Truck Stop Showers: The Ultimate Guide for Non-Truckers [Updated]


Traveling for all hours of the day can get pretty uncomfortable and, quite frankly, can drive you a bit mad! Using truck stop showers whenever you can is the number one (in our humble opinion) way to maintain your hygiene and keep you comfy.

Unfortunately, if you’re a non-trucker, you probably aren’t aware that this option exists — until today! We’re going to go over everything you need to know about truck stop showers to hopefully make your long travel days far more enjoyable.

Ready to get into the details? Excellent, let’s get started!

What Is a Truck Stop Shower?

Put simply, a truck stop shower is akin to those you would find in a hotel room or inn. They are relatively high quality, amazingly clean, and professionally maintained.

Of course, we can’t say that we’ve been to every truck stop shower across the country. But, the facilities we have visited have all held up these exceptional standards.

Although, we should mention that it’s unlikely that the smaller, independent truck stops will be the same quality. But you never know.

Our advice? Stick to the brands with a good reputation!

What Is Inside a Truck Stop Shower?

It is always nice to know what is going to greet you on the other side of a shower stall door. Luckily, we have been to many and can tell you with the utmost confidence that it will be a lovely sight.

Typically, truck stops with showers have two sections. One is the actual shower and the other contains the bathroom.

The latter part of the stall will generally have the following facilities:

  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Hairdryer (this depends on which one you visit, bring your own to be on the safe side)
  • Hooks (to hang your towels or clean clothes)
  • Mirror
  • Fan
  • Stole
  • Small mints (not every location will have these, they’re a complementary part of the service)

Some truck stop showers will be kitted out with fresh towels and a bath mat just for you. However, we would recommend bringing your own towels — especially if you’re allergic to certain materials.

This way, you can ensure they’re really clean and won’t irritate your skin in any way. 

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Where Can You Take a Truck Stop Shower?

This type of shower is situated at truck stops (obviously). But, not every truck stop has a shower. Thankfully, there are a few big brands that we can almost guarantee will have some shower stalls.

If you’re after a more in-depth answer, you’ll want to have a look at the following chains before moving on!

1. Love’s Travel Stops

Love’s offer fantastic truck stop facilities. They aim to give a luxurious experience and boy have they achieved their goal!

However, you need to check what type of service station you’re visiting to figure out whether they provide showers.

Love’s Country Stores is a line of limited-service gas stations where shower stalls are not provided.

Automated Showers Now Available at Hundreds of Love’s Locations. You can get a Code for entry that helps you to avoid hassle with lines. Check it out here.

2. Pilot ; Flying J

They have recently focused more on upgrading the shower facilities to compete with the likes of Love’s.

Honestly, it feels like you’re stepping into a shower in a luxury hotel suite when you’re visiting a Pilot ; Flying J truck stop.

Check the loyalty program from Pilot Flying J and earn a shower credit with every gas tank fill up. Check it out here.

Becoming a myRewards member creates the opportunity to be rewarded at hundreds of locations nationwide. Whether on a trip, at work, or just running across town, get rewarded, get started, and get going.

3. TravelCenters of America

TravelCenters of America isn’t so focused on luxury. Instead, their main goals are related to cleanliness and sanitization.

Don’t get us wrong, this is a great thing! However, with Love’s and Pilot ; Flying J you get the best of both worlds.

4. Clearwater Travel Plaza

If you’re looking to save some cash, you’ll want to find a Clearwater Travel Plaza truck stop shower. They give you a free shower when you purchase gas!

5. Independently Owned Truck Stops

There are countless independently owned truck stops dotted around the country. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you much about them as each is different and none of them has any particular reputation.

We strongly recommend using the big brands we mentioned, rather than chancing it!

What Should You Take Into a Truck Stop Shower?

As we said previously, not all truck stop showers off the same things.

So, there are a few items you should always take into the stall, just in case:

1Shower ShoesFungi can be transmitted quickly — especially when lots of people are using a shower. Make sure you cover your feet so you don’t contract a skin infection. 
2Soap, Shampoo, and ConditionerPop the bottles into a ziplock bag before stowing them in your shower bag. They’ll drip everywhere if you forget!
3A Little Shower BagThis should be able to hold all the extras we’re going to discuss in a moment!
4Extra Rags or Scrubber MitMost truck stop with showers will give you a fresh rag but always take one with you just in case.
5HairbrushFor obvious reasons!
6Contact Case and SolutionYou don’t want to be placing your contacts on the counters. Yes, they are sterile but it is not worth the risk.
7BathrobeFor those of you who like to do a bit of bathroom pampering after your shower, a bathrobe will help you to keep the chill off.
8Toothbrush and ToothpasteYou might not find this to be necessary if you’re having a lunch-time shower.
9TowelMost truck stops will give you a clean one but you can never be too sure.
10Clean ClothesDon’t put your old ones back on! Maintain that fresh feeling further by slipping on some fresh clothes.

