Who Makes Kirkland Coconut Water? (Quality, Review + More)

Who Makes Kirkland Coconut Water

Do you know who makes Kirkland Coconut Water? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you haven’t tried Costco’s Kirkland Signature coconut water yet, you should consider giving it a try! It is refreshing, delicious, and a great source of electrolytes. But, although most Costco lovers can agree Kirkland products are known for their high-quality, have you ever stopped to consider who actually makes Kirkland coconut water? 

Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer as to who makes Kirkland coconut water. What we do know is that it is a product of the Philippines and is certified USDA organic. Costco often chooses not to reveal the manufacturers of their Kirkland products, and this is the case with their coconut water. 

In this article, we will discuss how the Kirkland manufacturing process works, what we do know about Kirkland coconut water and the quality of this product. 

Where Does Kirkland Coconut Water Come From? 

The Kirkland coconut water is a product of the Philippines according to its packaging. However, there are hundreds of coconut water suppliers in the Philippines and it is virtually impossible to know who Costco has partnered with for their Kirkland brand. 

The only ingredient in the Kirkland water is “Organic coconut water.” And, like we stated earlier, the product is USDA certified organic. 

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What Does It Mean To Be USDA Certified Organic?

SInce Kirkland coconut water is USDA certified organic, it has met certain requirements set by the USDA. The coconuts must be grown on a farm that adheres to the requirements surrounding soil quality, weed control sprays, pest control sprays, etc. 

The soil they are grown in must have been free from all substances prohibited by the USDA for at least three years prior to the time the coconuts were harvested. 

According to its box, Kirkland organic coconut water is certified by BCS ÖKO-GARANTIE GMBH. This is a licensed private controlling agency charged with implementing European regulations on organic produce. 

They work with other regulating agencies in Europe and in other continents to ensure that the product is a high quality organic product. 

Is Kirkland Coconut Water Good For You?

Coconut water is considered a healthy drink although it is higher in sugar, according to Healthline there are seven main health benefits of coconut water: 

  1. Is a good source of nutrients such as Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Potassium.
  2. Contains antioxidants.
  3. Could help lower blood sugar.
  4. Could help prevent kidney stones. 
  5. Could support heart health; 
  6. Is beneficial after strenuous exercise due to it’s high level of electrolytes; and 
  7. Is a tasty source of hydration

The main property coconut water is known for is its high levels of electrolytes. It is better than water at hydrating after exercise and comparable to other sports drinks as well. 

Since Kirkland coconut water only contains organic coconut water and doesn’t include any other additives it is a healthy source of hydration. This is one of the major benefits of the Kirkland brand as there are many other brands of coconut water out there that include additional ingredients such as sugar. 

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Who Makes Kirkland Products For Costco? 

Costco is almost synonymous with their private label Kirkland Signature. Even if you aren’t an avid Costco shopper, you likely know that Kirkland is their own exclusive brand. However, Costco doesn’t actually manufacture any of the products they sell under their brand! 

Instead, Costco partners with other third-party retailers and draws up a contract with them. The contract will stipulate the product they are requesting be made, and often contains a non-disclosure agreement. 

This NDA is often the reason that it is hard to know who manufactures products for Costco. The only possibility to know anything definitive about Kirkland manufacturers is if Costco or the company themselves openly state this. 

Beyond this, it is simply rumored that circulate regarding the manufacturer of popular Costco products. 

Why Doesn’t Costco Reveal Their Partners?

If you’re worried that Costco has something to hide concerning their partnerships, we are here to dispel that worry. Partnering with third-parties is simply an industry practice that many corporations who have private labels do. 

They often will not reveal their partners for a variety of reasons, but mainly Costco wants their brand to stand out on its own, not because of its association with another company! This is why Costco has pretty strict standards for their Kirkland products and promises to only provide their members with the best quality. 

As for their partners, it could be bad for their own branded sales if their customers knew they make similar products for reduced prices available at Costco. 


Although we don’t know the precise manufacturer of Kirkland coconut water, we do know that it is a USDA certified organic product made in the Philippines.

Costco also ensures that their Kirkland products are of the highest quality for the lowest possible price. This means you aren’t sacrificing quality when choosing Kirkland.

Their coconut water is just one of their many Kirkland products that are a huge hit among Costco members, and for good reason!

Their coconut water is delicious, has no added ingredients, and a 12-pack sells for less than $15 online. The price will likely be cheaper at your local Costco warehouse as well. 

So, if you can deal with a little bit of uncertainty about where your coconut water comes from, you should consider giving Costco a try next time you’re feeling a coconut craving!






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