Where Do Costco Organic Eggs Come From (The Truth!)

Where Do Costco Organic Eggs Come From

Do you know where Costco organic eggs come from? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Costco has personalized its products over the years, though, is by creating a Costco brand of their own.

This brand is Kirkland Signature, and customers have been enjoying Kirkland food products as they expand their product line. 

Some of their Kirkland food products are even certified as organic, which leaves many customers wanting to know how they got that designation.

As it turns out, though, Costco’s organic Kirkland foods have meaning and purpose behind them, owing to Costco’s mission to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

So, where do Costco organic eggs come from? Costco’s organic eggs come from Wilcox Farms – a rural farm in Washington that has been around for over a century. They have long supplied eggs for Costco warehouses within the Pacific Northwest region.

Costco’s Organic Eggs

According to Costco’s official online statement regarding their Kirkland Signature organic eggs, they source their organic eggs from more than one location across the United States.

For about one decade now, Costco has been working towards a mission of reducing greenhouse gases by producing organic eggs and egg products to sell under their Kirkland label. 

Another aspect of their mission is to produce cage-free sourced eggs, in order to promote better treatment of the chickens who create the eggs. This is true of both their shelled eggs and their Kirkland Signature Liquid Eggs. 

The reason that organic eggs are part of the goal to reduce greenhouse gases is that the production and transport process of organic eggs allows this reduction.

This process involves organic feed for the chickens, cage-free roaming environments, recycled packaging materials, and more efficient transport processes. 

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The Source of Costco Organic Eggs

While some of Costco’s Kirkland Signature products have obscure or even unknown origins, we know where their organic eggs come from. The answer comes in multiple parts, though.

Firstly, we know that Costco sources some of their organic eggs from Washington state itself. Also, according to its website, it works with several egg producers across the United States.

Thirdly, Costco is working to start sourcing some of their eggs from cage-free farms in Shanghai, China before the year 2021 is over. 

Costco has been sourcing their farmed products mainly from a place called Wilcox Farms for years. This rural Washington farm eventually started producing cage-free, organic chicken eggs to supply to Costco warehouses in the Pacific Northwest region.

They have a commitment to animal welfare as well as greenhouse gas emission reduction. 

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United States Egg Producers for Costco

According to a 2011 Costco Connection article, Costco gets their organic eggs from various locations across the United States, regionally.

They source the eggs from third- and fourth-generation farmers who commit to cage-free chicken raising.

As of 2011, Costco released the following list of suppliers who have, or are still, providing organic eggs to Costco warehouses across the country:

  • Den Dulk Poultry Farms (located in Ripon, California and run by the Jenkins family)
  • Oakdell Egg Farms (located in Lewiston, Utah and run by the Woodward and Wright families)
  • NuCal Foods (located in Ripon, California and run by the Gemperle family)
  • Chino Valley Ranchers (located in Arcadia, California and run by the Nichols family)
  • Soncrest Egg Company (located in Gonzales, Texas and run by the Baker family)
  • Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch (located in Saranac, Michigan and run by the Herbruck family)
  • Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs (located in Monroe, New Hampshire and run by the Laflammes and the Stantons)
  • Nature Pure LLC (located in Raymond, Ohio and run by the Lausecker family)
  • L&R Farms (located in Pendergrass, Georgia and run by the Lathem family)

Current and Future Organic Egg Sources

While the above egg suppliers have probably shifted and changed some since the 2011 article came out, Costco still stays committed to getting its organic eggs domestically.

However, this year, they will be expanding to acquire more cage-free chicken eggs from China.

It’s important to note that Costco only has several countries where their stores have 100% cage-free eggs (Iceland, Spain, France, and the UK), while the United States has cage-free eggs in 93.2% of its stores.

The addition of cage-free egg production to China suppliers of Costco organic eggs will make a big difference.


Costco’s Kirkland Signature line of products offers the convenience and health-beneficial option of organic eggs to customers. However, many customers wonder where certain Kirkland brand products come from. 

As it turns out, Costco’s organic eggs come from different locations around the US – including Wilcox Farms in Washington state – as well as regional suppliers that are multigenerational farms.

They are also starting to get some of their organic, cage-free eggs from certain suppliers in China. Their commitment to greenhouse gas emission reduction and animal welfare continues to expand. 

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