45+ Tesla Cybertruck Statistics, Design, Features, Specs, Range


Tesla is a leading American EV and clean energy company led by the controversial entrepreneur and businessman Elon Musk. For the last couple of years, Tesla has been putting out electric vehicles that aim to meld luxury vehicles with clean energy, making Tesla vehicles a status symbol today.

Historically, electric vehicles have been coupes and other smaller vehicles, but as of late, more buyers have been interested in electric trucks and SUVs.

That is where the Tesla Cybertruck comes in. This truck is powered by electric energy, yet it still demonstrates the phenomenal specs and practicality of other trucks.

In this article, we tell you key statistics and facts to know about Tesla Cybertruck, Design, Features, Specs and Range, prices, production, sales, and models.

Let’s get started.

Top Facts and Statistics to Know about the Tesla Cybertruck

Here are some of the top facts and statistics about the Tesla Cybertruck. So that you can easily find the information you are most interested in, we have separated these facts and statistics in the categories of design, features, specs, history, and miscellaneous others.

Feel free to skip to whichever section strikes your fancy.

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Tesla Cybertruck Design

1. The design is controversial, making it loved by some and hated by others. That is because the design looks much different from traditional trucks and will draw a lot of attention.

2. Even though the truck design may not be your favorite, you will be able to get the vehicle any color you want. In fact, the fact that the steel body can be heated from the outside means that the color of the exterior can be turned into really neat shades.

3. It is inspired by movies. Elon Musk stated the Cybertruck design is inspired by both Blade Runner and the Lotus Esprit, which is driven in The Spy Who Loved Me where it was driven by James Bond.

4. The body frame construction is more similar to cars than other trucks. It has a unibody construction, which Tesla calls an exoskeleton, instead of a body on frame construction found on most trucks.

The purpose of this construction is that the traditional truck frame construction conflicts with the electric truck’s underfloor battery pack.

5. It can’t be stamped like more conventional automobile parts. That is because the metal used on this truck is unusually thick.

It is made from 3 millimeter 30X series cold rolled stainless steel. Because of how strong this material is, it can only be bent in straight lines.

6. Its design is likened to origami. Because the material can only be bent along straight lines, the truck has a much more distinctive look. It is this distinctive look that makes many mock or dislike this truck.

7. Its body is made from the same material used on SpaceX’s Starship. The purpose of this material is to distribute stress more evenly, creating a larger interior volume.

Though some of the earlier plans for this truck use titanium for the panels, the final design landed on stainless steel because of its additional strength.

8. Because of the additional interior volume, all Cybertrucks will come with a lot of storage. This includes 100 cubic feet of storage space and a cargo area that is 6.5 feet long, which is a standard size for most trucks. The center display is even 17 inches long, and the interior can seat 6.

9. The Tesla Cybertruck is more aerodynamic than traditional trucks. The sloped sidewalls, which makes the vehicle controversial in terms of appearance, are what improve the aerodynamics.

10. The stainless steel alloy used is created in-house by Tesla. This makes the stainless steel alloy unique to the Tesla Cybertruck. It is also this stainless steel alloy that is responsible for the truck’s heavyweight, strong nature, and divisive design.

11. The Tesla Cybertruck is bullet resistant. The stainless steel sheet covering the outside of the truck makes it that powerful and strong.

12. The Cybertruck is suited for off-roading experience. The off-road capabilities are thanks to the 16-inch ground clearance, as well as the 35-degree approach angle and 28-degree departure angle. With that being said, Tesla did not go into much deal about specific off-roading capabilities.

Some people speculate that this will not be a great off-roading vehicle because of certain features and specs of its design.

Tesla Cybertruck Features

13. The Cybertruck comes with a self-leveling suspension. This suspension compensates for the variable load and all-wheel drive of some of the models.

14. You can use power tools and other items without a portable generator with this truck. All models of the Tesla Cybertruck come with 120 and 240 Volt electricity with the help of onboard power inverters.

It even comes with an air compressor so that you can power pneumatic tools.

