State Farm Auto Claims (Full Guide)

State Farm Auto Claims

Do you know what State Farm auto claims are? File a claim, manage a claim. Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

State Farm is famous for its friendly neighborly attitude and its promise to be there for you. When the rubber hits the road or your car hits something or someone else, you need to be sure you can count on State Farm to make file your claim.

State Farm has multiple ways that you can file an auto claim including online, via their mobile app, or by phone. State Farm claims adjusters will work with you to help you get the settlement owed you from the accident.

In this article, we will dive into everything you need to know about making an auto claim with State Farm from how to initiate, tracking your claim status, and dealing with claims adjusters.

How Do I Report an Auto Claim to State Farm?

State Farm offers several different ways to file an auto claim. You can call their claims phone number and speak with a State Farm agent who will help you file the claim.

Make sure that you have the name and insurance information of any other persons involved in the accident. The agent will help guide you through the process and start the report of the claim.

A faster method of filing an auto claim with State Farm is to visit their website or download the State Farm mobile app. You can fill in all of the necessary information at your convenience as long as you have access to the internet or cell phone service.

Make sure that you are as detailed as possible when reporting your claim so that State Farm can investigate the claim as efficiently as possible.

If you need roadside assistance to help move your vehicle after the accident, State Farm can help you out with that as well. The biggest step in filing your claim is simply letting State Farm know that an accident has occurred.

From there, they will walk you through the steps you need to take to resolve the issue.

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How Do I Check the Status of My State Farm Auto Claim?

Once you have filed a claim with State Farm, checking on the status of your claim is very simple. You can call up a State Farm representative and speak with them personally, just make sure that you have your account information and the claim number if available to help speed up the process.

Alternatively, you can check the status of your claim online by logging in to your State Farm account. The status of your claim should be clearly laid out and if there are any actions that need to be taken on your part, State Farm will contact you about your next steps.

This way they can keep the claim moving toward resolution as fast as possible.

There are several different stages to an auto claim and your account will be able to reflect where your claim is.

First State Farm needs to review the claim and investigate the incident, next they will help you get an estimate on damage repairs and a car rental if needs be, and then once the claims adjuster has come to a settlement, State Farm will issue payment.

If you are involved in an accident with someone else who has State Farm insurance but you have a different provider, you can still check the status of the claim by logging in to a guest account. Likewise, other insurance providers can easily track their customers’ claims through State Farm if that is where the claim is filed.

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What Is the Phone Number to Call About State Farm Auto Claims?

State Farm makes it easy to file an auto claim and check on the status of your auto claim by having representatives available round the clock.

Although using State Farm’s mobile app is an easier way to file and track auto claims, State Farm recognizes that not all of their customers are comfortable with navigating a digital platform.

Some people prefer to have a personal engagement with another person which is why State Farm’s claims phone number is open to receive calls twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

To reach State Farm’s claims department simply dial 1-800-732-5246.

Save the number in your phone’s contacts to access it easily for tracking the status of your claim or should the need arise to file a future claim.

An alternatively easier way to remember the phone number instead of memorizing all those digits is 1-800-SF-CLAIM. The letters will correspond to numbers on your phone’s keypad.

Not only will the claims department be able to help you with your claim, but they can also direct you to other departments you may need to contact such as rental car assistance, car repair estimates, or glass only claims.

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Can I Email State Farm About My Auto Claim?

To initiate your auto claim with State Farm, you need to contact State Farm by phone or through your account online. However, once your claim is established you may need to email pictures of the accident or other necessary documents to help your claim progress toward resolution.

You can send claims information and supporting documents to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact your local State Farm agent to ask for their work email address or the best way to send sensitive information.

Since most communication between yourself and your State Farm agent will most likely be private and could contain information that you don’t want available to everyone on the internet, State Farm agents have secure and encrypted emails to keep your information private.

If you have a generic question about claims and not your claim specifically, you can always click on the Contact Us page on State Farm’s website and fill out the general query form which includes your contact information and a space to ask your question.

Can I File a Claim Online with State Farm?

Not only can you file a claim online with State Farm, but it is the most advisable way to file a claim. Logging on to your account either on your computer or tablet or through the mobile app on your phone and starting a claim helps you maintain control of the entire claims process.

By filing a claim online, you can see what information you need to gather to initiate the claim and add it whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.

Sometimes an accident can shake you up so that you don’t remember important details when you eventually get around to calling up a State Farm agent to file your claim.

Instead of worrying about forgetting, you can take out your phone and fill in the details right there at the scene of the accident (provided medical emergencies or talking with the police are not immediate priorities).

Once you’ve filed your claim online, you can track the status of your claim at any time of day or night by simply logging on to your account.

You will be able to see exactly what stage of the claims process you are in and if you have questions or an issue arises, you can address it right away instead of constantly having to call and track your status.

What Is the Mailing Address of the State Farm Claims Department?

If you are wary of sending sensitive documents or information over the internet, State Farm will accept supporting claims documents via snail mail.

Having a physical paper trail may help enable you and State Farm to keep better records or at least have a back up filing system should anything happen to digital copies.

