What Do Mood Ring Colors Mean? (15 Colors Explained)

What Do Mood Ring Colors Mean

Are you looking for the meaning of mood ring colors? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Mood Ring Colors are the physical properties of a material. The ring changes color because the metal’s temperature changes in contact with your skin, which affects how it refracts light.

So, what do mood ring colors mean? Most people base their mood on the colors they see in their surroundings. For example, the color blue produces a calming effect, while red can stimulate or agitate. However, do our moods really change by the colors we see?

A Mood Ring is a band made of thermochromic liquid crystals, which can change color based on your finger’s temperature.

Traditional Mood Rings usually come in colors like Black, Gold, Pink, Red, and Purple.

History of Mood Rings: Who invented the mood ring?

There once was a time when the color of your mood was right there in your hand. The Mood Ring is an accessory that rings true to its name—revealing some of your innermost feelings. Invented in 1970, this item has been worn by generations on their fingers.


It’s got a colorful vibe (literally since it changes colors with your emotions) and is made from a durable colored stone that glistens on your finger.

The mood ring was conceived in the early 1970s by two New Yorkers, Joshua Reynolds and Maris Ambats. Both were interested in biofeedback, their individual approaches to which differed drastically. Reynolds wished to make more aware of his feelings so that he could control them, but Ambats wished for her feelings to be less intense so that she could focus on them.

They began to work on a wearable device that would read one’s mood and meditate accordingly. 

Are Mood Rings Accurate? 

Mood rings were all the rage in the 1970s, but they have since faded into obscurity. Do they still work? What does each of the mood rings colors mean?

According to the theory behind mood rings, crystals in the ring change color depending on the temperature of the wearer’s finger (and thus the wearer’s mood). The original mood rings came in a variety of colors and were first sold in 1974.

Controversy arose when they were alleged to be a fad that may later have been discontinued because they could not work as described.

Are Mood Rings Accurate? Yes, mood rings are accurate. A mood ring may change color to indicate the wearer’s mood. However, a thermochromic liquid crystal changes color in response to temperature. In this case, the liquid crystal changes color when the temperature of your finger rises or falls from 98.6ºF (37ºC).

This change in color, in reality, due to changes in temperature, was cleverly associated with the wearer’s emotions.

Are mood rings based on temperature? 

Are mood rings based on temperature? It may seem strange, but mood rings actually work according to the science of thermochromism. This phenomenon works like this: Certain elements and compounds absorb infrared energy in the form of heat, then release it.

Certain gemstones—such as certain varieties of quartz crystals—will absorb outside temperatures, then change color according to their environment. The way they do this is by a complex interplay of light absorption, heat absorption, and energy release.

These rings, sometimes also called hydrostatic or liquid crystals, change colors when they encountered a change in temperature. These were initially mass-produced in the 1970s and enjoyed great popularity amongst young people.

The mood ring was originally marketed on the basis of their supposed affinity for the moods of the young women wearing them. This product thus relied completely on an appeal to emotions rather than logic or reason.

What Do Mood Ring Colors Mean? 

To understand what the different colors of mood rings really mean, first, we must understand that there are three types of mood ring materials that determine how each individual ring will react to your body temperature.

First, there’s traditional mood ring material. This material (the inner part of the ring) is made of a liquid crystal polymer that reacts to heat, changing the color depending on the outside temperature.

Next, there are sapphire mood rings; these are created with synthetic corundum that also reacts to heat and changes color. Lastly, gold mood rings contain a yellow-gold jewel tone which changes due to variation in temperature.

How does a mood ring work? 

The Crystal Mood Ring was the first mood ring sold in the US. The stone itself is made up of liquid crystals, and it moves and bends in response to changes in temperature. The four-color crystal is said to express a different emotion or feeling with each color.

A thermochromic liquid crystal is placed between two layers of transparent plastic. This crystal changes from colorless to a particular desired color when it is heated above a certain temperature and changes back to its original state when cooled below that temperature.

How does a mood ring work? The liquid crystals are surrounded by an inert gas, within the clear liquid inside the stone. As your body heat rises, the gas becomes more liquid and expands, pushing out the crystals in an effort to return to a crystalline state.

When that happens, the clear glass takes on a tint of color from the crystal. The larger and more visible the crystal, the cooler your body is.

Are mood rings waterproof? 

Are mood rings waterproof? They are water-resistant but won’t stay the same color if water gets into them. They aren’t therefore waterproof. These fun and functional bracelets are made with real liquid crystals (not glass).

They shouldn’t be put in water but if something happens and it does get wet just dry it as best you can and then wait for it to change back.

It is recommended that they remain dry. If any moisture is present in the moods, these will change their appearance.

What are mood rings made of? 

Mood rings change color based on the wearer’s body temperature.

What are mood rings made of? They are made of thermochromic liquid crystals, which are mood ring stones encased in plastic. The liquid crystals align according to the body temperature of the wearer, reflect different amounts of light, and therefore change colors.