15. The Cybertrucks will be fully autonomous, thanks to the upgraded Tesla Autopilot features.

16. The roof of the Cybertruck will come with solar roof operation, allowing you to charge your truck on sunny days.

17. The interior of the Cybertruck is both highly efficient and attractive. It includes a steering yoke inspired by race cars, a digital rearview mirror that is based on cameras, and a marble-like dashboard.

18. Even though the dashboard looks like marble, it is actually made from a unique composite. The prototypes for this composite were made from paper, wood-based fibers, natural woody pigments, and non-petroleum-based resin.

19. The infotainment system inside the Cybertruck is the largest available. It goes horizontally, instead of vertically like in the other two models.

It is estimated that the software will include features like Smart Summon, car-aoke, full climate control function, Netflix, and YouTube.

Because this vehicle is supposed to be fully autonomous, you will be able to use these features too.

20.  The truck bed, which Tesla refers to as the vault, comes with many additional features that can aid in camping and other frequent uses of a truck. For example, it comes with LED light strips, additional floor storage space that is located behind the wheels, electric outlets, compressed air outlets, and more.

21. According to Musk, the vault can even be controlled with the truck’s climate control features, allowing you to keep things cool while camping. This feature may not seem like much, but it sure will come in handy if you put a mattress in the vault and sleep inside it on a warm summer’s night.

Anyone who has camped in a truck bed knows this to be true.

22. Cybertruck may make unloading the cargo easier. Although this feature has not been explicitly advertised, the prototype demonstrates a ramp that starts at the tailgate and ends at the ground, making unloading your cargo much easier.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs and Range

23. Even though the Tesla Cybertruck looks very different from other Tesla models, the powertrain for the dual-motor AWD version is shockingly similar to the 2019 and Raven Tesla Model S and X.

This powertrain creates an inductive rear motor, which is notably different from the Tesla Model 3’s permanent magnet motor that is found in the front.

24. Tesla Cybertruck Price: There are other models of the Tesla Cybertruck that include a single motor rear-wheel drive and tri motor, where one is in the front and two are in the back. The tri motor is especially interesting because it is the first of its kind for electric vehicles.

Here are the specs for the different Cybertruck models:

Single Motor RWDDual Motor AWDTri Motor AWD
Cybertruck Range250 mi300 mi500 mi
0 to 60 mph timeLess than 6.5 secondsLess than 4.5 secondLess than 2.9 seconds
Top speed110 mph120 mph130 mph
Payload3,500 lb3,500 lb3,500 lb
Towing Capacity7,500 lb10,000 lb12,000 lb
Cybertruck Price$39,900$49,900$69,900

25. Cybertruck is similar to the other Tesla models in more ways than just the powertrain. Just like the other models, the Cybertruck can be pre-ordered with a full self-driving software upgrade option. This adds an additional $10,000 to the price.

26. The breakover angle is not likely to be a great feature of this truck. Because there is such a wide distance between the front axles and rear axles, it simply does not seem plausible for the breakover angle to be very functional.

Conveniently, Tesla did not make any comments about the breakover angle of the Cybertruck.

27. Musk claimed that the Tesla Cybertruck will be able to run in the Baja 1000. Most experts agree that the truck will likely be able to survive the race, but it is unlikely to win since it is not light or have a chassis design for such a race.

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28. Musk’s desire to build an electric truck with loading compensating suspension dates back to 2012. In that year, Musk made comments about the desire to build this truck and even compared them with the Ford F-250.

Two years later in early 2014, Musk said that it would take about 4 to 5 five years before they could start working on the product.

29. The Tesla Cybertruck was first unveiled on November 21st, 2019, at the Tesla Design Studio in LA. Since then, the truck has gotten a lot of responses, some are positive, and some are not.

30. Musk was mocked pretty heavily after the unveiling because of a demonstration blunder. At the unveiling, Tesla claimed that the truck’s windows were armored glass, making them virtually unbreakable.

To prove this fact, one of the designers Franz von Holzhausen threw a metal ball at the windows. Two of the windows were shattered as a result.

31. But Musk had a quick response as to why these windows broke. He claimed that the front door was hit by a sledgehammer earlier, cracking the base of the glass. As for the back door, he said that there were microscopic cracks in the window from a previous test before the unveiling.

