CyberLandr: 25 Facts About Tesla Cybertruck Pop Up Camper (Explained)


Have you ever wondered what is the Cyberlandr or the new Tesla Cybertruck camper? Well, look no more. We´ve got you covered.

The Tesla pop up camper fits the Cybertrucks bed of 6.5ft and is collapsible and raises telescopically, leaving a sleek aerodynamic profile when not in use.

It extends upwards and backwards to offer enough space for three adults or two adults and two children under the counter height bed. 

1. What Is CyberLandr?

So, what is Cyberlandr? CyberLandr is an innovative pop-up truck camper created to integrate with the Tesla Cybertruck. The CyberLandr brings the latest innovative technology to create a mobile camper that integrates seamlessly with the Tesla Cybertruck.

The trailer raises upwards from a sleek profile and offers creature comforts such as climate control, a recirculating filtered shower, dry flush toilet and electrochromic dimming.


The CyberLandr also provides all the convenience of office space with a Starlink satellite dish and wireless networking. 

CyberLandr™ for Cybertruck – The Ultimate in Wilderness and Urban Adventure >> Check out the video below:

2. Who Makes CyberLandr? 

CyberLander was designed and built by the Las Vegas-based artificial intelligence (AI) -enhanced video analytics company called Stream It. Cyberlandr will be made in Austin, Texas, close to where they currently manufacture the Cybertruck.

Insiders predict that the public may be able to order the Cybertruck and CyberLandr already integrated at some stage in the future. 

3.Who Owns CyberLandr?

Lance King, the co-founder of the AI analytics company called Stream It, created the CyberLandr concept, so, the Cyberlandr is owned by Stream It.

This Nevada based company specializes in real-time video surveillance and is an analytics platform provider.

The company aims to combine artificial intelligence with advanced sensors to provide information in real-time (less than 1-second delay) to deliver real-time analytics. 

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4. CyberLandr Cost: Price of the Cybertruck Camper 

To expedite the manufacture of the CyberLandr, Stream It Inc has offered substantial discounts on preorders. Without a deposit, the price of the CyberLandr is expected to be at $49,995.00.

The Cyberlandr cost for preorders with discount include:

DepositAmountSavings Total Price (Cyberlandr cost)
Cyberlandr cost

 5. How To Reserve a Cyberlandr?

As the cyberlandr is not yet available for order, Those who wish to purchase the CyberLandr may do so through their official site at

There are several discounts for potential buyers ranging from $1000 to $10,000 depending on the customer’s deposit amount.

Unfortunately, the 20% discount, 18, 16 and 14% promotional prices are already sold out, and few remain of the 12% deposit options. However, the 10% deposit is unlimited before the CyberLandr is officially available for a $5,000 discount.

6. How Many Cybertruck Reservations Are There?

Although the exact preorders figures have not been released since late 2020 on any official platform from Tesla, experts speculate that the figures to be well over 500,000.

7. Why is the Cybertruck so Cheap?

The groundbreaking Cybertruck design that has polarized so many car enthusiasts is the very reason why Tesla could provide the Cybertruck at such a competitive price.

sing flat sheets of steel, Tesla has eliminated the costly shaping that manufacturers perform on traditional trucks and increases the vehicle’s durability.

The cold-rolled steel variants are too tough to be shaped by existing manufacturing methods and provide enhanced safety to drivers and passengers alike.

The minimalist interiors reduced to a display and seating also further reduced manufacturing costs and make the Cybertruck so cheap.

 The raw industrial look of the futuristic trucks also reduces the substantial cost of providing a traditionally painted exterior.

8. Cyberlandr Interior Features 

The CyberLandr has a host of features in its sleek and slim profile that put it above their average pop up camper competitors. The campers mass has a limited effect on the Cybertruck’s range and only reduces it by a mere 5%.

The dry weight of the CyberLander is only 1,200lbs, and when filled with water tank capacity, it only reaches 1,360lbs which users may remove easily with the available dolly. 

The innovative design incorporates cutting edge digital technology to provide maximum comfort and connectivity to its potential users.

The multifunctional living space offers interchangeable living, cooking and office space with innovative bathroom features.

The camper comes equipped with powerful 500-watt solar panels that support the truck’s batteries and provides for OTA updates.

Advanced automation technology allows users enhanced control of the living area by voice commands such as climate, lighting and dual pane window dimming for added privacy.

The Cyberlandr smartphone app will also enable users to change their settings remotely to stow or activate their camper. 

Living room

Occupants can easily control the temperature and lighting of The living space via voice or app to maximize their comfort.

