Who Makes Kirkland Dog Food? (Canned, Wet, Organic, Grain Free, Healthy Weight)

Who Makes Kirkland Dog Food

Have you ever wondered who makes Kirkland dog food? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Kirkland has a range of dry and wet food for all ages, sizes, and lifestyles of dogs. Kirkland aims to provide quality to compete with the finest of dog food brands but at a fraction of the price.

So, who makes Kirkland dog food? Kirkland dog food is manufactured by Nature´s Domain Pet Food which belongs to the Kirkland company named Diamond Dog Food. However, Kirkland Signature has been operating for almost 50 years under the manufacturing of the Diamond Dog Food company.

As such, the brand has successfully managed to expand its list of dog food products to include the grain-free, high-protein product Nature’s Domain.

In this article, we will be discussing the manufacturers of Kirkland Signature’s dog food, plus the nutrition value, and ingredient sources.

Whether you’re debating switching to new dog food, or just looking for more information on your current one, read on. 

Who Makes Kirkland Dog Food?

Kirkland Signature is just one of the products under the company named Diamond Dog Food. The dog food, Nature’s Domain, belongs to Kirkland Signature but denotes the brand to Diamond Dog Food to make affordable, yet high-quality dog food. 

Many people are confused by Kirkland’s relation to Diamond Dog Food, as it is assumed that Kirkland Signature is exclusively associated with Costco.

Until recently, Nature’s Domain was only sold at Costco, but then it became available to other purchasing sources, most notably Amazon.

Who Makes Kirkland Canned Dog Food

Kirkland canned dog food is made by Diamond Dog Food company.

Who Makes Kirkland Healthy Weight Dog Food

Kirkland healthy weight dog food is made by Costco by Simmons Pet Food.

Who Makes Kirkland Lamb and Rice Dog Food

Kirkland lamb and rice dog food is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. They are a U.S.-based pet food manufacturer with plants located in Meta, Missouri, California, and Gasto.

Who Makes Kirkland Wet Dog Food

Kirkland wet dog food is made by Diamond Pet Foods in the USA.

Who Makes Kirkland Grain Free Dog Food

Kirkland grain free dog food is made by Diamond Pet Foods under the Kirkland brand name

Who Makes Kirkland Mature Dog Food

Kirkland Mature dog food is manufactured by Simmons Pet Food.

Who Makes Kirkland Organic Dog Food

Kirkland grain organic dog food is made by Diamond Pet Foods which is owned by Schell and Kampeter, Inc.

Where is Kirkland brand dog food manufactured?

All of Kirkland’s dry dog food products are made in five different company-owned manufacturing facilities by Diamond Dog Food. All of which are in America, however, vary in regions.

Two of the facilities are based in Arkansas, California, one is in South Carolina, and the final one is in Missouri. 

Most of the ingredients also originate from the United States, nonetheless, there are some critical ingredients that cannot be sourced domestically on American soil at the high quality that the company strives for.

Therefore, certain ingredients are sourced from overseas such as dried chicory root from Belgium, and potato protein from Germany. 

The nutritional value of Kirkland Signature dog food

The nutritional value of Kirkland’s dog food can vary between each product, depending on the dog they’re targeting, and the meat content used. Below is a graph of the nutrient content between some of their dry food products.

Dog Food TypeProteinCalciumFibreGlucosamineCalories
Healthy Weight Dog Formula20%1.70% 13%750mg275kcal/cup
Adult Dog – Chicken, Rice, and Vegetable Formula26%2.5% 4%300mg393kcal/cup
Puppy – Chicken, Rice,  and Vegetable Formula28%1.20%3%0%390kcal/cup
Adult Dog – Lamb, Rice,    and Vegetable Formula23%2.20%4%300mg373kcal/cup
Small Dog – Chicken, Rice, and Vegetable Formula27%2.50%4%0%362kcal/cup

Is Kirkland dog food good or bad?

It is the case with any private label brands that information is hard to come by. Since Kirkland Signature does not have a direct website, and Costco doesn’t directly advertise information about the product, finding reliable sources can be difficult.

Nonetheless, Kirkland’s dog food range has had great success throughout its many years of service and has built up a good reputation with dog breeders and dog show exhibitors. 

No company is perfect, and Kirkland has had their share of recalls on two separate occasions. The first recall happened in 2007, when a hole in the system brought concerns of melamine contents in the latest batch of food. 

To err on the side of caution, the company recalled all of the recent products.

Whilst no traces of melamine were ever found, nor was any dog ever affected who ate this batch, the company wanted to be absolutely certain. 

The second recall occurred in 2012. It was a similar situation where there was a suspected contamination leak, and the company couldn’t be 100% sure that the products had not been infected with salmonella.

Again, no traces were ever found, and no dogs were harmed. The contamination leak proved false, and the products proved to be fine.

From this unfortunate situation, the company has become very transparent with its ingredients, manufacturing process, and packing standards.

They have made up for it through their proactive behavior, aiming to stop problems before they have arisen. 

On trip advisor, Dogfoodadvisor Kirkland Signature Dog Food has earned the top rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

The ratings are high on other sites too, with an average of 4.1 stars on Consumeraffairs, and an impressive average of 4.9 at Costco itself. 


Kirkland dog food has high ratings and reviews amongst customers. The brand has been manufacturing under Diamond Dog Food successfully for 50 years, striving to provide high-quality food at affordable prices.

Diamond Dog Food is a US-based company, with five different manufacturing facilities based around different locations in America.

The majority of the ingredients put into dog food are also sourced from within the nation.

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