Tips For NON-Truckers: Are Truck Stops Safe for RV’s to Park Overnight?

Are Truck Stops Safe for RVs

Everyone loves their RV, and that is understandable. If you get yourself an awesome rig with all the bells and whistles you have grown to love; you’re going to have quite the excellent machine to travel across the country with.

Having the added benefit of being able to do most things you’ll need to accomplish within the vehicle is a plus. You know what I mean.

And that includes sleeping, so it can be a challenge when you’ve been on the road and the time is now to find a place to rest.

Out of the many options that exist, is it safe to park your RV overnight at a truck stop?

Are truck stops safe for RVs? Yes! It is safe to park your RV at a truck stop overnight. But it will fall upon you, the vehicle owner, to be privy to the courtesies set forth by the truckers who typically use them.

As long as you do your homework and know any rules or regulations that come with the territory, you will be just fine.

New territory can seem like a lot to handle in any situation. There may be some fear or anxiety as you tread into new waters.

But rest assured, preparation and knowledge set anyone in a good frame of mind to handle just about any situation life throws at them.

And being an RV owner, we are certain you know exactly what challenges you may have to overcome.

Doing some research and having the right tools at your disposal will keep you on the road of a truly pleasant journey.

What Should I know Before Parking Overnight at a Truck Stop?

First and foremost, know where you’re located. Sure, that seems like a no-brainer.

But it can be easy to cruise along and end up in unknown territory, then just simply throw the RV in park and rest for the night.

One important factor to remember about life is that you never know what can come up, whether it’s an emergency or otherwise.

truck stop

So, bear in mind where you’re located before you rest up for the night.

Always remember, it’s a truck stop. Not an RV stop. But truckers have been kind enough to lend their territory to the RV drivers of the road.

Because if there is anyone out there who understands the importance of resting for the night when you get tired, it’s truckers.

Being aware of the fact that there are other drivers on the road, especially RV drivers, who sometimes need a place to park their vehicle overnight speaks volumes.

It can be tough to quickly find a spot to rest because you just don’t know when the exhaustion is going to creep up.

Be courteous, first, and foremost. There are going to be a number of other trucks parked in the vicinity overnight, so just take the time to have manners and make way for truckers when needed.

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After all, it’s a good sentiment to keep in mind that they are out there working. RV’s are typically used for pleasure.

The truckers have a schedule to keep, and having RV drivers who take that into account will make life easier for them.

Hauling a rig for work can be tough, so doing little thing to be courteous can go a long way.

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Park your RV straight and take up the least room necessary, of course. And as much as we’d love to say that everyone out there has our best interests at heart, they do not.

No matter who they are or where they come from. So, be sure to lock your doors and keep belongings out of sight.

Some people out there like to have sticky fingers, so protect yourself from intruders. After all, it is your home on wheels. Be sure to take off by mid-morning too!

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Other Options Where you can Park Your RV Overnight

There happen to be some other options out there, too, where RV’s can be parked overnight without issue.

Certain establishments welcome road warriors by giving them a place to park their vehicle, get some rest, and be back on the road the next day.

We will take the pleasure of listing those places for you here:

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Yes, casinos are certainly an option if you need a place to rest overnight and are in a pinch.

Although casinos will typically have specific guidelines set forth for parking your RV, they keep things pretty simple so you can get your vehicle in and get it back out in the morning.

One preference that many casinos carry for overnight RV parking is to simply park away from the other vehicles that are parked on the lot.

Now, be wary of the time of year or particular events happening. During peak seasons, some casinos may charge a small fee to park your RV.

Nothing extravagant, there can just end up being a demand for spots at casinos during specific times of the year.

For example, if there are big NASCAR events happening during that time, it’s not a bad idea to call ahead if you can provide yourself with the opportunity.

It’s all about covering your bases! You’ve got this.


Walmart has always been a popular option for parking vehicles overnight.

They have always welcomed vehicles to park on their lots overnight and sometimes have specific spaces for RV’s, depending on your location.

It’s never a bad idea to simply touch base with a manger to ensure you’re parking in a spot that won’t get you towed.

They have become a little more stringent over the years, but taking the time to talk to a staff member can help shed some light on exactly where you can park your RV.

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This one can be seen as somewhat of a last-ditch effort. If there is nowhere else to park your vehicle overnight, schools can be an option.

But be certain to make contact with officials when possible to be certain your RV’s presence won’t cause any issues.

Being that you will be parking during the night, schools typically won’t mind as long as you park in a place that will not cause any sort of disturbance.

And be sure to take off as early as possible, especially if it’s a school night.

During the summer, things are typically a little more relaxed.

But again, just doing some research and contacting personnel can work wonders if you end up in a bind that involves needing somewhere to park overnight.

Most people understand the difficulty that can arise when exhaustion sets in, and you need a quick place to sleep it off.

Private Property

No, we do not mean randomly finding private property to park on. That spells trouble. But if you know someone in the area; family, friends, a friend of a friend, then you could be in luck!

When there is a common friend or family member, people will always be a little more welcoming of guests. Especially if it’s simply a matter of parking a vehicle overnight.

Again, people understand the trials and tribulations of finding somewhere to sleep when it matters most, so always be aware of the options you may not even know you had!

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Having a truck stop to park at overnight is somewhat of a luxury for an RV driver.

They are all over the place and can provide a quick place to park your vehicle to sleep.

Plus, our hope is that we have also given you a few extra options to add to the list in case you can’t find a truck stop out there.

Either way, happy venturing out there!

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