They may also enjoy a 32’’UHD TV with integrated Netflix, prime Apple and all their other favourite channels with surround sound.

The seats are detachable, and one can move them outside to enjoy a view or a camping fire.


The seats create a comfortable queen size bed, and occupants may dim the windows according to their needs.

The bed fits either two adults and an adult underneath (or two children below the counter height bed).

The camper features include 360º surveillance and motion sensor-based external lighting for added security when in remote locations.

Added to the almost impenetrable 30X stainless steel outer shell of the Cybertruck, the Cyberlandr offers unparalleled protection when travelling off-grid. 


The one-piece porcelain tile floor heats up for chilly mornings, and an innovative recirculating shower goes through four stages of filtration to provide a clean and continuous shower.

With the recirculation technology, one could have a hot shower for hours, a luxury many campers have not had up until now.

It also offers excellent environmental advantages by reducing water consumption. 

The 40-gallon water tank takes up limited space and adds little weight to the truck. The enhanced UV filtration technology allows users to use various water sources for drinking, even streams and rivers, when located in a remote area away from municipal water services. 

Also, occupants won’t have to continuously refill their tanks, as in most campers, due to its self-cleaning technology.

The shower is located in a neat alcove behind the main compartment, somewhere in the tailgate region. The magnetic attachment showerhead offers a spa-style selection of 5 flow patterns to suit your preferences for their ‘endless shower.’ 

The highly innovative toilet features a self-cleaning bowl with a novel and mess-free packaged waste disposal, which users can seal and in a bin.

This innovation eliminates the need for messy and unpleasant sewage tank connections and removal.


The kitchen maximizes technology and design to provide an ample 5 square foot work area with a porcelain countertop.

The set-up includes a sizeable three-level sink with a cutting board and drying rack. The CyberLandr provides state of the art, voice-activated faucet for hands-free operation when busy cooking. 

The work area also includes a two plate seamless induction stove that integrates with the smooth porcelain countertop.

The CyberLandr also offers a compressor mini-fridge that sits flush in the kitchen cabinet without taking up any valuable space in the work area.

All of these features come standard with the CyberLandr kit and carry no additional costs to the buyer. 


Users may manipulate the two free-standing chairs made of high-density foam and pivoting tables to set up their office space.

The 32’’TV doubles as an efficient monitor to create a practical workspace on the move and connect via cable or wirelessly via Apple Airplay 2.

Zoom meetings are possible for those using the camper to keep in touch with the office while traveling. 

The CyberLandr incorporates cutting edge wireless technology via a StarLink satellite dish for wireless networking.

This high-speed wireless connection requires users to take out a paid subscription from the service provider.

9. How Fast is the Tesla Cybertruck? 

The top speed of the Tesla Cybertruck will vary between 110 mph for single motor RWD and 130 mph for Tri-Motor AWD.

The innovative design of the Cybertruck delivers an all-electric powered vehicle of rugged strength and torque and can provide impressive acceleration and speed across the three different models.

The specifications of the three different Cybertuck models are as follows:

MotorRangeTop speed of Cybertruck
Single Motor RWD250 miles (400 km)110 mph (175 km/h)
Dual Motor AWD300 miles (480 km)120 mph (195 km/h)
Tri-Motor AWD500 miles (800 km)130 mph (210 km/h)

Tesla Cybertruck vs Porsche 911 – DRAG RACE | A Scene from Tesla’s Event >> Check out the video below:

10. How Much Horsepower Does the Tesla Cybertruck Have?

In its ‘smoke and mirror’ style, Tesla has not yet released the final horsepower specifications; however, certain industry professionals have made likely estimates.

For example, Motor Trend estimates that the tri-motor Cybertruck equipped with the Plaid powertrain and double-stacked battery would be likely about 800 hp with 1000 lb-ft of torque. 

11. What Are the Different Models of Cybertruck Available?

Potential buyers have the option of customizing their Cybertruck from three types of motors from entry-level Single motor Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) to the premium tri-motor all-wheel drive (AWD).

The different models have different speeds, acceleration and capacities. The Cybertruck is available in 3 different models which include:

–       Single Motor Rear Wheel Drive

Range: 250+Miles (EPA EST.)

Towing capacity: 7,500+LBS

0-60 mph <6.5S

–       Tri-Motor All Wheel Drive 

Range: 500+Miles (EPA EST)

Towing Capacity: 14,000+lbs

0-60 mph >2.9 seconds 

–       Dual Motor All Wheel Drive

Range: 300+ miles (EPA EST)

Towing Capacity: 10.000+ lbs 

0-60mph >4.5 seconds 

12. How Much Can the Cybertruck Tow? 

The Cybertruck range has various towing capacities across the various models ranging from 7,500+ lbs to 14,000+.

