Walmart Tire Installation Cost (Mount & Balance Price)

walmart Tire Installation Cost

Do you know how much tire installation costs at Walmart or how much Walmart charges to install tires? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

While there are plenty of garages in the United States, a lot of people opt to have their brand-new tires installed at Walmart.

We suppose it makes sense. It is a job that takes about 45-minutes, and if you head to Walmart, you can get your tires swapped out while you do your grocery shopping. So, how much does Walmart tire installation cost? Let’s take a look!

Not only are we going to be taking a look at the Walmart tire installation cost here, but we are also going to be answering some of the most burning questions that people often have related to Walmart tire changes, including whether it is worth it.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For a Tire Change?

There are actually a couple of different packages that Walmart offers for a tire change. We are going to give you the current pricing here but do bear in mind that the price could change at any moment! Although, since Walmart hasn’t put the pricing of their tire changes up recently, you probably shouldn’t expect that to happen.

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Basic Tire Change

The basic tire change is going to cost you $15 per tire. This is assuming that you have purchased the tires from Walmart. If you have purchased the tires from somewhere else, then you will need to pay $25 per tire. This basic tire change service is going to give you the following:

  • Tire mounting
  • Balance and rotation every 7,500 miles.
  • Re-torque of the lugs after you have driven 50 miles.
  • Valve stems
  • TPMS service.

Do bear in mind that if your TPMS is not working, you will need to pay for a replacement. This is not covered in the basic plan. Or any plan, for that matter.

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Value Tire Installation Package

This is something that is only going to be available for the tires that have been purchased from Walmart. It will cost you $25 per tire.

This includes everything that you get in the basic package. However, on top of this, your tires will be covered by the roadside hazard warranty. Basically, if something on the roads ruins your tires, then Walmart will cover them for you.

Of course, there are going to be a few limitations in place here. Walmart will walk you through the terms and conditions of the warranty when you purchase this package.

Some people do not find that it is worth the upgrade. It is an additional $10 per tire, after all. This is almost doubling the cost to get a tire replacement.

Do You Need To Purchase Your Tires From Walmart To Get Them Changed?

If you go to Costco for your tire change, then you will very quickly realize that they only want you to be purchasing your tires from there. Because of this, they assume that Walmart is going to be exactly the same. Thankfully, it is not.

Walmart does not require you to use Walmart to purchase your tires. Although, as a matter of convenience, you may want to purchase your tires there.

A lot of people find that they actually save money purchasing tires from Walmart, and since you are heading there to get your tires changed anyway, it just makes sense.

Does Walmart Offer Additional Tire Installation Services?

Walmart actually offers a wealth of different services. This includes services that are normally included as part of the standard installation, so you probably don’t need to purchase any of these unless you really, really just want a singular service rather than the whole package.

However, it tends to work out a lot more like this, especially if you have specialty tires.

For example, a lifetime balance and rotation is going to cost you $12 per tire. Installing valve stems and having the TPMS serviced will cost you $3 per tire.

The only extra services that you may need to consider will include a tire mounting for $10 per tire (if you do not need the full service), a flat tire repair for $15 per tire, and lug nut replacement which will cost you $2 per lug nut replaced.

Again, the prices for getting your Walmart tires installed here is so much lower than in many other garages, and we will talk a little bit about why that is the case as we go on.

Is It Worth Buying Tires From Walmart?

We think so. Walmart is a fantastic store, although we are sure that you knew that already.

They have supply contracts with companies all over the world. This means that they are able to source some pretty good products at low prices. We know that Walmart tires are not going to be the best in the world.

You probably wouldn’t stick them on a racing vehicle. However, if you put them on your average family vehicle, then they will last thousands of miles.

One of the great things about picking your tires up from Walmart is that they have a massive selection of tires. They won’t have all of them in stock at once, sadly. However, you will be able to get them delivered pretty quickly.

We have seen some rather unique tires available at Walmart that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

It is fantastic that you are not tied to purchasing your tires from Walmart, though.

This means that Walmart is going to be a great place to head if you are the type of person that needs to shop around for tires to get the best possible price (although, do remember that you will be spending $10 extra per tire for that installation!).

We find that heading to Walmart to have your winter tires swapped in is a great idea. You cannot do that with companies like Costco, and there is often enough space at these places that you are able to get a booking time pretty easily.

