Mavis Tire Installation Cost (Mount & Balance Price)

Mavis Tire Installation Cost

Do you know how much Mavis charges to install tires? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Have you ever wondered how much Mavis charges to install tires? Well, look no further because we have all the answers you need. Having your tires changed at regular intervals is one of the expenses that no one likes, primarily because besides buying a set of tires you have to pay for installation and balancing.

So, Mavis tire installation cost (mount & balance price), what is it? Mavis charges $20 per tire for installing and balancing new tires on the rims. But, those are not the only services they offer.

But, first things first.

What is Mavis Discount Tire?

Mavis Discount Tire is a specialized chain of tire service centers where you can buy, install, and repair your tires. It started as a bicycle repair shop in 1949, and in 1972 it transformed into a tire repair shop.

Since then it has grown to be one of the largest tire service chains in the country with locations in 21 states and still growing.

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How Much Does Mavis Charge To Install Tires?

If you are wondering how much Mavis charge to install tires, the answer is $20 per tire. But more important is what you are getting for that money.

Mavis is boasting with their Proper Tire Installation, and PTI certification of their technicians. Including the fact that their techs are internally certified for individual vehicle models.

In other words, you can be certain that the techs doing your tire job are well-trained.

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What Is Mavis Tire Installation Service?

Mavis promises that all their tire installation jobs are done by technicians properly trained to do that job on the wheels that come with your vehicle. And as a part of their services they promise three important things:

  • Wheel protection,
  • Torque specs,
  • High-speed balancing.

These three things are supposed to prolong the life of your tires and wheels, but also to ensure that you are provided with the best possible services.

Wheel Protection

When installing new tires on your wheels, the Mavis’ techs will use the utmost care to not damage your rims. The equipment they use makes contact with the wheels on surfaces that are not visible when they are mounted on the vehicle.

So, the front surface will certainly remain pristine.

Also, all of their machines make contact with your wheels using a special plastic-coated slide surface to prevent any scratching.

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Torque Specs

Wheels shouldn’t be either tightened too much or not enough. And every combination of wheels and vehicle has a precise torque value that needs to be applied when installing wheels on the vehicle. Mavis’ techs will make sure that the torque is applied to specs.

Thus, will prevent any undesirable and problematic vibrations in your wheels. Vibrations that can easily damage your wheels and wheel hubs.

High-Speed Balancing

Balancing the wheel is very important as it allows for them to spin properly without any undue vibrations or increase in the rolling resistance.

Mavis uses special computerized balancing machines, which are the best and the latest method for balancing wheels. And they will balance wheels in conditions in which they will be used, at high-speed rotation.

Thus, they will be able to very precisely balance them.

Where Is Mavis Located?

Mavis has locations in 21 states, and as it stands, they will continue expanding to other states in the future. The largest number of their locations is clustered in the Northeast and Midwest, mostly in and around the state of New York.

The full list of locations, and very convenient location finder you have available on this page.

Does Mavis Do Wheel Alignment?

It is very important that tires touch the road surface at a proper angle, this allows them to perform exactly as they were designed to.

Any change of this angle will cause them to not sit properly. And it will also lead to uneven wear of tires and a lack of proper control of the vehicle.

This problem is easily solved by having the wheels aligned. And Mavis techs are properly trained to do it, which is just one of many additional services that Mavis provides to their customers.

Other Mavis Services

Mavis doesn’t just sell and install tires or do wheel alignment. In their locations, you can get a number of other services for your car.

Whether it is regular maintenance such as tire rotation and oil change, or repairs of suspension, you can get it done.

So, what are those services? Let’s check them one by one, and why and when you might need them.

Tire Repair

Whether you have or suspect a flat or punctured tire, you can visit any of the Mavis’ locations and have it fixed.

Once the tire starts leaking, it is only a matter of time before it will become unrepairable. So, getting it fixed as soon as possible is very important. And Mavis offers repair service at prices way below the price of a new tire.

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Brake Service

Brakes are what safely brings your vehicle to stop, which is why they must always be in perfect working order.

So, if you are hearing squeaks, rattling, or any noise coming from your brakes you must have them inspected.

When the times come, or there are any problems with them, you will need to also have the brakes serviced. And Mavis offers a very affordable price for this job.

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Mufflers And Exhaust Replacement

The intake of the engine is where it breaths in, and the exhaust is where it breaths out. And for it to be working properly, produce the power it was designed to, and do that in an economical way both of these must work properly.

Mavis’ techs will inspect your exhaust and make sure that any repair that should be done also gets done

Shocks and Suspension Services

The ride quality and enjoyment of driving greatly depend on the health of your suspension. But also the stability of your vehicle, and thus the safety of you, other passengers in your car, and the mother motorists on the road.

Mavis can have your suspensions fixed, or replaced, including any work required on any part of the suspension system.

Oil Change

Oil is the blood of your engine, and it keeps it safe and well-lubricated. But the engine oil has a life span and must be changed regularly.

The oil change is another service that is provided by Mavis and which you should consider doing at one of their locations. They offer a wide range of branded oils, so it will be done per recommendations for your vehicle. 

Tire Rotation

Tires do not wear equally. The first problem is the weight distribution of a vehicle, which is not perfect, but there are many other reasons for this. B

ecause of this, if you wish to extend the life of your tires and have them last you as long as they can, you should rotate them every 5,000 miles.

If you have purchased your tires from Mavis, this is a free service.


Many states require the vehicle to pass safety and emission inspections at various points in time. So, knowing where to find a reliable service that does them can be very important.

If you are a resident of New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, you can get your vehicle inspected at Mavis’ locations.

Car Battery Service

Without healthy batteries, your vehicle will not start at all. And Mavis provides services intended at keeping your battery healthy and properly working.

Their techs can diagnose, repair, or replace your problematic or dead batteries. In case of replacements, you will be provided with a new and reliable one, and with a limited warranty for it.

TPMS Sensors Replacement

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors are by law required on all vehicles. Their function is to warn you about the loss of air in your tires.

But just like any other parts, they can become faulty. And Mavis’ techs can have them replaced for you.

Wiper Blades Replacement

Being able to see what is in front of your vehicle is very important to stay safe on the road. Especially in the detrimental weather conditions, whether it’s raining or snowing.

So, having your wiper blades in perfect condition is very important, because it is their job to remove everything and anything from your windshield. Mavis can affordably replace them with OEM parts. 


Many people are price conscious, especially about the expenses which are at regular intervals. And then they start shopping for the most affordable option.

One such expense is tire change. Whether because your tires are nearing their life span, or you are changing tires for the season.

Which makes them wonder how much does Mavis charge to install tires? Just like all other companies that offer these services, Mavis charges per tire, and the fee is $20.

But they provide many more services for your vehicle, and you should check them out because they are among the most affordable companies.



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