The carrying capacity of the different Cybertruck models are as follows:

Single Motor Rear Wheel DriveDual Motor Rear Wheel drive Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive 
Range 250 miles + 300+ miles 550+ miles 
Tow Capacity 7,500+ lbs 10,000+ lbs14,000+ lbs 

Cybertruck Tow Hitch Detailed Close-Ups >> Check out the video below:

13. Can a Cybertruck Pull a 5th wheel? 

Due to the highly secretive nature of Teslas Cybertruck, there has been much speculation on the towing ability of the oddly shaped vehicle.

The prototype Cybertruck did not have any visible trailer hitch causing much debate in the public sphere on what precisely the Cybertruck can tow.

Can a Cybertruck Pull a 5th wheel? Indeed, the truck has power enough to haul the lighter fifth-wheel trailers, with the Tri-motor version sporting a 14,000+ lbs tow capacity. However, how the Cybertruck will integrate its trailer hitch is still a point of speculation.

Ceratin Youtube posts have shown Cybertruck models fitted with a hitch, such as this post in 2020.  

The video clearly shows a standard hitch attachment in the centre of the rear bumper, which is a distinct possibility for the long-awaited Cybertruck launch.

However, it is inevitable that it will not be able to tow the larger Fifth wheels such as the Chevy Silverado 3500HD, GMC Sierra 3500HD or the Ram 3500. 

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14. Is the Cybertruck Good? 

The competitively priced Cybertruck has plenty to offer if the prototype delivers on Musk’s initial promises.

Based on specs, buyers can expect that the cybertruck should last 750,000 miles, so that gives an average motorist an impressive 50-year lifespan.

The blisteringly fast acceleration speeds of the premium models rival even that of supercars at a fraction of the capital outlay.

Other features that make the Cybertruck a good option are:

  • Safety and strength with the aluminium and steel outer shell
  • Excellent Motor performance
  • Good storage capacity
  • Off-road versatility
  • AutoPilot and Self Drive options
  • Built-in solar charging
  • Environmentally friendly

Although the Tesla Cybertruck boasts a towing capacity of up to 14,000lbs, there is some speculation that the Cybertruck will not make a great tow vehicle like many electric-powered vehicles in general.

The energy density of the batteries does not offer as much of an energy reserve as gas-powered vehicles, causing speculation that heavy towing loads may cause more frequent battery charges.

Tesla Cybertruck – Elon Musk Unveils The Final Updates >> Check out the video below:

15. Is the Cybertruck Legal?

Until the final Cybertruck prototype emerges from production and made public, contention will remain about the legality of the Tesla Cbertruck revealed to the public in 2019.

As the prototype appeared, the physical dimensions, lack of side mirrors, windshield wipers and front bumper would certainly not be legal on American or European roads. 

Although many pedestrian protection rules are not rigidly enforced in the US, the prototype would have to undergo serious modifications to its structure to comply with EU automobile standards.

However, with the lack of a definitive final design, Cybertruck remains in a grey area regarding its legality. 

16. Which Cybertruck Will Tesla Produce first?

In typical Tesla style, they changed the model of Cybertruck from the dual-motor Cybertruck scheduled for production in late 2021.

Which Cybertruck Will Tesla Produce first? Tesla announced that the more powerful, more expensive tri-motor trucks would be the first models to be produced and hitting the streets with a 500-mile range and a 14,000lbs towing capacity. 

17. How many Cybertrucks Will Tesla Make per Year? 

Elon Musk Tesla’s CEO made a statement in late 2020 that his company intended on reaching a manufacturing output of between 250 and 300 thousand Cybertrucks over 12 months.

With preorders listing at over 500,000 according to Forbes in February 2020. However, Musk has not updated the figure of preorders since late November 2020. 

18. What Are the Dimensions of a Cybertruck? 

When Cybertruck debuted in 2019, the design and size caused much contention in motorist circles. The first electric Cybertruck offering was logged in at the dimensions of 6.6ft (79.8inches) wide, 19.3ft (231.7 inches) long, and 6.2ft (75 inches) high. 

However, these dimensions caused potential problems for not only the narrow roads of Europe but for the average motorist with smaller garages.

Thus, Tesla announced that the prototype would be undergoing a size reduction of 3% to accommodate narrower roads and comply with strict pedestrian and vehicle safety laws. 