32. In addition to being mocked, many social media users reacted very poorly to the truck’s design. Many users specifically noted that they do not like the sharp contours and odd exterior of the truck.

Not all social media responses were negative, though. Many people thought the design was cool and futuristic.

33. Tesla stock actually went down after the Tesla Cybertruck announcement. Following the announcement, the stock decreased by 6%. Since then, Tesla stocks have recovered, but it will be interesting to see how they change after the Tesla Cybertrucks are finally on the road.

34. Despite the decrease in stocks, Musk tweeted that Tesla had received quite a few pre-orders within the first day and a half after the unveiling. In his tweet, Musk said that Tesla received 146,00 pre-orders during this time.

Each pre-order required a $100 refundable deposit. Of these pre-orders, 42% chose the dual motor configuration, 41% chose the tri motor configuration, and 17% chose the single motor configuration.

35. The pre-order numbers nearly doubled within three days of Musk’s original tweet. On November 26th, just three days after Musk’s initial tweet, it was reported that the pre-orders had reached 250,000.

36. A video of the Cybertruck pulling a Ford F-150 uphill received a whole lot of attention on Twitter. It received a total of 14,000 comments and 619,000 likes.

News outlets that reported on this video noted that the Cybertruck’s ability to pull a Ford F-150 was not because of its superior horsepower or torque. Instead, they noted that the Cybertruck could do this simply because it is heavier.

37. The Tesla Cybertruck and Cyberquad have been featured in rap music videos. In December 2019, these vehicles appeared in Travis Scott’s music video “Gang Gang.”

38. By January of 2020, the Cybertruck was named the concept car of the year for 2019 by Automobile Magazine.

39. Tesla Cybertruck Production

In November of 2019, it was reported that the Tesla Cybertruck would begin production later this year, but more configurations would be offered next year in 2022.

40. Tesla decided to build the Cybertruck, as well as the Model Y and Semi, in the Austin, Texas Gigafactory Texas location. This factory is supposedly going to be open to the public and feature a boardwalk next to the Colorado River. The boardwalk will also include hiking trails, biking trails, and more.

41. It appears that Tesla’s plan to start producing the Tesla Cybertruck this year is still in effect. In March of 2021, they purchased a giga press diecasting machine, with an 8000 tonne-force. This machine will be responsible for producing the Cybertruck’s rear chassis casting.

Miscellaneous Fact about EV Trucks

42. The Tesla Cybertruck is not the only electric truck on the market. Tesla’s competitor Rivian also is producing electric trucks and SUVs that are highly functional but have a much more classic truck design than Tesla’s model.

Because the Rivian truck and SUV are the first two models put out by this company, they have made less of a splash than the Tesla models.

Miscellaneous Facts about Elon Musk 

43. Musk has been building and selling ideas since the age of 12. As a child, he created a video game named Blaster. He sold it to a PC and office technology magazine for a total of $500. Later in life, this experience paid off as he worked at a gaming startup named Rocket Science.

44. Musk’s Fortune is not from Tesla. Instead, Musk had quite a few stocks in PayPal, which was founded in 1999. PayPal was then acquired by eBay for a total of $1.5 billion. Musk received a total of $165 million in stocks.

45. Even though Musk is the owner of American-based Tesla, he spent most of his young life outside of the States. He was born in Pretoria, South Africa, but he then moved to Canada when he was 17 years old.

He did not move to America until he was an adult. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles.

46. Musk inspired Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Tony Stark in the Marvel franchise. Stan Lee’s portrayal of Tony Stark was based on Howard Hughes, though.

Still, Musk made a cameo in Iron Man 2, but he also made cameos as himself in shows like Big Bang Theory and South Park.


Given that Tesla is starting their production of the Cybertruck this year, the next couple of months and years will confirm whether or not our suspicions about the Tesla Cybertruck are true.

So far, it seems that the Cybertruck is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Still, the Tesla Cybertruck is something that not all want to see. Because of its divisive origami-like design, many users prefer the classic design of trucks over this one.

No matter what your opinion is on this truck’s appearance, one thing stands true: we are all eager to see how the final product lives up to Tesla’s prototypes and commentary about the vehicle.




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