Who Is the Voice of Home Depot Commercials? (All You Need to Know)

Who Is the Voice of Home Depot Commercials

The voice of Home Depot commercials is Josh Lucas. Lucas is an actor who has been in several popular movies, such as Glory Road, Sweet Home Alabama, Tell Tale and more. Home Depot has used celebrity voices in their commercials for nearly 25 years now. Josh Lucas is the most recent voice over actor in the company’s advertisements.

Most of us recognize the infamous orange color associated with Home Depot. You can probably hear the familiar background music from their commercials, too.

But what do you know about the voice of the Home Depot commercials? Stay tuned to find out all you need to know.

Who Is the Voice of Home Depot Commercials?

Josh Lucas has been the voice of Home Depot commercials since 2013. He took the job over from actor, director, and producer Ed Harris.

Ed Harris reportedly took on the position after Brian Cummings, another actor, and director.

Home Depot was established in 1978. They didn’t start using celebrity voices in their commercials until about 20 years later, though. 

What Is Josh Lucas Famous For?

Josh Lucas is a famous actor. He was born in Arkansas in 1971. He’s currently 50 years old. He was married once, but is now divorced, and he has one child.

After Lucas graduated from high school, he moved to Hollywood with a dream to be an actor. His first roles were guest star spots on some of the time’s popular television sitcoms. From there he managed to get cast in some feature films and even acted in a TV movie Steven Spielberg produced called Class of ’61.

Josh Lucas starred or took supporting roles in many films leading up to the voice-over work. He is the voice of the Home Depot commercials but also does other voice-over jobs, as well. There are no reports of him leaving the Home Depot gig any time soon.

How Much Does Josh Lucas Make for Home Depot Commercials?

Lucas is one of those actors you recognize but maybe don’t recall his name when you see him in a movie. His net worth is reported to be about $16 million. That makes him more of a B-list actor. 

We don’t know exactly how much Home Depot pays Lucas for his voice in their commercials. But it’s safe to say he wouldn’t do it for chump change. He makes millions for his roles in films. Most celebrities who do advertisement work are paid quite well for their time. It has to be worth their while.

Are There Celebrities Who Appear On Screen in Home Depot Commercials?

Celebrity representation stops at just audio when it comes to Home Depot commercials. Though there have been a few different voice actors used for the TV and radio ads, none of them appear on screen for Home Depot.

Why Do Celebrities Do Commercial Voice Overs?

Generally, the celebrities do it for the money and maybe sometimes for the exposure. However, the companies use celebrities to voice their commercials because research shows it boosts the flow of traffic into their stores and results in higher sales. 

Have you ever heard a commercial and thought the voice sounded familiar but you couldn’t quite pinpoint who it was? There’s a reason for that. Many companies do that purposely because of what studies have shown.

Studies have shown that the somewhat familiar voice on the commercial is highly influential in getting consumers into stores and onto websites. It’s been linked to higher profits.

Do Consumers Like Josh Lucas as the Voice of Home Depot Commercials?

There’s a reason Home Depot has kept Lucas in the voice-over spot since 2013. Consumers do like his voice. The marketing campaign has been successful in producing good sales for the company.

Some Home Depot customers say something more about Josh Lucas’s voice. They report it’s sexy. We can’t say if that has anything to do with why the commercials are so successful at bringing in customers, but it could be part of it.

How Much Is Home Depot Worth?

Home Depot is the largest of its kind in the home improvement industry. In 2021, the company brought in upwards of $151 billion in sales. 

Home Depot is a multi-billion dollar corporation with stores located in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Home Depot stores also exist in the 10 Canadian provinces. All of the 32 Mexican states also have Home Depot stores. 

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How Much Do Home Depot Employees Make?

Home Depot offers a range of positions in their stores. They also have 70 distribution centers in the U.S. with many kinds of jobs offered.

The cashiers generally make from $11 to $15 per hour. The retail sales associates have a pay range slightly above the cashiers. Merchandisers make around $15 per hour. 

Home Depot workers in the warehouse make a little more than what store associates make. Some of them are paid on a salary basis.

The senior manager in Home Depot stores typically makes over $100,000. Some make well over that amount, even reaching the half million mark.

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Are There Good Sales at Home Depot?

Home Depot has some ongoing good deals. But the real sales to look for are the Black Friday sale after Thanksgiving and the Spring Black Friday sale. You’ll find some amazing deals during both of these.

Where Does Josh Lucas Record the Commercials?

Most voice-over work is recorded in a studio. The rumor mill has it that Lucas records his voice-overs for Home Depot at his home.

Final Thoughts

Josh Lucas is the voice in the Home Depot commercials. Many people likely think the voice sounds familiar but just can’t quite say who it is, until now.

His voice is thought to be sexy and the company has had great success since he started voicing commercials for them in 2013.

Voice-over work drives retail sales for companies like Home Depot. While there’s no talk of Josh Lucas moving on from the commercials, keep your ears tuned for who the next voice might be.






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