How to Take a Shower at a Truck Stop

When you’re roaming in your RV you probably only want one thing from a park or campsite, right? A good, hot shower.

Trust us, we get it! But, there is another solution. There is a better solution.

What is this “better” solution, we hear you ask? Well, it’s a truck stop with shower. And what’s the one thing stopping you from using these seemingly untouchable facilities? The fact you don’t know how to use them. We’ve been there.

How to Take a TRUCK STOP SHOWER? ? Tips for Showering at a Gas Station >> Check out the video below:

It can be pretty daunting using something you’re not 100% sure how to take control of — especially something so intimate! But don’t worry, we’re going to cure this issue by telling you exactly what you have to do.

Ready to realize your truck stop shower dreams? Let’s get into the details then.

1. Purchase A Shower

The first thing you must do is head to the counter and tell the person behind it that you would like to buy a shower.

In some places, you just need to go to the place where you would purchase your gas. However, in others, you will have to use a separate “shower” counter. These will generally be at the back of the shop.

We’ve been to two different truck stops with showers and they’ve both cost us $12.

Yep, it seems pretty expensive for a shower but you would usually pay more for worse experiences at a campsite.

Sometimes, these places will have rewards programs — buy gas, earn shower credits — but these are geared towards people who drive for a living.

2. Look At The Receipt

After the transaction has gone through, the clerk behind the counter will hand you a receipt.

There are two codes you need to be aware of here, the customer number and the pin.

The pin is the code you need to open the door to your shower. The customer number is self-explanatory. Just make sure you keep your receipt, you will need it.


3. Wait

If the truck stop isn’t busy, you probably won’t have to wait but usually, there will be a few people before you.

Depending on where you stop, there might be a lunge for you to wait in, otherwise, you can browse around the shop.

There will be monitors hung on the walls, which tells you how many people are before you. So, try to keep an eye on these.

4. Go to Your Stall

Once your number is called, they’ll let you know which shower number is yours for the taking. All you need to do now is take your things and go over to the right stall.

5. Enter The Code

Use the pin number on your receipt to open the stall door and head inside.

Once you’re in, you’ll see why there’s a wait. Each one is dried and sanitized before they allow the next person to use the facilities.

Plus, they give you completely fresh towels. Talk about luxury!

That’s all there is to it. You will not regret using these showers. They’re super clean and wonderfully hot.

Just remember to be courteous and don’t take a nap in here as others are probably waiting!

How Much Will Your Shower Cost?

How much will your shower cost? We have found that showering at a truck stop will cost you anything from $10 to $17. While this might seem pretty pricey, it’s nothing compared to buying at a campsite.

Not to mention you will receive nicer treatment from these high-end showers, rather than standing in other people’s filth in a campsite stall.

Depending on which brand you visit, you might get a free shower if you spend over a certain figure (usually $50) on fuel.

Aside from this though, there are some other ways to save on costs.

Share Your Shower to Halve the Cost

No, you don’t have to be in there together. Although, you can be if you and your travel buddy are that way inclined.

Whichever way you decide to share your shower, the price will be cut in half. $10 for 2 people isn’t so bad now, is it?

Join The Loyal Programs

The large chains we mentioned earlier all have loyalty programs. Just bear in mind that Love’s only gives shower credits to their pro drivers.

Pilot Flying J, however, will give you half a shower credit every time you fill up.

The Truck Stop Shower Etiquette For Non-Truckers

Essentially, you just need to treat people how you want to be treated. Keep in mind that pro drivers have been on the road for days and don’t want to put with poor behavior. So, follow our etiquette tips to stay in their good books:

  • Wait patiently for your turn.
  • Pay properly.
  • Park first, shower second.
  • Don’t block the truck’s lanes.
  • Stay out of the trucks’ way.
  • Dispose of toilet paper etc. properly.
  • Don’t speed around the parking lot.
  • Fuel before you park.
  • Keep your shirt on.
  • Help others when they need it.
  • Be polite.
  • Use common sense.