Liquid crystal is an optically clear material that is suspended in water within a relatively small glass ring (10mm deep). Different liquid crystals have different degrees of flexibility, meaning that the light traveling through them bends at different angles. The main reason behind the different shapes of the rings is the light refraction and absorption properties of the glass.

Red Mood Ring Meaning 

A mood ring is used to reflect the mood of its wearer and is made up of a thin band of colored liquid crystals with a flat plane.

When you see a ring turning red, you can think of high energy and elevated heart rate. The red color can also be associated with fear, someone who’s nervous or unsettled, or even passion or anger.

Violet Mood Ring Meaning 

The purple has a deep meaning of purpose and clarity. This is the time to make bigger dreams and goals a reality. This means feeling more confident behind what we do; we stand taller for our beliefs. Having grown, becoming better at something, we’ve recognized our full potential.

Feeling a sense of balance in life, with relationships, or even just within ourselves, we have no plans for change and are happy with where we are at in life.

Blue-Green Mood Ring Meaning 

A blue-green Mood Ring is one of the most classic color blends. It’s blended to convey contentment and peace while keeping your state of mind alert but relaxed. It allows you to be on the alert for any changes in your surroundings.

You are content and relaxed but ready for anything that may occur during the day. You are ready to face the day + your emotions are centered and consistent.

Blue Mood Ring Meaning 

The color blue represents relaxation, good times, and sharing positive emotions with others. It creates an energy that conveys feelings of happiness, success, and social activity.

Blue is the color most commonly associated with health and wellness around the world.

The blue enamel on this mood ring indicates that you’re feeling fun and relaxed. When it’s bright blue, you’re in a good place with your emotions.

Yellow Mood Ring Meaning 

The color yellow only comes out in the brightest and sunniest weather. In other words, it is a symbol of happiness and creativity. Sunlight, the color of light, is an invisible form of energy light.

The color yellow is associated with creativity, imagination, happiness, and good health.

This clear mood ring indicates that you are open to creativity.  You are willing to take risks and try something new.

Green Mood Ring Meaning 

The color green on a mood ring represents a sense of calm and security. Green shows that you are feeling calm and safe.  It is a color of nature so it also symbolizes peace and tranquility. It is also known as the color of nature and health. So relax and take care of your health.

The meaning of the color green according to a mood ring is calm and comfortable in your surroundings. There’s no stress or nervousness in your body language.

Brown Mood Ring Meaning 

The meaning of the brown color on your mood ring is one of excitable energy. Stimulated and anxious to do a million things, feeling of restlessness and anticipation. A person on edge but excited.

This brown mood ring delivers an intense feeling of edgy energy and anticipation, indicating that the person is in an unsettled state.

Brown can also mean someone comfortable with their own skin, trusting themselves, and knowing who they are in this world.

Amber Mood Ring Meaning 

Amber is the color of sunlight that appears yellow when filtered through ancient forests. It represents the warmth and energy that comes with Autumn, its harvest time, and a new beginning.

The color Amber or Yellow also means ambivalence.

In the mood ring, this color has the power to represent a number of different emotions and changing ones. A mix of surprise, nervousness, anxiety, dreamy or even being upset.

Black Mood Ring Meaning 

Black is the color of authority, dignity, mystery, and magic and could indicate that you are hardworking, focussed, and ambitious. But if your mood ring is turning black, then it is time to take stock of how you are coping with your life right now.

When the mood ring is in the deep black color, it means you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. This color can also mean that you are feeling overworked or tired. Often also associated with feeling powerful!

Grey Mood Ring Meaning

The color grey is a mix of primary colors (red and blue), so it reflects low-level stress and tension.

In a mood ring, the color grey changes from dark to light to grey, representing low-level stress and tense, anxious feeling. As you begin to relax this will become calmer and move towards the cold colors of green and blue. The first signs of discomfort grey mood ring allow you to quickly identify your emotions.

Orange Mood Ring Meaning

Orange is a color of enthusiasm and fun. On a mood ring, orange usually means you are eager to try something new or something exciting.

What Color is your mood? On this mood ring, Orange represents enthusiasm, excitement, and openness. It is freedom from restrictions. Be bold and daring.

A smooth and comfortable feeling, which symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity, and vitality. The color orange is energetic and fun to wear. You’re enthusiastic, independent, and easygoing – just like this ring.

Pink Mood Ring Meaning 

Pink is said to stimulate the heart and respiration and play a role in affection. It is also the color of kindness, gentleness, and receptivity.

A Mood Ring in the color of Pink shows that your heart’s desire is within reach. The color pink signals when you’re in the initial stages of arousal and interest. Open your mind and let your emotions take over. You’ll be in control of any situation with a Pink mood ring on your finger.

Flower mood ring color meaning

A flower mood ring is a unique way to express yourself. Flower mood rings have been given as secret, passionate tokens for centuries. These beautiful rings allow you to show your partner your love by giving them the gift of knowledge.

