What’s the Dog’s Name from Sandlot? (The Beast)

what is the dog's name in sandlot

What is the Dog’s Name from The Sandlot?

The dog in the film The Sandlot is referred to by two names. The dog’s official name is Hercules, but he is also commonly called “The Beast.” 

The Sandlot is a classic film that is fun for people in every age group. It came out in 1993 and spurred a trilogy of films about the lovable characters.

One of the most recognizable characters is the large dog that terrifies the kids. 

What Kind of Dog is the Dog from The Sandlot?

“The Beast” from The Sandlot is an English Mastiff. This was the perfect breed to use in the film because English Mastiffs are famous for their stocky builds and large stature. 

As long as they are comfortable with children, they can be affectionate and fun to work with, so the dogs were great for working with the child actors in the film. 

Are English Mastiffs Aggressive?

In general, English Mastiffs are regarded as gentle giants. They are protective of their families, but they tend to be gentle with other dogs and visitors. They enjoy being cuddled and loved by their owners. 

Remember that every dog is unique, so while general traits of the breed include patience and affection, the way a dog is raised can also affect its personality. 

How Much Do English Mastiffs Weigh?

English Mastiffs are huge breeds, some of the largest in the world, especially when you consider their weight. Average male English Mastiffs weigh between 160 and 230 pounds.

Average female English Mastiffs weigh between 120 and 170 pounds. 

These dogs are massive, and the weight is mainly distributed in muscle. The breed was developed for working and protecting castles, and the massive size was crucial for those roles. 

How Big was the Dog from the Movie?

Multiple dogs were used for filming the scenes with The Beast. One of the most giant dogs used for filming those shots weighed 200 pounds. He had a huge head and was perfect for any close-up shots of Hercules. 

This dog is one of the larger English Mastiffs that you can find, as he was a particularly large English Mastiff.

English Mastiff is already a large breed. His weight and stature made him a formidable terror for the boys. 

What Dog Played “The Beast” in The Sandlot?

There were several dogs responsible for standing in for Hercules during the film. Some of the scenes also used a puppet made to look like The Beast.

Two people manned the puppet to help manage its massive size. 

The English Mastiff who played Hercules in most of his scenes was named “Gunner.” He was from Ch. Mtn. Oaks Ranch. Gunner was used for filming the scenes where the dog licked the boys’ faces.

This scene was shot by spreading baby food across the actors’ faces and letting the dog lick it off. 

Was the Story of “The Beast” True?

Hercules, also known as “The Beast,” becomes a legend in The Sandlot when Michael ‘Squints’ says that the behemoth of a dog ate a pile of flesh and turned into a giant gorilla-like dog.

His ferocity terrifies the boys until the end of the film, when The Beast becomes part of the team. 

Hercules did not actually eat flesh and become a giant in the movie. This is rumor and hyperbole. However, interestingly enough, the story is partially based on a true story. The inspiration for “The Beast” came from an experience from the life of the director/co-writer David Mickey Evans. 

His brother wanted to play baseball with some children from his neighborhood, but they would not let him.

When they lost their ball over a wall, he attempted to get an “in” with the group by retrieving their ball for them. However, he ended up crashing onto the property of a, particularly large and defensive dog. 

Are English Mastiffs Stubborn?

English Mastiffs tend to be gentle giants. They are protective of their family and their property, though. With that being said, they are pretty obedient dogs.

English Mastiffs are most likely to act stubborn when they have been upset. If you scold your dog for a long time and then expect them to have a successful training session, you may find their stubborn streak slowing the progress.

How Long do English Mastiffs Live?

The average lifespan for an English Mastiff is between 6 and 10 years. In general, larger breeds of dogs do not live as long as smaller breeds. 

Are English Mastiffs Good Family Dogs?

English Mastiffs are large and “in-charge.” They are loyal and protective of all of their family members. That means, if they know they can trust children in the family, they will accept them and protect them.

If they see the children or other pets as outsiders, they may become protective and aggressive. 

To help Mastiffs become part of the family, socialize them early and often. Always be present when the dog is socializing with new family members, so you can watch how they respond and intercept if necessary.

Once they have acclimated to the family, they will be gentle and loving with children.

How are English Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs Different?

English Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs are similar in appearance, and both are very large dogs. They also share similar ancestors, which is why both names contain “mastiff.” For these reasons, they are often mistaken for each other. 

The English Mastiff was created as a breed before Bullmastiffs. The English Mastiff was bred with the Bulldog to create the Bullmastiff.

Breeders wanted the protection and size of the mastiff and the ferocity of the Bulldog. Thus in the 1800s, the Bullmastiff was born.

English Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs have similar facial structures. They have stocky heads and V-shaped noses. Both breeds also are found with the same coloring.

The colors both English Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs are available in are brindle, fawn, or apricot. 

The most significant difference between English Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs is the size. English Mastiffs are larger than Bullmastiffs in height, stature, and overall weight.

Bullmastiffs weigh between 100 and 130 pounds, compared to the massive 120 to 230 pounds of the English Mastiff. 

Who Owns “The Beast” in The Sandlot?

Hercules is owned by the neighbor Mr. Mertle. Mr. Mertle is a former professional baseball player. He is portrayed by James Earl Jones. James Earl Jones is also famous for voicing Darth Vader in the Star Wars film series.

The children actors were excited to meet the famous star. His deep ringing voice made him perfect for the part and perfect for matching with “The Beast,” Hercules. 

Final Thoughts

The Sandlot is a classic film from the 1990s. It features the tale of a ragtag bunch of neighborhood boys who bond over their love of baseball.

The film is perfect for families and sports lovers. It is especially great for anyone who grew up playing baseball. 

The primary antagonist of the story is the large dog that lives next door. He is an English Mastiff, and he is enormous. He is named Hercules, but he is also called “The Beast” throughout the movie. 

Despite “The Beast’s” formidable appearance, English Mastiffs are actually loyal and warmhearted dogs. 




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