Truck Stop With Showers Near Me

I have selected the best truck stops showers near your locations:

Truck Stops With Showers in Houston, TX

1. Flying J Travel Center

2. Pilot Travel Center

3. Normandy Truck Stop

4. Highland Truck Stop Inc

Truck Stops With Showers in Miami, FL

  1. Pilot Travel Centers #874

2. Dade Corners Market Place

3. Fifty-Four Truck Stop

4. Stephens Truck Stop

Truck Stops With Showers in Miami

Truck Stops With Showers in Chicago, IL

  1. Pilot Travel Center

2. Road Ranger

Truck Stops With Showers in Las Vegas, NV

  1. Petro Stopping Center

2. Maverick Truck Stop

Truck Stops With Showers in New York, NY

  1. HJG Trucking Corp

2. Putnam Truck Stop

Truck Stops With Showers in Los Angeles, CA

  1. Alameda Truck Stop

2. Commerce Truck Stop

Truck Stops With Showers in Phoenix, AZ

  1. Flying J Travel Plaza

2. Flying J Travel Center

Truck Stops With Showers in Denver, CO

  1. Sapp Bros. Travel Centers

2. Flying J Travel Center


Can Anybody Use Truck Stop Showers? 

Generally, truck-stop showers are available to the public for a fee. Independent truck stops usually also offer shower facilities, but you do take a chance on the quality of independent truck stops.

The bigger names have built a standard for clean and sometimes luxurious showers (with towels included for some.) trusted names for hygiene and quality are:

Can anybody use truck stop showers? Yes! Truck stops used to cater solely to professional, long-haul truckers but for a few decades, they have been welcoming all types of travelers from Rvs to average motor travelers.

If you meet the 50-gallon fuel purchase requirement, you may qualify for a free shower credit, or otherwise, you pay the required fee and have use of the facilities.

Many of the chain group showers offer a fresh towel, hand cloth, bathmat, and soap. A good rule of thumb is to wear flip flops even though the showers are usually very hygienic.

Generally, you would have to pay between $10-$17 for the use of these showers, but sometimes you may slip in a significant other for the price of one.

Is There An App To Find Truck Stops?

Is there an App to find truck stops? Yes, the Trucker Path app is a very popular app for truck store location and is easy to use and free to download.GPS will provide you with the truck stops along your route, such as:

  • TA Petro
  • Pilot Flying J
  • Love’s truck stops
  • AM Best
  • Sapp Brothers
  • Roady’s

The trucker path also alerts you of the independent truck stops on your route and travel centers, rest areas, and Walmart locations.

You can check for parking available for overnight parking at thousands of truck stops and Walmarts as well as availability in hotels and eateries on your route.

The app also provides customer ratings and opening times of the listed restaurants.

Not only that, but the app provides key facilities at your chosen sites such as:

  • Showers
  • Tire care
  • Laundry
  • Scales

These facilities also carry user ratings for hygiene and cleanliness and the quality of the site’s food. The app will also alert you to any promotions or specials offered by the highlighted sites on your journey.

Can You Get Sick From Not Showering?

Can you get sick from not showering? Yes, you can. Regardless of the bad body odor and general negative physical aspects of not showering, you could make yourself ill. Humans are covered in over 1000 kinds of bacteria as well as fungus.

While many of these microorganisms serve a productive purpose and protect your body by fighting off germs and viruses, many are not so innocuous.

Without a shower or bath, all the bacteria you encounter during your day can travel from your body to your eyes, nose, and mouth and potentially cause illness.

Lack of proper cleaning can lead to a host of skin conditions such as Dermatitis Neglecta, eczema, breakouts, and acne.

Just bear in mind that you can shower too much. Exposure to hot water and soap in excess can throw off your acid mantle (the layer of fatty acids and sebum that protect your skin) and cause eczema flare-ups or itchy, flaky skin.

How Often Should A Woman Shower?

Despite the difference in bacteria  (men have more, it is official), the hygiene standards are constant between men and women.

People in the US who average on six showers a week are taking it too far, according to experts, and causing more harm than good.

How often should a woman shower? A shower is not necessary more than once or twice a week with the cleaning of the armpit and groin area daily in between for freshness.

If you are like most people and horrified at that idea, you can try and keep your showers short, use mild soaps and cooler water when the climate allows.