Each individual flower has its own meaning, and there are hundreds of flowers from which to choose. Give it a shake to move all the petals, and then turn it upside down and let it settle. Its color will reveal your mode of mind.

Celtic mood ring colors meaning 

Celtic mood rings are a unique blend of science and spirituality. Each ring is made from liquid crystals that change the tone to reflect your emotional state.

The origin of the Celtic ring dates back to Irish mythology. It was believed that wearing a ring with a deep Celtic knot helped bring about good fortune. Celtic mood rings have colors that are very much a part of the Celts, such as green, brown, purple, and grey.

Mood ring rainbow color meaning 

Rainbow mood rings let you control your emotions. Simply place it on your finger and look through the jewel to see your mood. The rainbow of moods is shining brightly and is called Open Minded, Longing, Hopeful, Joyful, Playful, Cheerful, and Energetic.

Unicorn mood ring colors meaning 

Inspired by the mythical unicorn, this mood ring represents the energy of good things to come. A favorite with younger girls, it’s a colorful combination enhanced by mood-changing colors.

Black is for stressed, Red for nervous, Orange for unsettled, Green for active, Light Blue for relaxed, Blue for romantic, and Pink for happy

By just looking at your ring, you can tell instantly how you feel about a situation.

Mood ring colors meaning FAQs

Let’s close out this page about mood ring colors meaning with answers to some of your most frequently-asked questions about them!

Do mood rings expire? 

Do mood rings expire?  Yes, mood rings are designed to expire after a period of time, usually one or two years. However, there is no definite expiration date. The temperature of the body is directly related to the viscosity of the liquid inside the ring, which is why people get different readings.

Are mood rings dangerous?

Although many of these rings contain lead, it is safe when the ring is not snapped.

Young children who put the rings in their mouths or wear them on their fingers are at risk of being poisoned by lead. Also, if swallowed by pets, the rings can kill them.

How to clean a mood ring? 

How to clean a mood ring?  Clean your mood ring using a soft cloth with any jewelry cleaner or antiseptic. Make sure the cloth is warm and thoroughly dampen to avoid scratching your mood ring.

How Long does it take for a mood ring to change color?

A mood ring must be warmed up for it to change colors. The ring must make full contact with your skin for it to work.

How Long does it take for a mood ring to change color? Each mood ring changes color in approximately 10-30 minutes. Some mood rings will change color more quickly than others. The temperature of your skin and surrounding environment impact how quickly, and how dark the ring will become.

What color is angry on a mood ring? 

What color is angry on a mood ring? The color that you see on a mood ring when you feel angry, is red. This color on a mood ring is a hot color. When you get angry, your body temperature rises, and the red on the mood ring will show up.

What is the most peaceful color? 

What is the most peaceful color? Among the various colors mood rings come in, purple and green are the most peaceful colors. However, you may be surprised to learn that green is not the most peaceful color on a mood ring. In fact, it is a close second. The most peaceful color, as verified by several online mood ring charts, is turquoise.

What color attracts the human eye most?

What color attracts the human eye most? The color that humans are most comfortable with is green, which is also the most attractive color to human eyes.

Scientists looked at the way the rods and cones in our eyes react to different wavelengths of light. They found that the human eye is most sensitive to light at a wavelength of 555 nanometers—a bright green. Green, the color of nature, is the most restful to the eye.

What is the color of happiness? 

What is the color of happiness? The yellow section of a color wheel is the area that instinctively affects us the most and stimulates our senses of warmth, happiness, and energy. The yellow dial represents the brightness of a summer’s day and all its associated joys.

Yellow is not only associated with being happy, it also triggers a physiological response in our brains linked to clear thinking, rapid memorization, and heightened concentration. This energy helps us turn challenges into opportunities and make better decisions at work and in life.

What finger do you wear a mood ring on? 

What finger do you wear a mood ring on? You can wear it on your favorite finger. Typically it is worn on the ring finger on the left hand, but it does work on any fingers.

Wearing a ring on different fingers has different meanings, in particular, the index finger indicates a lack of self-confidence, the middle finger values, and responsibilities.

Do Pura Vida rings change color? 

Do Pura Vida rings change color? Oh yes! and so do the bracelets! The Pura Vida mood rings do change colors depending on your mood, as moods and hues change according to different things in our lives.

The adjustable Silver Mood Charm Bracelet makes for a very unique gift. From pink to deep blue, your mood ring will show off your feelings.


A mood ring is an ancient accessory that has been in top fashion for decades. They fit any finger and come in many colors, shapes, and sizes! A mood ring can also be worn on your toe, ear, neck, or even your wrist! Color-changing mood rings are a fun and fashionable way to accessorize your outfit.

Whether you’re dreaming up a new look, need a little boost of positivity, or just want to try something different, mood rings are the kitschy jewelry item that brightens your day.

The vibrant colors on this mood ring change with your moods for a dynamic look. So have fun with it and spark a conversation!





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