Who Makes Kirkland Jerky (Beef, Turkey)

Who Makes Kirkland Jerky

Do you know who makes Kirkland Beef Jerky or Turkey Jerky? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Many people get excited about Kirkland products and given that they are often high-quality brands with Costco’s label on them, it’s no surprise! Kirkland is a brand that is produced by Costco, but the products are often made by other companies.

Sometimes, it’s well known who makes a certain brand, and sometimes it’s very unclear.

In the case of Kirkland jerky, nobody knows who makes it. Various third parties are responsible for the Kirkland products, so it isn’t easy to guess, and this is one of those well kept secrets of Costco. There is not even much speculation about who the manufacturer might be.

Who Makes Kirkland Jerky?

Costco has never released any information explaining who is behind their Kirkland jerky brand, which is a very popular snack that many people go to Costco specifically to buy.

This is probably why Costco has not made it clear what manufacturer makes the jerky, in case other brands try to approach the manufacturer.

It’s possible that some of the products under the Kirkland brand are ones that have been manufactured by Costco itself, but in general, Kirkland products are made by third parties, and it is unusual to be able to trace them to a manufacturer.

Of course, for some of the products, the third party manufacturers are announced or have been confirmed by Costco, and in other cases, there is a solid reason to believe that a certain manufacturer is involved.

On the whole, however, this information is kept a secret, which is a shame, as many people would like to know!

It’s possible that in the future, Costco will reveal who makes their beef jerky, but for now, it remains a carefully guarded secret, and nobody knows. There do not even seem to be any educated guesses about it online.

Why Is Kirkland Jerky So Popular?

This brand of jerky is extremely popular. It is gluten free, and very juicy and tender, unlike a lot of jerky products. It is also still chewy and manages to be both tough and moist at the same time – all in all, it’s a great product.

A lot of people choose Kirkland turkey jerky because it’s also reasonably priced, which is the case with many Kirkland products.

Costco’s ability to keep prices low is impressive, and if you’re looking to keep your grocery bill down without a massive sacrifice in the quality of the food you buy, they are a great option.

It is possible that the supplier of Kirkland jerky has changed over the years, as the only way this would be known about would be if the product changed in taste.

Overall, the product doesn’t seem to have changed over the years, and therefore the manufacturer has probably stayed the same.

There is no guarantee, of course, but it’s probable that the same company has been making the product for several years at least.

Kirkland Beef Jerky

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Kirkland Turkey Jerky

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Who Makes Other Common Kirkland Products?

You might be wondering who the other common Kirkland manufacturers are and what products they make. There is quite a wide variety, but here are a few that you might recognize.

Certain bags of Kirkland Espresso are affiliated with Starbucks and come with a “Custom roasted by Starbucks” stamp to show off this affiliation.

It does not actually say who produces the coffee, but this is a clear indication that Starbucks is involved.

You might be surprised to learn that the Kirkland Alkaline Batteries are also produced by a famous manufacturer – Duracell.

You don’t need to worry about poor quality meaning reduced battery life here, because the famous battery brand is in charge of producing Kirkland batteries, and we all know that Duracell is a great make.

What about the Kirkland Supreme Diapers? These are manufactured by the same company that supplies GoodNites and Huggies, and this was confirmed in 2017, so you know you can trust them for your baby.

If you shop around in a Costco, you might notice that there are no named brand diapers available – only the Kirkland option. However, you can rest assured that you are buying the same kind of diapers as if you buy one of the large, well known brands.

Jelly Bean candy, as you may have noticed while in Costco, actually has the famous Jelly Belly label firmly marked on the front, because these are the producers of this candy. However, they market it under the Kirkland label in Costco, despite the fact that it still bears the manufacturer’s logo.

The product seems to be exactly the same, too, with 49 flavors, and a fat-free, kosher candy that the whole family can enjoy.

Many of us are wary when it comes to cheap car products because adding something full of junk to your car could ruin it – so you might eye the Kirkland Motor Oil with some suspicion the next time you are shopping at Costco.

However, the Warren Oil Company is a confirmed supplier of the Kirkland product, and as one of the largest independent lubricant manufacturers in North America, they are probably reasonably trustworthy.


So, unfortunately, there is no answer to “who makes Kirkland jerky” at present, and if you want to keep enjoying this delicious jerky, you will have to buy it directly from Costco.

It doesn’t seem to have any clear comparisons with other products, meaning there isn’t even much speculation about who the manufacturer might be.

Sadly, Costco is currently the only option for this delicious snack, so you will have to purchase it from there!

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