Where Is Quilton Toilet Paper Made? (Are They Good? Quality)

Where Is Quilton Toilet Paper Made

Lindsey, do you know where Quilton toilet paper is made? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Quilton toilet paper is owned by ABC Tissue and is one of the softest, strongest, and high quality toilet paper brands out there! You’ve likely seen Quilton toilet paper at many grocery stores and may be curious about where it is manufactured.

Quilton is an Australia-based company and all their tissue products are manufactured in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. Although they do use outsourced material, the toilet paper is made or converted in Australia! 

In this article, we will discuss the quality of Quilton toilet paper, the manufacturing process, and provide some information about Quilton parent company ABC Tissue. 

Is Quilton Really Australian Based? 

Quilton is an Australian-owned company and is truly manufactured in Australia! It is Australia’s favored toilet paper brand and has manufacturing locations in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. 

Quilton employs over 600 Australians and frequently participates in charities that support Australia. Over $293 million has been invested into Australia through Quilton’s parent company, ABC Tissue. 

They also have been taking steps to improve the sustainability of their packaging and Quilton actually received the APCO award in 2019 for sustainable packaging. 

Quilton manufacturers a huge selection of toilet paper, their own facial tissue, and paper towels.  

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How Sustainable Is Quilton Toilet Paper?

Quilton toilet paper is Forest Stewardship Council® certified! This means that they are a company passionate about forest management and only participates in environmentally conscious business practices. 

They also have a paper recycling plant in Brisbane, AU that produces over 20,000 tons of recycled toilet paper every single year! They use a recycling process without de-inking, which means they don’t utilize bleach in the plant. 

What makes this important is that they are able to recycle the wastewater in the papermill, which is unfortunately not common practice for other paper mills. 

Quilton has even taken steps to improve their plastic packaging! In Australia, you can recycle their packaging through their REDcycle program.

Coles and Woodworths in Australia have recycling bins where you can bring your quilton packaging and the REDcycle program will take care of the rest. 

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Where Is ABC Tissue Based? 

ABC Tissue was started in Australia in 1986 by Henry Ngai. It is an Australia based corporation and owns a variety of brands including: 

  • Quilton, 
  • Naturale, 
  • Cotton Soft, 
  • Symphony, 
  • Earth Care, and 
  • Style. 

All of their brands are marketed as environmentally friendly, but they don’t sacrifice quality to achieve this label. In fact, Quilton is an industry leader in toilet paper and is the only premium brand that used 3 ply toilet paper and air quilted technology. 

Is ABC Tissue As Committed To Sustainability As Quilton?

As we know, just because a brand is committed to sustainability, doesn’t always mean its parent corporation has the same goals. However, fortunately for Quilton lovers, ABC Tissue has a focus on sustainability. 

ABC tissue has an FSC certification, PEFC certification, uses a paper recycling plant, and a local paper mill in Sydney to keep manufacturing local and minimize the impact of their manufacturing on the globe. 

Let’s take a look at the specifics of the sustainability achievements.

What Is an FSC Certification?

ABC Tissue has an FSC certification for all of their brands.

Although we mentioned this before, FSC certification means that:

  • All environmental manufacturing laws are adhered to, 
  • Human rights laws are upheld and are respected, 
  • Special attention is made to the human rights of indigenous peoples and international workers, 
  • Steps are taken to protect the biodiversity of our forests and the endangered species within them, 
  • Forestland is not used for any other uses, and 
  • The use of hazardous chemicals in production is prohibited. 

What Is A PEFC Certification? 

The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is another certification ABC Tissue has earned. The PEFC is a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible forest management processes internationally. 

They provide third-party certifications to help give consumers peace of mind about the paper products they are purchasing. 

The fact that ABC Tissue carries both an FSC and a PEFC certification is great news for consumers and shows that they take sustainability seriously as an Australian-based corporation. 

Queensland Tissue Recycling Plant

Since we already mentioned the recycling plant, we will keep it brief! 

However, the ABC Queensland plant supplies recycling tissue products for all of the BAC brands, not just Quilton.

It was established in the 1980s and is currently the only full-service recycled tissue plant with de-inking facilities in Australia! 

This is just another reason that ABC tissue is a leader in sustainable tissue practices, especially when compared to other U.S.-based brands. 

Sydney Paper Mill 

The Sydney paper mill was a huge step for ABC Tissue in the move towards sustainability. 

It was the first paper mill started in Sydney and operates 24-hours a day! Its processes are in compliance with the Environment Protection Authority in Australia which means it participates in a cleaner production process, recycles when able, reuses materials, and always implements best environmental practices. 


Lovers of Quilton should be happy to know that their number one choice in toilet paper is made in Australia and participates in sustainability practices.

Even ABC TIssue, Quilton’s parent company, is a major proponent for sustainability. 

There are multiple facilities across Australia making Quilton paper, and Sydney is even home to a landmark paper mill. 

Quilton and ABC Tissue give back to Australia frequently, which just makes it more obvious why Quilton is Australia’s favorite toilet paper brand by a landslide.





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