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Is It Worth Getting Your Tires Installed At Walmart?

So, buying the tires from Walmart is fine. Is it going to be worth getting your tires installed there too?


The cost of getting your tires installed at Walmart is going to be cheaper than at the vast majority of garages. Why wouldn’t you want to save a little bit of money?

Not only this but there will often be a lot more bookings available. While you probably won’t be able to get your tires changed immediately, you will probably be able to get yourself a tire change booking within a day or so.

Remember, it may need to be a little bit longer than this if you have to order your tires in to Walmart for delivery. 

All of your tires are going to be installed by actual professionals too. These are people that are spending their entire day working with tires and mounting tires.

So, despite the far lower price of getting your tires installed at Walmart, the service is going to be exactly the same.

So, why is tire installation at Walmart so cheap? Well, because they expect that while you are waiting for your tire installation you are going to be doing your shopping at Walmart.

This means that they are going to make a bit of cash from you at the same time.

How Do You Get Your Tires Installed At Walmart?

If you want to purchase your tires from Walmart, then you will need to head to the website.

Here, you will be able to find a complete list of all of the services offered by Walmart. You will be able to make your bookings through this website too. You may want to check out a few of the different services that they offer too. it isn’t just tire installation on offer at Walmart!

For example, you will also be able to take advantage of their battery installation service, which is free if you purchase your battery from there.

Once you have booked your time, just turn up. It will take about 45-minutes for the vast majority of tire installations.

However, there are some vehicles that take a little bit of extra time. You won’t have to pay more for these vehicles, but they could take around an hour.

The fitter should tell you everything that you need to know about your installation when you come in.

Walmart Tire Installation Cost FAQs

How to Get the Best Deal on Walmart Tires?

If you want to get the best deal on Walmart tires, don’t just settle for the listed price – which consequently may actually be the best deal.

Wait for tire sales that may occur around major holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Presidents Day. Check clearance deals or look online for coupons that can help you save money on Walmart tires.

Another great way to save is by shopping around. Scout out Walmart’s competition to see if any other tire stores near you offer a better price.

If they do, bring in proof of their price either on a paper sale flyer or pull it up on your phone. Walmart will price match the competition so that you can still shop at Walmart but get the competition’s lower price.

Can I Buy Tires Online and Have Them Installed?

You can buy tires from Walmart’s website and have them installed at Walmart. The easiest way to do this is by buying tires on and having them shipped to your local Walmart that is equipped with tire installation services.

Alternatively, you could bring in the tires and proof that they were purchased from Walmart’s website.

Walmart will not install tires that you did not purchase from or a physical Walmart store. If your concern is about saving money, you don’t need to worry because Walmart is one of the cheapest games in town.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more inexpensive tire online than at Walmart.

Don’t try to bring in tires that you purchased elsewhere though because Walmart will not install them.

How Long Does It Take to Put a New Tire on a Rim?

Mounting, or putting a new tire on a rim, does not take long at all. In fact, mounting and installation of four new tires at Walmart should take an hour tops.

Most tire mounting and installation appointments take between forty-five minutes and an hour to complete.

The size of your vehicle and its tires can also affect mounting time. Larger vehicles with heavier tires take longer to mount than smaller vehicles with lighter tires.

Either way, it shouldn’t take more than an hour, but it should never be less than a half hour if you are getting all four tires taken care of.

Mounting takes time in order to ensure it is done properly and that your tires won’t come loose while you are driving.

If you need to make an appointment, make sure to allow enough time in your schedule to get the job done.

Do New Tires Need to Be Balanced?

You should absolutely get your tires balanced if they are brand new. Your vehicle functions only when all the parts work in sync with each other.

When you refresh one of the components, such as the tires, by getting new parts, you need to make sure that they are working well with the rest of the vehicle.

Balancing your tires will help them wear evenly and will elongate their lifespan. Having a set of brand new balanced tires will save you on gas and ensure a smooth ride in your vehicle.

All new tires need to be balanced. In fact, it is also best to purchase new matching tires as well (even if you only need a single tire) to aid in the balancing.

What Do Unbalanced Tires Feel Like?

A significant clue that your tires are unbalanced is the feeling of vibration through the seat or floor of your vehicle, or more commonly through the steering wheel.

