What Is The Camper Package On Ford F350? Facts You Should Know

What Is The Camper Package On Ford F350

Have you ever wondered what Is The Camper Package On Ford F350?

Look no more. We’ve got you covered.

While Ford Trucks are fantastic for hauling all sorts of gear, a lot of people buy them purely because they can work with a slide-on camper. The Ford F350 is easily one of the most popular vehicles for this.

Now, in most cases, if you want to use a slide-on camper with the truck, you will need to buy something known as the Camper Package.

This adds some extra springs and bars to the vehicle to allow it to accept the slide-on camper. However, you don’t have to do that with the Ford F350.

In fact, the vehicle is ready to accept a slide-in camper from the very second that it is delivered. However, this does not mean that we recommend that you do not buy the camper package anyway.

What is the camper package on Ford F350? Depending on the modifications that you make to your Ford F350 during the ‘build’ stage, the camper package will include the following accessories:

  • Heavy Duty front springs
  • Slide-In Camper Certificate, to name a few.

That’s it. However, don’t worry. The cost of the package reflects how little you get included. Ford is good like that. You won’t be paying hundreds upon hundreds of dollars without getting that much in return.

What’s Offered in the Camper Package for the Ford F350?

👉 You are always going to be getting the slide-in camper certificate. We will talk more about that in a short while.

In many cases, that is all that you are going to be getting. However, in some cases, the vehicle build may automatically add on some heavy-duty front springs too.

This is all dependent on the springs that are included with the vehicle as standard.

Whatever springs come with your Ford F350, the heavy-duty springs will be the next level up from that. If the springs are already their maximum level, then you do not get extra springs.

The purpose of the heavy-duty springs is to increase the amount of weight that the truck is able to hold. In theory, you do not actually need these extra springs providing that you stay below the maximum weight of the truck.

However, it is still worth having anyway. It provides you with a little bit of extra leeway, and you can be sure that your vehicle will end up a whole lot more rugged as a result.

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Why is the Slide-in Camper Certification Important?

For many people buying this package, the only thing that you will get included is the certification. This is just a piece of paper and some stickers. Not amazing, right? Well, no. It is important, however.

If you do not buy the camper package with the Ford F350, then you will not have a warranty if you decide to put a slide-in camper on the vehicle. Well, if that slide-in camper causes any damage to your vehicle, you won’t have a warranty.

So, for a couple of hundred extra dollars, at the most, you can think of this certification as a bit of an extra warranty.

There are some insurance companies out there that may also not provide vehicle coverage for slide-in camper usage if you do not own the certificate.

As we said, you can get away without buying the camper package on a Ford F350, but it really is not recommended.

How Do You Buy the Camper Package?

If you buy a Ford F350 used, then you cannot add the camper package onto it. It is something that you need to buy when you first purchase the vehicle.

Although, as we have said numerous times already, you can easily add a slide-in camper to the Ford F350 without having the camper package.

You just won’t have that extra warranty, which is probably going to be fine for people that are buying their vehicle used anyway.

If you are customizing your Ford F350 online, then once you get to the ‘customization’ stage, you have to select ‘Packages’ followed by ‘Camper Package’.

You may also note that there is a Snow Plow and Camper Package available. This is actually the same as the camper package, but it adds some extra power systems, and some slightly different springs to deal with the snow plow.

You do not have to purchase this option if you are never going to be using a snow plow with your truck. It is pointless.

If you head to a dealer to discuss buying the Ford F350, then you will need to ask for the camper package. It is not really something that is going to be offered as standard.

How Much Does the Camper Package on Ford F350 Cost?

How Much Does the Camper Package on Ford F350 Cost? Most people report that the camper package should cost between $160 and $200. However, the cost will vary from time to time. It will be dependent on the model of the vehicle that you have purchased, as well as the other features that you have installed on the vehicle at the time of customization.

If you are buying directly from a dealer, you may be able to receive it for free. Since it is not really an expensive package, a lot of major Ford dealers have been known to include the camper package when asked in order to ‘get the deal’, so it is always worth just checking.

Honestly, with a price that is this low, we suggest that you buy the camper package, even if you are not planning on using the slide-in camper any time in the near future.

This is because this package not only provides you with a bit of extra protection if you do decide to change your mind but having that certificate can help to increase the value of your vehicle should you decide to sell it on.

How to Install Slide-In Camper on Ford F350

Before you even so much as consider sliding that camper on the Ford F350, you are going to need to ensure that you are below the maximum weight requirements for the vehicle. Remember, the maximum weight includes:

👉 The weight of the slide-in camper

👉 Anything included in the slide-in camper

👉 People in the vehicle

👉 Items in the vehicle

It is vital that you do not go over the maximum weight for the Ford F350. If you do, then you are going to be looking at having a rather nasty accident.

Since each Ford F350 is going to be slightly different when it comes to maximum weights, it is important that you look at the specification of your vehicle.

When you have your vehicle delivered, you should look at the package that came with the certificate. In this, there will be instructions on how you can install the slide-in camper onto the Ford F350.

Again, this is going to be dependent on the model that you have purchased, hence why owning that certificate is going to be important. Of course, you can also look this information up online for your specific model. 

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Your slide-in camper will also have its own instructions on how you should be hooking it up to the vehicle. In most cases, you are going to need to put the slide-in camper down on some supporting poles and then reverse onto it.

Of course, you will want to ensure that you are lined up properly and you take things slowly. We are confident that you do not want to be knocking that slide-in camper over.

It is important that you pay attention to the top of the vehicle. When the slide-in camper is in place, it should not be touching the roof of the cab. If it is, then you may need to add an extra platform into the bed of the truck.

This will help to raise the camper so that it does not touch the top.

Before you drive away, it is important that everything is hooked up properly. If it isn’t, then you are going to be looking at a total loss of the slide-in camper if it falls off of the vehicle. Yes. This has been known to happen for those that are not quite so careful in hooking everything up.

In order to remove the slide-in camper, you just reverse these instructions. This means allowing the supporting poles of the camper to extend, then you disconnect everything, and drive away from the slide in camper. It is a rather simple process once you get use to it, we promise. 


The Ford F350 is more than capable of holding a slide-in camper. You do not even need to buy the camper package with the vehicle. However, due to the addition of that certificate, we suggest that you do anyway.

It will make your life a whole lot easier if you need to file any warranty claims due to the vehicle suffering from problems due to slide-in camper use.

Remember, always hook everything up properly when you are using your camper. If you do, then the Ford F350 is going to be one of the best vehicles for it.



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