What Do You Get When You Mix Red And Yellow? (Color Wheel)

What Do You Get When You Mix Red And Yellow

Have you ever wondered what do you get when you mix red and yellow?

If you have primary and neutral colors, you could mix nearly any shade you imagine. With just a few shades of paint, you could create an entire rainbow’s worth of colors.

So, what do you get when you mix red and yellow? When you mix red and yellow, you get orange color, which is known as fire color. These two primary colors make a shade of orange when they are mixed together. 

They are also the three main colors that leaves turn to in autumn before they fall. If you ever run out of orange paint when you are creating an autumn scene, there’s no need to worry.

You can simply mix yellow and red to create the color you need.

Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about mixing red and yellow. We’ll also cover what you should know about creating the perfect shade of orange for your pictures.

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What do you get when you mix yellow and red?

Mixing two primary color pigments will give you a secondary color. In the case of red and yellow, you will get an orange pigment.

However, you will need to adjust the amount of red and yellow you add to get the desired shade. A lighter orange will require more yellow mix, while a darker orange will require less. 

If you were painting a sunset, you likely wouldn’t have to pull out orange paint at all.

You could simply blend the yellow into the red (or vise versa) to achieve the orangish ombre look you had in mind. 

Mixing Red and Yellow >> Check out the video below:

What to know about mixing primary colors

Every color wheel has 6 main colors, 3 of them are primary colors and the other 3 are secondary colors. In between these 6 colors, you’ll see a variation of shades in their categories.

The 3 primary colors are used to make the other colors on the color wheel. Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors. 

Blue isn’t necessary for making orange. It is actually directly across from orange on the color wheel. Instead, what you will notice is that between the red and the yellow sections in a variety of orange colors.

These colors will blend accordingly to what primary color they have more of in the mix. 

You will likely notice a cheddar cheese orange closer to the yellow section, while a tangerine orange is closer to the red side. This will give you a better idea of the yellow to the red ratio you may need to mix the orange color you want.

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What happens if you add blue?

When you add all three primary colors together, you will get a brownish color. This will take away any bright hues from the orange color.

Mixing your own colors does require you to be precise with how much of each color you are adding. If you make the mistake of adding three primary colors when blending, it will always result in brown. 

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Should you add neutral colors to the mix?

Neutral colors consist of white, black, and tan. When you add white to red, it creates pink. This is a softer shade and it can be mixed with yellow to create softer shades of orange.

This is a great way to get colors like peach, apricot, and coral. 

When painting portraits, painters will often add white to red and yellow in order to achieve certain skin tones.

It’s not as common to add black to darken the orange shade. However, sometimes grey will be added for shading purposes. 

Tan will sometimes be added to red and yellow when trying to achieve certain shades of orange. This is how they achieve rust orange and spice orange, among many other shades. 

Why mix red and yellow together?

Orange is one of the most exciting colors of the rainbow. It’s a very energetic shade, which has become popular in the athletics industry.

Many sports teams use it in their logo and uniforms as part of their branding. It’s also a color that’s often used to draw attention, like when an important sign is posted, such as safety signs. 

Many painters use orange paint for more than just objects that are supposed to be orange. The color most known for pumpkins and citrus fruit is also very useful for defining objects in paintings.

One secret that many artists have been keeping up their sleeves is that they use orange to give objects in their pieces’ definitions.

Orange can be used to enhance a flat cloud or bush to make it look more life-like. Many objects that appear flat on the canvas need a pop of color blended into them to bring them to life. 

Can you mix secondary colors?

Orange is a secondary color, along with green and purple. If you mix orange with either of these colors, it will result in a brown shade.

This is because all three of the secondary colors were created by mixing two primary colors. There is no combination of secondary colors that don’t have 3 primary colors in it.

This means they will always result in brown.

If you’re interested in learning more about mixing colors, you should always examine the color wheel. This wheel will give you a better insight into which colors can be mixed, and which colors go well together.

It will also show you which colors are complementary colors. 

Orange is a complementary color to blue. This means they shouldn’t be mixed together but they do work well together. When orange and blue are used together for decorating purposes, they make help each other pop.

This is why many sports teams that have orange in their logo also use blue. 

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Digital colors

When you’re creating content on a computer, there will be many shades of every color. If you are working with orange and you want to be specific about which shade you are choosing, mark down the hex code.

Every time you choose a specific color digitally, it will come with a hex code number, which is a code followed by #. 

If you save this code, every time you want to use that exact shade in the future, it will be easier to get. Instead of moving your mouse across the color chart to pinpoint what might be the shade, you can save time and type in the code. 

COLOR THEORY BASICS: Use the Color Wheel & Color Harmonies to Choose Colors that Work Well Together >> Check out the video below:

Final thoughts

What do you get when you mix red and yellow? These two colors mixed together creates orange. As long as you have red and yellow paint, you won’t have to spend money on orange again.

Once you get the ratios right, you can create every shade of orange on the color wheel, from pumpkin to peach, or even a nice deep ginger. 

In some cases, you can use neutral colors to get even more orange colors with red and yellow. These are the fire colors that are necessary for creating a beautiful autumn horizon or a fiery sunset scene.

Orange is a secondary color, and all secondary colors are created by mixing primary colors. Mixing your own colors is easier than you think! 

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