What Does SXT Mean on a Dodge Charger? (SXT vs RT vs GT)

What Does SXT Mean on a Dodge Charger

Today, we’re going to talk about the abbreviation “SXT,” which you may see while looking at the Dodge Charger online: perhaps you intend to purchase one. In such a case, it would be helpful to know what SXT even means.

So, what does SXT mean on a Dodge Charger? SXT on Dodge Charger simply stands for “Standard Extra.” It describes the quality of the interior packages and the exterior appearance. Basically, it’s just a designation that separates the car from the “standard” setup, indicating that it’s better in some way and offers more features.

What Are the Other Car Packages?

Different cars come in a variety of different packages. In this instance, we’ll refer to the Dodge Charger SE. SXT is but one of the car packages you can choose from.

There are many options, including SXT Plus, GT, SRT Hellcat, RT, and Scatpack.

The primary difference between all of these packages is the difference in exterior features, such as trim and available colors.

For instance, the SXT Dodge Charger SE may be available in a color that the GT Dodge Charger SE is not, and vice versa.

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What Type of Improved Features Can you Expect from an SXT?

We said that the SXT offers more features than a standard Dodge Charger configuration, but in what manner exactly? Well, this differs based on the exact model of the car. A 2018 SXT Dodge Charger is not the same as a 2019 SXT Dodge Charger.

They are both improved versions of their standard model from the same year.

By this, we mean that the 2019 SXT Dodge Charger is specifically an improvement to the standard Dodge Charger from 2019.

It may not have all the same features as the 2018 SXT Dodge Charger, which was specifically an improvement on the standard 2018 model.

Generally speaking, you can expect small quality of life differences between a standard model and an SXT one. You won’t be getting anything like a different engine or improved driving performance in most cases.

Instead, you’ll often see additional things like rearview parking cameras, more advanced infotainment systems, driving assist systems (such as lane assist or pedestrian detection), and things like that.

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Potential Differences in SXT Models

Unfortunately, there’s more to consider than whether or not the Dodge Charger you’re looking at is a standard or SXT.

Even among SXT models, there are still some differences between them. For instance, you may be able to get an SXT Dodge Charger with All Wheel Drive or just Rear Wheel Drive.

While you may assume that such differences are solely performance-based, even within the SXT models, there are superior and inferior SXT models.

Almost like a ‘good’ SXT Dodge Charger and an ‘even better’ SXT Dodge Charger.

We know this makes things confusing, but it’s better to know that not all SXT Dodge Chargers are made equal.

For instance, the All-Wheel Drive SXT Charger may have more or better speakers and hotspot internet access, while the Rear-Wheel Drive SXT Charger does not, even though they are both SXT models.

That being the case, either SXT model still offers more than the standard alternative, but you’ll still have to choose between different SXT setups as well. 

Increased Price

This can probably go without saying, but we are going to say it anyway. Naturally, the more features the car model in question offers, the more expensive it is going to be.

As we mentioned previously, even among SXT models, some may have more features than others.

This means that, even if you are comparing two SXT Dodge Chargers from the same year, one may be more expensive than the other because it is a ‘better’ SXT model.

Naturally, if you decide to go after even more luxurious and advanced car packages, those will cost more as well.

Basically, even though you are buying a Dodge Charger in every single scenario, the trimming and small details included in the various packages can make a difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

It’s very important to keep this in mind when shopping for a car. Even among the SXT models, there are different packages to consider.


As we mentioned previously, there are many packages and trims for Dodge Chargers. However, the three most common that you will see are SE, SXT, and SRT. Obviously, we’ve already covered SXT. 

SE is pretty simple as well, as it just stands for “Standard Edition.” Basically, a Dodge Charger SE is the most basic version of the vehicle.

That doesn’t mean it is bad, it just means it is the base, without all the bells and whistles that other more expensive packages may have.

That said, if you wanted to view the SE as the “worst” variant, you wouldn’t be wrong. Of course, a Dodge Charger SE is still a very good car, but all of the other variants will offer something that it doesn’t have, at an increased price of course.

Then you have the RT and the SRT: these are specialized packages that focus more on actual driving performance.

That’s because RT stands for “Road Track” and SRT stands for “Street and Racing Technology. Basically, those packages focus on speed, torque, horsepower, etc.

You wouldn’t really need an RT or SRT over a normal SE or SXT unless you had some specific intentions in mind regarding racing or similar things. We suppose you could justify those packages if you just wanted the most powerful version of the car available, but for everyday driving, the SE and SXT Dodge Chargers are plenty powerful enough.


A Dodge Charger SXT (Standard Extra) is just an upgraded variant of a Dodge Charger that you can buy for extra money.

Think of it like buying a house: you can buy a standard one-floor home with two bedrooms and one bath, or you could pay extra to have an extra bedroom, bathroom, floor, etc.

So, an SXT Dodge Charger is just a model with a few more bells and whistles compared to the most basic Dodge Charger.

It may possess unique features like lane assist, a deluxe infotainment system, or other things that the standard model doesn’t have.

Generally speaking, an SXT will only possess minor driving performance improvements compared to a standard Dodge Charger, if any.

However, packages that are specifically focused on driving performance, like the RT or SRT, often have features that improve on that front.

Naturally, any package that is beyond the standard Dodge Charger will cost some extra money. You can reasonably expect the differences in packages to cost you a few thousand dollars in most cases.

Ultimately, the difference between an SXT Dodge Charger and a standard edition Dodge Charger is relatively negligible and mostly focuses on convenience features that are not necessary but are nice to have.

As for whether or not those things are worth the increased cost, that is up to the individual driver.

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