19. How Many People Can the Cybertruck Fit?

Tesla explains that the Cybertruck will seat six adults over two three-seater benches at the front and rear of the truck interior. The two bench seats in the front sit on either side with a folding seat.

This seat comes with a folding centre armrest and a digital camera-based rearview mirror and three cup holders. The rear centre seat also folds to allow longer cargo loads extending from the cargo area or ‘vault’ to the cab interior. 

20. Can a Cybertruck Fit in the Garage? 

At the initial dimensions of the Cybertruck revealed at the prototype’s debut, many people would experience problems fitting the truck into smaller garages.

However, subsequent updates on the launch of the Cybertruck report a 3% reduction in the dimensions of the Cybertruck, which many thought would alleviate much of the garage space issues.

However, in May 2020, a tweet had Elon Musk backtracking on the initial size reduction and speculation that another, smaller ‘tight world’ model may be expected to follow the launch of the initial Cybertruck. 

With the typical Tesla secrecy, one will have to wait and see whether the truck will fit an average garage. 

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21. Will the Cybertruck Rust? 

The smooth exoskeleton is rust-resistant due to the other elements such as manganese and chromium.

Musk stated that the outer shell of the Cybertruck would resist rust and corrosion from most salt and external debris. However, although highly resistant to rust, stainless steel is not in fact ‘rustproof.’ 

Will the Cybertruck Rust? No. The Cybertruck will not rust. The nearly impenetrable exoskeleton of the Cybertruck is designed for enhanced durability and passenger protection.

The Ultra-hard 30X Cold Rolled stainless steel outer shell, and Tesla armor glass offers superior strength and damage resistance.

22. What Metal is Cybertruck Made From? 

Elon Musk confirmed that his line of Cybertrucks would be made of the highly durable and robust 300 series stainless steel.

The stainless steel alloy is a proprietary blend of stainless steel alloy described as an ultra-hard 30X Stainless steel manufactured in a cold-rolling process.

The Cybertruck will be made of the same steel as the SpaceX Starship, another of Musk’s ventures. 

The prototype debut in 2019 showed the enhanced strength of the outer shell of the Cybertruck, however, the ‘bulletproof’ windows did not fare as well and shattered twice during the demonstration when hit by thrown projectiles.

Tesla will hopefully address this issue before the Cybertruck becomes available to the public. 

23. Is the Tesla Cybertruck Bulletproof? 

Enthusiasts created a field test using the same steel used in the exterior shell of the Cybertruck, the 30X cold-pressed steel at the same thickness as the prototype outer shell.

The experiment put the steel plate through a barrage of tests ranging from a 0.22LR Hypervelocity round to a 9mm Full metal jacket. Both these projectiles failed to penetrate the steel plate. However, a high calibre 7.62×54 round did penetrate the steel. 

The Cybertruck Glass has a certain notoriety as it was smashed twice in the prototype debut back in 2019. The Tesla glass is made of a material named ‘aluminium oxynitride, ‘commonly known as ‘transparent aluminium.’

The material is manufactured under the name of ALON and is the hardest transparent ceramic on the market. Depending on its thickness, ALON based armour can withstand armour-piercing projectiles up to 50 BMG calibre. 

24. How durable is Cybertruck? 

Tesla intends to make the Cybertruck from their proprietary high-grade stainless steel 30X, which extremely durable.

The stainless steel alloy is corrosion and rust-resistant, and highly resistant to scratches and dents.

According to Musk, the Cybertruck is expected to have a lifespan of 750,000 miles plus. That means if you drive 20,000 miles a year, you can expect your Cybertruck to last for over fifty years. 

25. Will Tesla Redesign Cybertruck? 

There has been much secrecy surrounding the launch of the final Cybertruck for sale to the public.

There is certainly some evidence of redesign, including a 3% size reduction and speculation that Tesla might use advances in stainless steel engineering to provide the Cybertruck with a new, even more durable exoskeleton. 

There are also elements of the Cybertruck prototype that would infringe on pedestrian safety and American vehicle laws that would need to address.

For example, the lack of a front bumper and side mirrors would make the legality of the Cybertruck questionable. Therefore it is logical to assume that specific redesigns are necessary and inevitable. 


Over half a million people eagerly wait for the fulfillment of their Cybertruck preorders amidst heightened speculation as to just what they will finally receive.

The Cybertruck is incredibly durable and economical to run and offered at an affordable price.

If Tesla delivers on its promises, Cybertruck will revolutionize the motor industry and change the face of our urban landscape.


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