State Farm Roof Replacement Policy (Coverage, Claims + More)

State Farm Roof Replacement Policy

Do you know what State Farm’s roof replacement policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Replacing a roof on your home is an expensive undertaking. This is one reason why most homeowners carry homeowners’ insurance. If you have State Farm Insurance and are curious about how their roof replacement policy works, we’re here to answer your questions. 

State Farm’s roof replacement policy will likely cover the cost of your roof replacement if it was damaged by a covered peril under your policy, this might include wind or hail damage. There is no set time frame that you must file your claim.

In this article, we will discuss how State Farm roof replacement policies work, including what is generally covered, how to file a claim and other commonly asked questions. 

What Is Generally Covered In A Roof Replacement Policy?

Your roof replacement policy is generally included within your homeowner’s insurance policy. While you may have to specify that you want replacement coverage, most of the time this is included as the roof is part of the structure of your home. 

This means that your roof is protected from the same perils as your home. Your policy will include a specific list of “covered perils,” that have the potential to damage your home.

If the roof is damaged by one of these perils, then State Farm will likely cover the replacement of your roof. 

Some commonly included perils are: 

  • Weight of snow, ice, or rain;
  • Fire and smoke;
  • Hail;
  • Wind;
  • Hurricanes;
  • Tornadoes; and 
  • Lightning strikes.

Some areas may require you to pay extra for certain coverage. For instance, if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, the company may charge a higher fee to cover damage caused by a hurricane.

But, this extra charge is often well worth it in the case a natural disaster does occur and you have to replace your roof. 

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What Isn’t Normally Included In The Policy? 

If your roof has failed due to natural wear and tear, age, or simply a lack of maintenance, then State Farm will likely not accept your claim. Once you file a claim, State Farm will generally send an inspector out. 

If the inspector finds evidence that the majority of the damage is not from a covered peril, it won’t be covered. This rule exists to protect State Farm from replacing a roof that is just old. State Farm doesn’t exist to replace old roofs for homeowners, they exist to help mitigate the costs of an unforeseen disaster. 

Another example of something that wouldn’t likely be covered is if a hailstorm or windstorm only knocked a few shingles loose on your roof.

In this instance, it is possible that State Farm would label it as “cosmetic damage,” which is a common exclusion from homeowners policies. 

This would mean you would have to replace those shingles at your own cost. 

And finally, another item commonly excluded from homeowners insurance is damage from pests, such as squirrels or birds.

The reasoning behind this is that if the roof had been maintained properly, severe damage from pests likely could have been prevented by the homeowner. 

How Do I File A Roof Claim?

Although State Farm doesn’t impose a strict time limit for reporting a claim after an incident occurs, homeowners are advised to report damage right away.

The reasoning for this is fairly simple: the sooner you report the damage after a hailstorm or hurricane occurs, the easier it is for the insurance agent to approve the claim. 

If a hailstorm happens and you notice significant damage but wait another six months to make the claim, it will be more difficult for the insurance agent to connect the existing damage back to the hailstorm. 

Once you’ve contacted State Farm, you can hire a roofing company to make temporary repairs if needed to maintain the structure of the roof. You should also make sure to gather evidence for the claim that you can present to State Farm. 

This means taking before and after photos and keeping any receipts for temporary repairs. 

You can file the claim online, using the State Farm mobile app, or by reaching out directly to your insurance agent.

The agent will schedule an appointment for the claims adjuster to come out and inspect the roof to determine if the damage is approved under your policy. 

State Farm will keep you updated with the progress of your claim. If it is approved, you’ll be reimbursed for all of the temporary repairs and State Farm will likely cover the entire roof replacement cost.

Do I Need A Roof Replacement Estimate For My Claim?

You should get an estimate from a roofing contractor for the cost it will take to replace your roof.  When choosing your contractor it is important to pick one who is licensed and professional.

It is important to pick a contractor who will do a quality job on your roof replacement. 

When choosing your contractor, here are some important questions to consider asking:

  • What is the official name of your company and the physical address? 
  • Does your company have workers’ compensation and liability insurance? 
    • If they do, you should ask for a copy of the policy declarations page. If they don’t, you should consider using another contractor as you won’t be protected if someone is injured while working on your property or if your property is damaged during work.
  • Does your company do the roofing work or do you use a subcontractor?
  • Is your company currently licensed?
  • What type of warranty is offered?
  • Who will be responsible for monitoring the worksite?
  • Are there any added costs involved due to the roofing material is chosen?
  • Do the roofing materials meet all local codes?

These questions should help you choose a contractor you feel comfortable with.

You should also request a roofing replacement estimate from them, as State Farm will need this estimate to evaluate your claim and to reimburse you for the costs. 

The estimate should state the number of materials needed and labor charges. 

You should also get a roofing agreement from them that includes additional information about the roof construction, such as: 

  • How they will be removing the old roof in order to make sure the structure underneath is not damaged.
  • How cleanup and disposal will be handled and who is responsible for it;
  • The cost of plywood sheeting, if applicable; 
  • The cost of edging, which is the space where the roof meets the edge of a home;
  • How any damage to the gutters will be repaired and the cost for replacing them if necessary;
  • How they will offer landscaping protection in the instance that the workers accidentally damage your property; 
  • How they will protect the home in case of inclement weather during the construction process. 
  • What the start dates and finish dates for contraction are, while there will be an estimate it is important information to gather;
  • How payment should be handled, such as if a deposit is required before work will start; and 
  • What warranty is offered with the roof?

How Will State Farm Pay For The Claim?

The details of payment will depend on your policy, when you filed your claim, and how soon the repairs need to be completed.

If you have to repair your roof immediately you may have to pay out of pocket and receive reimbursement from State Farm once your claim is approved. 

If the repairs aren’t urgent and you can wait for State Farm to approve the claim before beginning repairs then it may be possible for State Farm to pay the roofing contractor directly. 

This is all information that you can work out with your insurance agent. 

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How Does The Age Of My Roof Affect My Ability To File A Claim?

The answer to this question depends on when you got your homeowners policy and how old your roof was at the time.

If your roof was already 15 to 20 years old at the time you secure your policy you may see that it is only covered for its “actual cash value.” 

This is an insurance term that refers to the depreciated value of the roof. The depreciation of the roof will be factored into the payout you receive from State Farm in the event of a claim, which means you will not generally receive the full amount of your roof replacement. 

However, if your insurance was purchased when you had a new roof, then this may not be your situation.

You should discuss the age of your roof with your insurance agent if you are worried about it affecting your ability to qualify for full roof replacement. 

Final Thoughts

If your roof is damaged by a covered peril under your homeowner’s contract make sure to get the claims process started with State Farm right away.

As long as you document the roof condition and contact your insurance agent as soon as possible after the damage occurs you shouldn’t face many roadblocks to getting your claim approved. 

State Farm exists to help homeowners when they are faced with unforeseen expenses, and filing a claim for a roof repair can save you thousands of dollars.


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