Where you feel the vibration depends on which tire or tires are out of balance. The intensity of the vibration is affected by the vehicle’s speed, the condition of the road, and the severity of the imbalance.

If you begin to feel these vibrations in your car, you should schedule an appointment with Walmart to get your tires balanced. Unbalanced tires are more likely to put undue stress on other parts of your vehicle which could make it unsafe to drive.

Pay attention to any vibrations you feel in case you are in need of tire balancing.

What Happens If You Drive on Unbalanced Tires?

Driving on unbalanced tires can range from uncomfortable to dangerous. If you drive on unbalanced tires, you may be in for a bumpy ride, especially if you are traveling at high speeds or on poorly conditioned roads.

If you keep driving on them, other parts of your car such as the shocks and wheel bearings may become compromised.

Additionally, unbalanced tires will wear unevenly when it comes to their tread which means you will need to replace your tires sooner.

Your gas mileage may also be affected, causing your fuel efficiency to be lower than it should be. All in all, balancing your tires will save you money, ensure a smooth and comfortable drive, and keep you safe on the road.

Can I Install a Tire Myself?

It is possible to install a tire yourself; however, it takes great care and attention to detail. When mounting a tire on a rim, you need to be careful that you don’t damage the rim or over-inflate the tire.

You will also need a jack to lift your car and put the mounted tire on the axle.

Once all of that is taken care of, you still need to ensure that the tires you install are balanced. Unless you have a balancing machine, you will need to take them to an auto care place.

While you can install tires yourself, it is probably easier, faster, and less stressful to have a professional such as those at Walmart do it for you.

Should I Get an Alignment Before or After I Get New Tires?

It is best to get a wheel alignment after you get new tires installed so that your vehicle’s height is appropriately adjusted to the new tires.

Otherwise, you may get false readings on the new tires since the vehicle is still aligned to the height of the old worn down tires.

A wheel alignment will help your tires last longer and perform to their peak ability. It is important that the car is aligned once the new tires have been installed so that your vehicle can optimally perform with the new tires.

Why Does My Car Shake After New Tires?

If your car is shaking after you get new tires installed, it is most likely because your tires are unbalanced.

The vibration of your vehicle is an indication that one or more of your tires is out of alignment and needs to be balanced with the rest of the tires.

If you get new tires installed at Walmart or anywhere else and your car shakes when you leave the auto care facility, make an appointment with Walmart right away to get your tires balanced.

Driving on unbalanced tires could cause unnecessary uneven wearing on the treads, inefficient gas mileage, and potential damage to other parts of your vehicle such as the shocks and wheel bearings.

Why Is My Car Vibrating at High Speeds?

If your car vibrates at high speeds, this is not a sign you should ignore. Vibration at high speeds means that there is an issue with your tires or wheels. It could be as simple as unbalanced tires or uneven wear on the tires.

However, it could also indicate a more serious problem such as tires that are out of round or have separated treads, wheels with loosened lug nuts, or damage.

If you notice that your car is vibrating at high speeds, call Walmart automotive care center right away to schedule an appointment to have your car checked out.

They can recommend the proper remedy for your vibrating car whether it be balancing your tires or replacing a rim. You want to make sure that the vehicle you are driving is in good condition and safe to drive.

How Far Can You Drive on a Completely Flat Tire?

Technically, you should not drive on a flat tire at all. If your tire is completely flat, it is almost impossible to drive on, but if you do drive on it, you will most likely damage the rim.

However, tires tend to go flat in the most inconvenient of places, such as when you are driving on a busy road.

If you are driving when your tire goes flat, drop your speed to less than twenty miles per hour and find a safe place to pull over. Your tire may at least last you enough yards to get you over to the side of the road.

If you discover that your tire is completely flat while your car is parked, do not attempt to drive it. Change the tire first or call a tow truck to bring your car to the nearest Walmart automotive center to replace the damaged tire.

Attempting to drive on it is unsafe and could cause more damage to your car.


If you want to have your tires installed by Walmart, you will pay $15 per tire if you have purchased the tires from Walmart.

If you are bringing in outside tires, then you will be paying $25 per day. The price isn’t all that high, and we recommend that you actually purchase your tires from Walmart.

The price is incredibly low, and Walmart is known for offering some of the best quality tires in the business.

You will have a 1-year warranty on your vehicle installation. While Walmart does charge extra for an extra warranty, it is probably not worth it.



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