Whenever you send any supporting documents to State Farm for your auto claim, always include your claim number on every piece of paper. This way if any page gets separated from the rest, it can be easily paired with the correct claim.

If you live in Florida, West Virginia, or North Carolina, you can send claims documents to:

State Farm Claims Department

PO Box 106134

Atlanta, Georgia 30348

If you live in any other of the forty-five states in the U. S. where State Farm is available, you can send claims documents to:

State Farm Claims Department

PO Box 106170

Atlanta, Georgia 30348

Before sending any documents to State Farm by mail, make sure to make a copy for yourself in case the package gets lost.

Always check in with State Farm before assuming the documents have arrived when they may not have, especially if you don’t receive confirmation that State Farm has received them.

Does State Farm Have a Fax Number for Claims?

Although digital contact is the most efficient and most popular way to communicate and send documents to State Farm concerning your auto claim, you can still fax necessary documents to support your claim.

Faxing information provides a happy medium for those who are wary of digital security but also don’t want to wait for snail mail.

If you need to fax supporting documents to the State Farm Claims Department, use this number: 844-218-1140.

Always remember to include a cover sheet with your fax that includes your claim number, contact information, the number of pages being sent, and the nature of the documents enclosed.

If you already have a local State Farm agent with whom you are working, ask him or her if there is an office fax number for you to use instead of the generic State Farm Claims Department fax.

Having a specific office to send your documents to will most likely help your claim get resolved faster and there will be a less likely chance of your documents getting lost in the shuffle of all the other claims.

How Do I Work with a State Farm Claims Adjuster?

The key to working with a State Farm claims adjuster is confidence and respect. State Farm claims adjusters are there to help you get a settlement for your auto claim; however, they also need to ensure that State Farm doesn’t pay out too much so that the company doesn’t lose a lot of capital.

When State Farm investigates your auto claim, a claims adjuster will go over the details of your claim report with a fine toothed comb.

This is why it is crucial to be as detailed as possible when you first report your claim so that you can receive the settlement that you are entitled to. After the investigation, the claims adjuster may contact you to hear your side of the incident again.

It is important to stick to your original story and not make light of any of the details, especially regarding personal injury.

Claims adjusters may try to negotiate for a lower settlement if the cost of reparations and medical bills are high. Be respectful but stick to your guns and don’t them talk you out of money that you are owed.

Is State Farm Good at Paying Auto Claims?

State Farm is a large nationwide auto insurance company, and its financial stability rating is A++ according to AM Best. This means that State Farm has the ability to back its customers and pay out claims since it has a large revenue.

This is an extremely important quality to look for in an auto insurance company, especially one that has a lot of customers and the potential for a lot of settlements.

Overall, when State Farm customers were asked about their satisfaction with State Farm’s ability to pay out a settlement, most customers were very pleased.

According to the J. D. Power Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, State Farm was rated above average and overall received a ranking of sixth place out of all other auto insurance companies.

The study surveyed over 7,000 customers from all over the United States except the two states where State Farm is not available to residents (Massachusetts and Rhode Island).

How Will I Receive My Claims Settlement from State Farm?

State Farm prides itself in providing the best customer service for those who need to initiate an auto claim. When your auto claim is settled with State Farm, they don’t just simply cut you a check, they provide you with payment in the most convenient way for you.

If getting a check in the mail is the best way to receive your claims settlement, once the investigation and negotiations are complete, the State Farms Claims Department will cut you a check and post it to your mailing address.

Some people prefer to have their settlement direct deposited into their bank account. This is a perfectly viable way to receive your settlement payment.

All you need to do is provide State Farm with the appropriate banking information.

Alternatively, if you need repairs or have medical bills to pay as a result of the auto claim, State Farm can pay the repair shop or hospital directly to save you from being the middle man.

This is a way for State Farm to take one more thing off your plate.

What Is the Customer Satisfaction Rate for State Farm Claims?

According to U. S. News, State Farm is number five in the country for claims handling. Approximately 55% of polled State Farm customers reported being satisfied with how easy it was to file a claim with State Farm and how State Farm settled their claims.

Other car insurance companies that rank higher than State Farm for claims handling satisfaction include Travelers, Farmers, USAA, and Nationwide.

Overall, as a car insurance company State Farm holds the number two spot on U. S. News’ list of best auto insurance companies in 2022.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, your experience is only as good as the agent you are dealing with. With multiple locations in almost every state, there are bound to be some good insurance agents and some not so competent ones.

Before you invest your time and money into a car insurance company, check out the reviews of your local agent.

Although most State Farm customers are happy with the way State Farm handles claims, there is a good percentage of customers who are less than satisfied.

State Farm also may have recently changed its policies because some customers who have been with the company for decades are recently beginning to have issues.


State Farm is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the nation, serving millions of people across the country. As such, they need to have a streamlined claims handling system.

It is easy to file an auto claim with State Farm whether it’s online, over the phone, or via their mobile app.

State Farm makes it easy to track the status of your claim and has a high customer satisfaction rating with more than half of its customers please with the ease of claim filing and handling claims.

State Farm claims to be dedicated to its customers with multiple ways of claims filing and agents who care.


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