Who Makes Amsoil Oil Filters (The Truth!)

Who Makes Amsoil Oil Filters

Established in 1969, AMSOIL Inc. is an American corporation based in Wisconsin offering a range of automotive products including synthetic motor oils and synthetic lubricants, fuel additives, and filters.

Amsoil products are sold in over 60 countries around the globe through various international distributors and are a trusted brand when it comes to oil filters. 

So, who makes Amsoil oil filters? Amsoil filters have been manufactured by various companies in the past, including WIX and Donaldson, and this can be seen when looking at the product code. Nowadays, Amsoil has outsourced various components for manufacture, and simply assembles the oil filters themselves.

While there are plenty of budget oil filters available, Amsoil is considered a more premium choice, mainly due to its trusted reputation for providing high-quality products that use superior synthetic materials.

Introducing The Amsoil Oil Filters

Amsoil oil filters are considered the premium standard and are made using full-synthetic media that offers superior performance and durability.

They produce three different oil filters, all with different specifications and use cases, from gasoline to diesel vehicles and vehicles intended for on or off-road use. 

Amsoil Ea Oil Filter (EA15K ; EAO) 

This uses a synthetic nanofiber element providing a filtering efficiency of 99% at 20 microns. The filter is very well made with metal and silicone components as well as the wire-backed synthetic media filter. 

Amsoil manufacturers also note that this filter is good for up to 15,000 miles or 1 year of use for small cars or trucks, making it one of the leading premium oil filters on the market. 

These filters with the EAO product code are slightly longer-lasting, with a manufacturer’s recommendation for changing the oil filter at 25,000 miles or after 1 year of use.

Amsoil Ea Heavy-Duty Extended-Life Oil Filters (EaHD) 

Catering for heavy-duty on and off-road gasoline and diesel vehicles, this filter is also made using a synthetic fiber filter allowing superior oil filtration while providing a better flow.

The filter design and synthetic materials are resin-free and also offer a high contaminant capturing level and extended life of the oil filter. 

The Ea Heavy-Duty Oil Filters are constructed with HNBR gaskets and are suitable for use in long durations in differing severe environments.

The manufacturer recommends that a new HD oil filter is always fitted with every oil change, and should not be used for more than a year.

Amsoil SDF88 Oil Filter 

This filter is specifically designed for use in Ford 6.0/6.4L Power Stroke Diesel Pickups. The filter is considered a replacement for Donaldson (P550528) and WIX (57312) oil filters.

The filter is made using cellulose media.

Who Makes Amsoil Oil Filters?

While each filter is made of several component parts, including the metal casing, the silicone seals, the base plate, and the filter media, the most significant element of any oil filter is the filtration media component. 

In the instance of the Amsoil Ea Oil Filters (EA15K; EAO), the wire-backed full-synthetic media can be found in identical use cases in other leading oil filter brands.

Some ambitious reviewers of oil filters have even gone to extreme lengths to illustrate how similar the filter media is to competing brands of oil filters. 

There’s a strong debate formed online around visual evidence that Fram oil filters and Amsoil oil filters are identical in appearance and specification.

Fram filters are considerably cheaper; up to half the cost of the Amsoil filter, and are available almost anywhere, including Walmart. So who makes Amsoil oil filters today? 

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Champion Laboratories INC. 

Champion Labs has been a long-standing manufacturer of automotive filters and dates back to 1936.

Alongside the range of their own branded products such as Luber-finer, Petroclear, and Champ, the company also manufactures a range of filter components for private companies, one of which is Amsoil. 

Final Thoughts

With so many oil filters on the market, Amsoil oil filters are a trusted brand with excellent specifications.

The filter is made using quality parts and the synthetic nanofiber element provides a filtering efficiency of 99% at 20 microns, which is excellent in comparison to some other brands of oil filters.

They are widely used by mechanics as an affordable oil filter that is long-lasting with up to 1 year of service before needing to be changed.

Overall, the Amsoil Ea oil filter is by far the most popular one in the Amsoil range of filters and is considered a fantastic product by many.

However, all are manufactured to a high standard and will last the distance.

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