What Do You Get When You Mix Red and Pink? (Best Tips!)

What Do You Get When You Mix Red and Pink

Have you ever wondered what color do you get when you mix red and pink?

Mixing individual colors together may result in outcomes that you wouldn’t expect, but it’s all based on the principles of the color wheel.

Painters, artists, and homeowners alike may want to know what results in the mixing of red and pink, as they’re quite similar in overall color. 

So, what do you get when you mix red and pink? In general, though, red mixed with pink will create another, slightly deeper and brighter version of pink since you’re adding more red hue to an already lightened version of red.

However, the result will depend on the shade of each color (red and pink), as well as the hues and the tint of pink.

Understanding the Individual Colors

Before we understand the process of how a mixture of pink and red makes a new version of pink, we must first understand the nature of each individual color. Red and pink are both versions of the color red in their own ways. 

Color Hues

Color hues consist of the color families we see on basic color wheels. They consist of primary (red, yellow, blue), secondary (green, violet, orange), and tertiary (mixed colors that don’t have any dominant colors in the mix).

As you can guess, when we mix red and pink, red is the color hue in question. 

Color Tints

Color tints, on the other hand, form when white gets added to a main color hue. They are lighter versions of the hues.

So, when we look at the mixture of red and pink, the former is our hue, and the latter is our tint (pink is a tint of red).

Color Shades

Color shades actually form when only black gets added to pure color hues. In the case of mixing red and pink, red can be a shade if black gets added to it. However, pink cannot be a shade since white gets added in to red to make it.

As you can see, according to the nature of color shades, tints, and hues, a mixture of red and pink is a mixture of a color hue (red) with a tint of that same hue (pink).  

Color Tones

Color is also broken down into components called tones. Tones are unique in that they are color hues or pure colors combined that have had pure gray added to them.

Note that pure gray is the combination of exactly equal amounts of black and white.

Therefore, a tone of red would have to be pure red with pure gray added to it. Pink may be a tone of red if it’s made by adding pure gray to red; however, pink is most often a tint of red with white added to it. Either combination can exist, though.

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Understanding the Possible Combinations of Red and Pink

Now that we understand the scope of tones, shades, tints, and hues associated with colors such as red and pink, we can look closer at how these two colors might mix.

Depending on the origins of your pink and red, as well as any manipulations to these individual colors before mixing the two together, your final outcome might be slightly different. 

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Pure Red + Pink Made from a Red Tint

This scenario is the most obvious example of mixing a red with a pink. In this case, your red color is a pure red hue, and your pink color gets created by adding pure white to a pure red hue.

Together, these two mix to make a brighter, deeper version of pink.

You are essentially adding more of the red hue to a lightened version of red, which brings out more of the red hue while still maintaining the pink appearance. 

Red Tone + Pink Made from a Red Tint

This scenario is like the previous, except it combines a tone of the red hue with a pink tint. In this case, your red tone gets created by adding an amount of pure gray to a pure red hue. And your pink gets made from adding pure white to a pure red hue.

Together, these colors mix to make an overall darker pink color. Ti won´t be as bright as the previous example since the red tone has some element of black added to it.


Red Shade + Pink made from a Red Tint

This scenario is also similar to the previous where a pure red hue has pure black added to it. This would mean you have a dark shade of red. And in this case, your pink is again a result of tinting red with white. 

As opposed to a normal pink plus red mixture, where pure red gets added to the pink, this mixture has much more black in it, even more so than the mixture with a red tone.

A darker shade of red combined with pink will result in a dark pink color that is not very bright and likely has more red to it than pink. 

Red + Pink Tones

Finally, one other combination of red and pink would be a mixture of a red hue with a pink tone. Since pink tones are pinks with pure gray added to them, they would essentially be duller/darker pinks.

 Added to the red hue, this mixture would make a dark and dull pink color.

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Whether you are getting ideas for paint mixing to paint your home, create a beautiful oil painting, or just messing with colors for fun, know that there are endless combinations.

When it comes to mixing colors, you should first recognize the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors on the color wheel, as well as the tones, tints, shades, and hues that can result. 

When mixing red and pink together, you are almost always going to end up with a new version of the pink color.

Look to tonal or shaded red for a darker pink color, whereas the pure red hue mixed with pink will give you a bright pink color.

Depending on how much black or white gets mixed into either color – pink or red – your final color mixture will differ slightly in relative brightness or darkness.

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