Allstate Roof Replacement Policy (Coverage + More)

Allstate Roof Replacement Policy

Do you know what Allstate roof replacement policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you have Allstate home insurance, you may be wondering if your roof is covered under your policy. Can you file an insurance claim to replace your roof if you need to?

Allstate’s roof replacement policy covers roofs for your home under the dwelling coverage and other building on your property such as garages and sheds under the other structures coverage. Certain conditions apply in order to file a claim for roof replacement.

In this article, we will review what is covered, how to file a claim, and how long the roof replacement policy with Allstate lasts.

Additionally, we will let you know what is not covered and whether or not you will have to pay extra for roof replacement under your Allstate policy.

What Is Covered Under Allstate’s Roof Replacement Policy?

Allstate will cover roof replacements if your roof suffers damage due to wind, fire, or hail. Fire can compromise the structural integrity of a roof, windstorms can blow parts of the roof off or cause trees to fall on top of your roof, and hail can cause roof damage if the precipitation is large and heavy.

All of these examples are covered under your Allstate roof replacement policy.

Allstate understands that these events are unpredictable and there are many other concerns you may need to attend to after storm damage or a natural disaster.

Additionally, if you do not notice any major damage from such events, but a roof leak develops due to fire, hail, or wind, you may be able to file a claim for a roof repair through Allstate.

Different policies also have different coverage when it comes to roof replacement. Some of the cheaper policies may exclude covering roof damage due to wind and hail related events, including roof leaks.

Check your policy to see what level of coverage you have and what level of coverage you think you need for your home and any potential roof replacements.

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How Do I File a Claim for a Roof Replacement Through Allstate?

Allstate makes it easy to file a claim for a roof replacement that is covered by your home insurance policy.

You can call the claims center, file your claim online through your account, or go to a Mobile Claims Center.

The physical locations are temporary conveniently located stations for those affected by natural disasters.

In order to file your claim, you will need to have pictures of your roof before the damage occurred as well as directly after if possible.

This will help the claims office assess the level of coverage needed and whether or not your claim will be covered by the policy.

Your Allstate agent should be able to walk you through the steps of filling out a claim no matter which way to choose to file it.

They will help you identify all of the information you need to provide in order to get your claim started so that you can reap the maximum benefits from the roof replacement portion of your home insurance.

How Long Does My Roof Replacement Policy with Allstate Last?

Your roof replacement part of your home insurance policy lasts as long as the life of the policy itself. However, the older your roof is, the less may be covered under the roof replacement policy.

Most home insurance policies only last for a year before you need to renew them. When the renewal period comes up, you can choose to change the amount of coverage on your roof.

As long as you have home insurance with Allstate, you should have some form of coverage for roof replacement. You can always increase or decrease the amount or type of coverage when your renewal period comes up.

If you’re not sure when your policy ends, check your policy details either with an Allstate agent or on your account.

You should be able to find the policy end date on your monthly bill or if you pay a six month or annual lump sum, it should be listed there as well.

As long as you have a home insurance policy with Allstate you should have some form of roof replacement coverage. Check with your local agent to see when your policy expires.

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What Is Not Covered Under My Allstate Roof Replacement Policy?

Allstate’s roof replacement policy only covers damage to roofs incurred by natural disasters and perilous events such as fires, windstorms, and hailstorms.

However, if your roof becomes damaged from old age or any normal wear and tear, Allstate will not cover the roof replacement. Roofing damage due to lack of maintenance is also not covered under Allstate’s roof replacement policy.

Regular roof inspections will help prevent damage to your roof that can be predicted and avoided so Allstate does not feel that covering these types of damages is prudent.

Allstate’s roof replacement policy remains in place for sudden, unexpected events – not the expected damage incurred by a roof that is old or hasn’t been properly kept up.

Certain Allstate policies will also not cover damage due to hail or wind. You may need to pay extra for a policy that covers these unexpected events.

If you live in an area where hail or wind damage is likely, it may be a good idea to spend the extra money so that you’re not shelling out the cost of an entirely new roof out of your own pocket.

Will I Have to Pay Anything If I Take Advantage of My Allstate Roof Replacement Policy?

One way or another, a roof replacement is not completely cost free under an Allstate policy. If you want full coverage and roof replacement in the event of an unexpected disaster, you must have a newer roof and you may have to pay for a rider to your policy detailing that Allstate will cover the cost of a full roof replacement.

If you have a roof that is more than ten years old, however, Allstate will only pay for the cash value of the roof as is.

Any cost of the roof materials, repairs, and labor services will be paid by you minus the current value of your roof.

Every policy has different requirements when it comes to how much you pay out for your roof replacement.

Allstate does offer some policy discounts for customers who have roofs made from weather resistant material and offer extra protection from damaging forces of nature such as sleet, hail, or snow.

So, it is possible to pay a lower bill on your policy and have a better chance of not needing a roof replacement by having a more weather proof roof in the first place.

Allstate’s goal is to help its customers replace their roofs at the lowest cost possible in the event of a natural disaster.

However, other damages that can be avoided by regularly maintaining or replacing your roof to ensure that it can withstand normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the homeowner and must be paid out of pocket by them.


Allstate’s roof replacement policy can help you cover the cost of a roof replacement in the event of unpredictable damage done to your roof.

When hail, fire, or wind cause damage to your roof, you can file a claim through your local Allstate agent by phone, online, or through one of their emergency pop-up claims stations.

Not all policies cover roof replacements for hail and wind, so check to see which cover makes the most sense for the area in which you live.

Damage and roof leaks incurred by normal wear and tear or neglect of maintenance are not covered by Allstate’s roof replacement policy.

The amount you pay for a roof replacement under your coverage depends on the age of your roof and the type of policy you have.



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