Pottery Barn Christmas Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Pottery Barn Christmas Return Policy

Do you know what Pottery Barn Christmas return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Online retailers have learned that many of us like to knock out our holiday shopping in October or November, rather than wait for Black Friday deals or the Christmas rush in December.

The only drawback to early shopping is that items purchased early may no longer be eligible for return after the holiday season. 

In prior years, Pottery Barn has offered an extended return window for purchases made between October 15th and December 26th, allowing returns through January 31 of the following year on these purchases. 

Pottery Barn hasn’t confirmed whether it will offer the same policy for the 2022-2023 holiday season. It is likely that we will continue to see a Pottery Barn holiday return policy, though it isn’t clear if the terms will be the same as prior years. 

What Is Pottery Barn’s Regular Return Policy?

You can return most regular merchandise items to Pottery Barn anytime within 30 days of receiving the item, or 7 days for QuickShip upholstery items.

You must have an original receipt or a gift receipt. 

The amount refunded is the amount of merchandise only. This does not include original shipping charges. Occasionally Pottery Barn has free shipping sales, but for the most part you will pay for shipping. 

Keep in mind that anything monogrammed or made to order furniture or rugs are not eligible for return. See below for the full list of ineligible items. 

Why Have a Christmas Return Policy?

Some studies estimate that around a third of holiday shopping is done before Black Friday, and over half of shoppers plan to start their shopping before Thanksgiving. Holiday shopping can account for more than 20% of total annual retail income. 

Retailers have realized that convenience is driving many purchasing decisions during the holiday season. After the pandemic years, with supply-chain and shipping delays, consumers are reluctant to put shopping off until the last minute. 

Plus, many of us shifted all our shopping online during the pandemic to avoid brick and mortar stores, and many shoppers don’t seem to want to revert to store shopping. 

According to Pottery Barn customer service, customers really appreciate Pottery Barn’s return policies and those policies impact a customer’s decision to shop at Pottery Barn. 

For that reason, it seems likely that Pottery Barn will continue to offer extended holiday returns for the benefit of their holiday customers. 

What is the Pottery Barn Christmas Return Policy?

For many items offered on Pottery Barn (not all–see below), Pottery Barn has allowed returns through January 31 of the following year IF the product was purchased between October 15th and December 26th of the prior year. 

If you bought the item being returned, your return is refunded to the original form of payment. Gifts are refunded in the form of Pottery Barn merchandise credit.

This way, you can shop starting mid-October but know your recipients can still return your gifts through January of the new year. 

This means that rather than a standard 30-day period, the holiday return period may be over 100 days long. 

To be clear–the holiday return policy doesn’t change what is eligible for return–it just allows for a longer window to return eligible items.

Does the Pottery Barn Christmas Return Policy Apply to Everything on Pottery Barn?

Everything that is eligible for return and subject to the typical 30-day return period would be eligible for the holiday return policy.

Will There Be a Pottery Barn Christmas Return Policy This Year?

Pottery Barn hasn’t confirmed whether it will offer a holiday return policy this year, though according to customer service it is likely considering how popular it has been in recent years.

Pottery Barn also didn’t confirm when it will announce the terms of its holiday return period, though it will probably be announced on the web site in September or October. 

The holiday return policy from the 2021-2022 holiday season is still listed on the Pottery Barn website, which most likely means the policy will continue for the upcoming holiday season and potentially years beyond.  

Why Not Offer a Holiday Return Policy? 

There are some drawbacks for a company to offer such a long return window, which is why many companies cap their regular windows at around 30 days. 

Decor retailers like Pottery Barn sell a large amount of seasonal merchandise for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which cannot be resold if it is returned in January. 

Do Other Companies Offer Christmas Return Policies? 

Yes–many companies are discovering that consumers can holiday shop with more confidence if they know the product has a chance of being returned in the new year. 

As of 2021, many companies offered extended Christmas return policies, including Williams-Sonoma, West Elm, Amazon, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus.

What Is the Pottery Barn Gift Return Policy?

So what happens if you get a gift from Pottery Barn during the holidays? Gifts returned with a gift receipt will receive merchandise credit for the amount on the gift receipt. 

Keep in mind this means your gift recipient will not receive cash if they return their gift from Pottery barn. 

What Items Cannot be Returned to Pottery Barn?

As with any retailer, certain items are not eligible for return at Pottery Barn. According the Pottery Barn website, the following list of items are never eligible for return:

Anything without an original receipt or gift receipt.

Anything monogrammed

Made to Order items, which includes rugs and furniture

Items marked “Final Sale” (or with prices that end with $.07 or $.09)

Items damaged by wear and tear (not manufacturer or shipping damage)

Gift cards


How Do I Make a Pottery Barn Return?

If you want to return my mail, you can print a return label from the returns page on the Pottery Barn website and drop your package at any UPS location. 

You will have to provide the label and the shipping box for all Pottery Barn returns, and all return labels are only for UPS rather than giving a choice of Fedex or USPS. Pottery Barn does not offer free shipping on returns.

If you have purchased furniture from Pottery Barn and want to make a return, you will have to contact their customer service department at [email protected] or 1.888.779.5176.

You can also return Pottery Barn items to any Pottery Barn store, which will save you the money and hassle of shipping via UPS. 

How Do I Return Gifts from My Pottery Barn Registry?

Registry items enjoy a longer regular returns window–90 days. You can return for a refund or exchange 90 days from your event or from the purchase of the product, whichever date is later.

This is a flexible option for those who are planning an event. 

Other Tips for Returning Products to Pottery Barn

A good tip for any returns is to keep a record of what you returned and when, just in case it gets lost in the mail or somehow the record of your return is lost. 

If you are mailing items, take a picture of the package and keep a receipt of shipping. Anything over $35-40 you should probably ship via a trackable service such as UPS or Fedex or get a tracking number from USPS.

Keep your receipt if returning to a store. 

Pottery Barn Christmas Return Policy FAQ 

Will Pottery Barn accept returns after 30 days?

As with any retailer, if your returns window has passed, it’s a good idea to contact customer service and see if they can take your return anyway.

It never hurts to ask. They don’t have to accept the return since they have clearly stated their return policies, but they also don’t want to lose customers over return policies. 

Can I return to Pottery Barn without receipt?

Just like trying to return something after the return window has closed, Pottery Barn doesn’t have to accept any return without a receipt since they have clearly stated their policy. 

If your item is still in its original packaging and has the tags on it, and if you are returning it within the returns window, you may still be able to return for store credit, though it is completely at the discretion of the store. 

It never hurts to ask customer service if they will make exceptions when it comes to returns. 


Pottery Barn hasn’t confirmed whether it will be continuing its Christmas return policy this year, though holiday return policies have caught on across a wide array of companies in recent years.

It would be a surprise if companies stopped offering them in a hot holiday market. 

If you are doing your early holiday shopping at Pottery Barn this year, make sure you take a look at the return policy to confirm. 




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