Who Makes Andrex Toilet Paper? (The Truth!)

who makes andrex toilet paper

Do you know who makes Andrex toilet paper? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Andrex toilet paper is a great product that is highly recommended and has great quality. While it may not share the same name as many beloved American brands, it does have the same manufacturing and product-making techniques. 

So, who makes Andrex toilet paper? Andrex toilet paper is a British brand of toilet paper, made by manufacturers in the United States, Kimberly-Clark. This is also the company that makes US brands like Scotts, Kleenex, and Scotties, and a sister company of  Kleenex Cottonelle.

Who Makes Andrex Toilet Paper?

Andrex was first introduced to the public in 1942 as a disposable handkerchief line only out of a London department store called Harolds.

This was the first toilet paper crafted with a two-ply design; this model, after facial tissues Andrex, the creator, witnessed American women using face tissues. 

Between 1955 and 1956, Andrex toilet paper was taken over by a company called Bowater, who then joined forces with Scotts Paper Company.

These companies created many different products and continue to sell Anderex to this day in department stores and online in the UK. 

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Where is Andrex Toilet Paper Manufactured?

Although Andrex toilet paper is owned by an American corporation, you won’t see these products manufactured anywhere in the US.

Andrex toilet paper is manufactured in factories located in Northfleet, which is a town in England. Factories in Flint, located in Flintshire, whales, and Barrow in Furness, located in Lancashire, produce variants of the product, including aloe-infused and the quilted variation. 

Where can You Buy Andrex Toilet Paper?

If you are a resident of the United States, the only way you can purchase Andrex toilet tissue is through expensive online third-party companies that sell from Britain, such as Amazon or Price Runner.

Although Andrex toilet paper can be purchased in the states, it is much easier to find this product on store shelves and online if you are a resident in Europe. 

What Other Products are Made by the Makers of Andrex?

Over time the Andrex company changed hands multiple times, each hand-off bringing new ideas and products into the mix.

While toilet paper is still the most prevalent product sold by this company, they also have wet wipes available with the same name.

Andrex is well known for its flushability, sustainability, and comfort and is used by tons of people who offer excellent ratings and reviews. 

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The Andrex Dog

It just doesn’t seem right to make an entire article all about Andrex and not include their adorable lab mascot.

The dog was actually a last-minute decision on the company’s part, after hiring a child to create a large mess with the toilet product, only to back out last minute, not wanting to encourage kids to waste toilet paper.

This sudden change of heart sparked the idea of utilizing a labrador puppy instead of a kid, which developed into a popular and unique form of advertisement at the time.

You will never find a commercial, ad in the paper, or ads online without the cute furry puppy holding a roll in his mouth or all wrapped up in toilet tissue.

The Andrex Slogans

Along with the Andrex dog, the Andrex slogans were also popularized after being reconfigured to appeal to a larger audience in 2004.

Instead of the earlier slogans “Soft, Strong and very very long,” the phrase was re-written to say, Tuggable, Huggable softness.” However, this did not stick either, and in 2008 it was changed again, saying “Be Kind To Your Behind.”

Around 2015, the company finally settled on something they still use to this day “Andrex clean” and “How Andrex do you feel?. These slogans seem to fit the company better and get straight to the point. 

Is Andrex Toilet Paper Made the Same Way as Americas Scotts and Kleenex?

Andrex toilet paper is known for being just as eco-friendly and well crafted from recyclable materials and is as comfortable and fresh Scotts.

Although the two brands are created in separate factories and likely use different base materials, there is a good chance the process is pretty similar. 

The Andrex toilet paper is designed to help keep you clean and healthy by using ripple technology to completely rid the skin of harmful bacteria and filth. 

Is Andrex Toilet Paper Expensive?

Andrex toilet paper is known for providing customers with a premium price, meaning the product is of high quality and materials, making it a little more expensive than the competition.

In 1974 Scott hired a team O’Herlihy Associates to take some time and go over the facts and figures to see what attracts customers to the brand and what deters them from buying, and it seems they decided the best way to attract new buyers is through a strategic marketing plan, where the Andrex puppy was first introduced, increasing the sales and allowing the premium price to stay. 

Is Andrex Toliet Paper a Good Brand?

Due to the fact that Andrex toilet paper provides toilet tissue to nearly half of the UK population, it is pretty easy to assume that it is a decent product that holds up in the bathroom and is a toilet paper that can hold up in the bathrooms all around the country. 

Andrex is known for being one of the fasting selling brands ever to hit the market, increasing its total sales and revenue within a year by 30%.

While Andrex is the most expensive toilet paper option in the country, it is still the second leading brand on the market due to its value and composition. 

Summing Things Up

Andrex is one of the most popular brands of toilet paper you can purchase in the UK today. Although it has one of the highest prices on the market, it still sells an unbelievable amount of products each year, taking to the top of the charts in the industry every time.

While the product isn’t sold in America, it is owned by the same company as many US brands that also maintain high standards and quality products.

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