

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Who Makes the Kirkland Brand Luggage?

So, who exactly manufactured the suitcases, travel bags, and packs that Costco once sold under their Kirkland Signature label? As unsatisfying as it may seem, we don’t exactly know which company is responsible. 

Suffice it to say, though, that the Kirkland luggage can compare to other reputable luggage brands such as Travelpro, Andiamo, Tumi, and others.

Who Supplies Kirkland Luggage?

There are many places where you can find Kirkland luggage supplied online, although these retailers may not be directly manufacturing the luggage products. 

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is a great place to start looking for anyone who wants to find products from a discontinued brand.

Although Amazon is primarily known for selling Amazon-brand items, new products, and other items, you can also buy used products from various retailers and vendors. 

Amazon, in particular, sells a few luggage products under the Kirkland label, including a wheeled carry-on bag.

Kirkland luggage on Amazon, though, is going to come few and far between since other manufacturers dominate that market space online.  


If you don’t find much luck with Amazon, you may still find some Kirkland luggage sold on eBay, where almost anything and everything is at your fingertips.

eBay has long been a way for online buyers and sellers to exchange goods, even those that may no longer get sold in new condition.

Therefore, it’s a great place to look for luggage products that might be selling in decent condition.

eBay features quite a few Kirkland Signature luggage pieces, although you may be hard-pressed to find many in completely new condition since.

On eBay, you can find Kirkland Signature luggage pieces such as Upright Expandable Wheeled Suitcases, Upright Carry-On Expandable Wheeled Suitcases, luggage sets, and more. 


Again, if you want options when buying Kirkland luggage online, you might have to go for used products, such as those that you can find on Mercari.

Mercari is a good place to look if you want to find name-brand products at a fraction of the price you would pay for them if you were buying from new.

This site, which supports the process of buying and selling used and new products, supplies some Kirkland luggage products from various sellers. You might find garment bags, suitcases, travel bags, and more on this site.


Kirkland luggage was once a major Kirkland Signature product sold by Costco warehouses and stores across the United States.

With the Kirkland label representing these luggage items, they were staples of the supermarket chain’s store brand. 

Currently, though, Kirkland luggage is a specialty that you aren’t likely to find at many Costco stores. Instead, you must seek it out on the Internet, via online retailers and sites meant for selling and buying gently worn goods. 

Kirkland luggage can be found on eBay, Amazon, Mercari, and other resale websites.

Since Costco’s Kirkland products often get manufactured by companies that produce other name-brand counterparts, it’s safe to say that Costco’s Kirkland luggage was once produced in the same manner.

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