That way, you can keep your skin and hair from becoming dry (and you can lessen your drain on the world’s resources)

Do Truck Stop Showers Have Towels?

Do truck stops with showers have towels? Yes, some of the bigger Truckstop chains offer towels, soap, and bathmat and wash cloths. Some stops require a deposit for the towel, which you receive back after you have showered.

The truck stops that offer these features and are highly rated for their cleanliness are:

How Do Flying J Showers Work?

1.You purchase your shower credit at the Piot desk and are issued a customer number and a pin code.

2. Your customer number is shown on a screen (In the bigger Pilots), and you wait much like a MacDonalds) for your number to come up.

3. You use your pin to enter the bathroom, and you are provided with a bathmat, a bath towel, and a washing cloth for your use.

4. The Pilot showers contain a toilet mirror, an area to change, and pegs for your clothing.

Does Flying J Have Dump Stations?

Does Flying J have dump stations? Yes, Pilot and Flying J have been remodeling their existing locations to include RV dump stations into their services.

An example of such a Pilot is the Pilot and Flying j Plaza # 676 in Canal RoadGulfport, Mississippi, where the use of their dump station is $10 or $5 with a free Pilot and Flying J Card.

If you are struggling to find a dump station, there are great online resources such as SaniDumps and RVDumps to let you know dump sites on your travel route.

How Can I Take A Shower Without A Shower?

If you have no access to a shower or you are just out of time to properly wash you can freshen your body without having to take a bath. There are the best ways to achieve this:

  • Wet Wipes. Wet wipes can be handy if you are on the run and need to freshen up. Use the wet wipes to clean your armpit, groin, and feet areas and then wipe down the rest of your body. Use asepearte facial wipes because body wipes can be a bit harsh for some people’s skin.
  • A Sponge bath. You only need some warm water and soap and a sponge to give yourself a quick clean. Focus on your armpit, feet, and groin areas and then sponge down the rest of your body.

Once you have wiped down your body, you may apply a bay powder to soak up excess oils and use a dry shampoo to reduce the greasiness of unwashed hair. A spray of deodorant and you are set to go, until you can find a decent shower.

How Long Does A Load Of Laundry Take At A Laundromat?

How long does a load of laundry take at a laundromat? A rule of thumb is that a laundry wash cycle at a laundromat takes an average 30 to 40 minutes, depending on whether you chose a quick cycle or a longer wash.

Generally it’s better to choose a longer cycle when you have a full load to ensure that all the clothing gets properly washed.

Drying time averages out to about 35 minutes but it may also depend on the size of your load and whether you have included longer drying items such as:

  • Blankets
  • Towels 
  • Denims
  • Comforters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions people often have about Truck stops with showers:

Can You Shower At Love’s Gas Station?

Can you shower at Love´s gas station? Yes, anyone is welcome to purchase the use of a Love’s shower at any of their locations, not just professional truck drivers. My Love’s reward members get a free shower after every 50 gallons of fuel purchased, and diamond and platinum members get a free shower every day.

You may purchase a shower credit at the Loves counter or purchase a shower on the Loves Connect app and press the shower check-in tab, and the app will notify you when the shower is free.

If you want to find out the availability of Love’s showers, use the loves Connect app, and you can access store information to see live shower information to see availability or the busy times for that day.

How Many Gallons Of Water Does It Take To Shower In An RV?

How many gallons of water does it take to shower in an RV? An average RV shower would use between 2 and 6 gallons of water for a shower. Considering that RV water tanks hold between 20 and 100 gallons, your showers should be kept as short as possible.

A normal shower under pressure will use an average of 2.5 gallons a minute so it’s best to approach an RV shower differently.

Turn off the water when you are lathering up and aim to keep your showers as short as possible.

Are Showers Free At Pilot Truck Stop?

Are showers free at pilot truck stop? Yes, with the Shower Power program at Pilot truck stops, you can have a free shower every day when you purchase fuel of over 1000 gallons a month.

You also get an extra ten days on all expired shower credits. If you don’t have the tank to fill all that fuel, you can still use the pilot showers as a traveler.

The cost to use a Pilot shower is somewhere in the vicinity of $12.

The Bottom Line

Truck stop showers will be one of the best you’ve had in a long time.

As long as you follow our etiquette rules, you will undoubtedly have fantastic experiences whichever brand-name stop you visit.


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