NRMA New Car Replacement Policy (What’s Covered + More)

NRMA New Car Replacement Policy

Do you know what NRMA new car replacement policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

NRMA is a unique insurance provider. Unlike many other companies, this car insurance covers practically everything, including a new car replacement. You have to understand the company’s policy to benefit from this coverage.

With NRMA’s Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus car insurance plans, you can get a new replacement car if your vehicle meets the stipulations. You will need to file a claim in order to do this. If you don’t want a new replacement car, there are other options, such as rental car coverage.

Keep reading to learn more about NRMA’s new car replacement policy and other stipulations relating to the company’s five insurance policy plans.

NRMA New Car Replacement Policies

NRMA offers a variety of new car replacement policies. What will happen and how much is covered depends on which coverage plan you select. Here is a look at NRMA’s five policies and what they offer.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

NRMA’s Comprehensive car replacement policy covers practically everything. Your vehicle will be covered from damage from an accident, theft, storm, fire, and flood.

Plus, this insurance protects other cars from damage if you cause an accident.

Not to mention, NRMA will cover the fine details of your vehicle, such as sunroofs, custom sound systems, and alloy wheels.

If the accident was the other driver’s fault, NRMA we’ll pay for a rental vehicle too. New car replacement is offered with this plan.

Comprehensive Plus Car Insurance

The Comprehensive Plus car insurance is NRMA’s most extensive coverage. It has the same base as the Comprehensive car insurance mentioned above, but it goes a step further.

It ensures other products and parts of your vehicle, such as the windscreen or glass cover.

The Comprehensive Plus car insurance also provides you up to $100 a day for a rental vehicle until your vehicle is repaired or your incident claim is settled.

That way, you are never without a vehicle, even after an accident. Comprehensive Plus offers new car replacement as well.

Compulsory Third-Party

NRMA offers two kinds of third-party insurance. The first is the Compulsory Third-Party, which protects against injuries.

With this insurance, you are protected from any accidents you cause for up to 26 weeks and any injuries caused to others from an accident.

Third-Party Fire and Theft

The second third-party insurance NRMA offers is the Third-Party Fire and Theft policy. This insurance protects your vehicle for up to $5,000 if another driver caused an accident.

Your vehicle is covered for fire or theft worth up to $10,000 market value. Other cars are protected if you cause any damage.

Vintage and Classic Car Insurance

The last type of insurance NRMA offers is Vintage and Classic car insurance. With this insurance, your vehicle is protected from an accident, theft, storm, fire, and flood.

Other vehicles are protected from damage caused by you.

How Can I Get a New Replacement Car?

If you opt for NRMA’s Comprehensive car insurance or Comprehensive Plus car insurance, you can get a new replacement car.

However, your car must weigh below 2.5 tons. It also must have been a demonstrator vehicle or brand new when you bought it to be covered.

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Can I Get a Rental If Something Happens to my Car?

In some cases, you might not want a brand new replacement car. Instead, you might want a rental car while yours is in the shop.

When NRMA will cover rental vehicle costs and how long they will do so depends on where you live and which plan you opt for.

Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus

With Comprehensive Plus car insurance, NRMA can arrange a rental vehicle if you cannot drive your vehicle after any covered event. NRMA will pay up to $100 a day until your claim is settled or your vehicle is repaired.

This applies to damage both caused by you or by the other driver. This policy applies to vehicles inoperable due to any event covered.

As for the Comprehensive Plan, NRMAwill covers a rental car worth $75 a day for 21 days maximum. This coverage only applies to accidents caused by another driver.

Third-party Fire and Damage and Third-party

The coverage for a rental vehicle is the same under the Third-Party Fire and Theft policy as the Comprehensive plan policy in NSW, QLD, ACT, and TAS. In SA, WA, and NT, NRMA will only cover rentals worth up to $65 a day. Unfortunately, there is no rental car policy with the basic third-party plan.

Vintage and Classic Car

With the Vintage and Classic car insurance, NRMA will arrange a vehicle if you are 100 km away from your home or less.

From there, the company will cover the rental vehicle worth $100 for seven days in NSW, QLD, ACT, and TAS. The coverage is unlimited in In SA, WA, and NT.

How to Make a Claim

In order to benefit from this coverage, you must file a claim right after the fact. You will want to submit a claim as soon as possible to ensure the claim is approved and you enjoy the benefits of NRMA’s coverage.

Making a claim is easy. All you need to do is go to the NRMA claim site and select which claim you want to get started.

After that, you will file a claim online by telling the company what happened, uploading photos, and tracking the claim process.

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As you can see, NRMA offers a unique insurance policy that is unlike other insurance companies. One of the most unique benefits is that you can get a new car replacement if the car meets the stipulations above.

It’s important that you have Comprehensive or Comprehensive Plus car insurance to get the full benefits.

The Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus policies are best for a number of other reasons as well. They offer the most protection, even when you caused the accident.

It’s important that you file a claim right away after an accident if you want to benefit from this coverage. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get approved for the coverage.


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