Hartland Tires: 9 Facts You Need To Know (Explained)


When on the search for trailer tires, you may have come across the company Hartland Tires. These are a brand of trailer tires that many users prefer, but they aren’t available at every dealership.

Your tires are an important purchase, so it’s a good idea to know as much about the company as possible. We’re going to go over the facts you need to know about Hartland Tires.

One of the biggest and most costly disasters that can happen to people when they’re on the road is tire blowouts.

They are the biggest causes of all trailer-related issues when drivers are out on the road. One way for trailer owners to stop this problem before it has a chance to happen is by making sure they have good quality tires.

All Hartland Tires Eligible For Warranty Coverage

All Hartland Tires products are eligible for warranty coverage. Customers who choose this package will have complete coverage of their trailer tires. Each tire will have protection until it is down to 3/32 of wear. In the event that damage occurs leading to a tire that can’t be repaired, customers will receive a new Hartland Tire replacement.

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9 Facts About Hartland Tires

When you’re getting ready to take your trailer on the road, it’s important to consider what type of tires are on them. The last thing any traveler wants to deal with is a busted tire when they’re on a country road.

Hartland Tires have a reputation for being some of the best quality tires any trailer owner could buy. Here are 9 facts you need to know about them:

  1. Who Owns Hartland Tires?
  2. What Makes Hartland Tires Unique?  
  3. Are The Design of Hartland Tires Special?
  4. Why Are Hartland Tires Better For Trailers ; RVs?
  5. What Is The Most Popular Tire From Hartland Tires? 
  6. Why Do Customers Prefer Hartland Tires? 
  7. What Are The Cons Of Hartland Tires? 
  8. What Is The Price Range Of Hartland Tires? 
  9. How Would Trailer Enthusiasts Describe Hartland Tires? 

1: Who Owns Hartland Tires?

If you go down to your local automotive or RV shop, you likely will not find any Hartland Tires in stock. This is because Hartland Tires is a brand made specifically for Discount Tire.

There are many Discount Tire locations across the US, and they have made a name for themselves as one of the most reliable tire shops in America.

Who owns Hartland tires? The first Discount Tire location was founded in 1960 by Bruce T Halle. He rented out an old plumbing supply building and completely renovated the shop into his own. When customers see how busy any Discount Tire location is today, it’s hard for them to imagine that this shop started out as a one-man operation.

When Discount Tire first opened, Bruce was the salesman, technician, cleaner, and accountant. His dedication to the operation helped the business grow into what it is today.

Now they own several locations across the country and even have their own brand of tires, Hartland Tires.

2: What Makes Hartland Tires Unique?

Hartland Tires are designed specifically for trailers. When you need tires that can perform under pressure, Hartland Tires is a brand to rely on. They are built to carry heavy loads, which gives many trailer owners peace of mind while they are traveling.

Many trailer owners have noticed that their ride is a lot smoother since switching to Hartland Trailers.

These are some of the most durable tires for nearly any type of trailer. They can handle going at full speed on the highway just as easily as they can handle a bumpy side road in the country.

What’s great about these tires is that they can be used on a variety of RVs, including toy haulers and specialty trailers.

3: Are The Design of Hartland Tires Special?

Each Hartland Tire has an advanced ribbed design which helps deliver that smooth trailer ride that these tires are known for. However, that’s not the only perk that this design gives the tires. This advanced ribbed design also allows for a quieter ride, even on a noisy highway.

The design also helps create a safer ride so users are less likely to experience a tire blowout. 

“Hartland Tires are designed so they don’t wear down as easily as other brands. They allow a longer life on the road because when they do begin to wear (which will happen with any type of tire) they will wear out evenly.”

This design helps create a more reliable tire with a higher level of performance. 

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4: Why Are Hartland Tires Better For Trailers ; RVs?

Hartland Tires are one of the best choices for trailer and RV tires because the company puts a lot of focus on productivity and longevity. They are designed to have a longer tread life than other leading tires that are used on RVs.

These tires are made to travel a longer distance at a higher speed without the owner having to worry about them heating up. 

Most of the tires from Hartland Tires have an N-speed rating, allowing them the ability to safely travel up to 87 mph. They can reach high speeds while carrying a heavy load, without having to worry about overheating.

This allows the tires to be able to handle many different (and possibly difficult) driving conditions. 

The superior design of the tire tread allows for the trailer to pull behind a vehicle straight and narrow. Even if the driving gets aggressive, these tires will keep the trailer in line.

They work with your vehicle so they don’t hold your vehicle back. This helps them last longer as well.

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5: What Is The Most Popular Tire From Hartland Tires?

Many customers at Discount Tire prefer the St Radial All Steel Tire made by Hartland Tires. This is one of their most popular sellers and all the reviews are coming back positive.

This heavy-duty tire was designed specifically to handle those heavy loads that many trailers tow. It has been named as one of the most reliable tires in the trailer industry for a long haul. 

Cargo is always safe when these tires are attached to your trailer. Each tire has a PSI of 110, which ultimately means that each tire you have attached to your trailer will be capable of handling up to 4080 lbs.

These are very strong and durable tires as well, each one weighing 60 lbs. They have a rim diameter of 16 inches and a tread depth of 13 inches.

Overall, they are one of the safest makes of trailer tires available in the United States. 

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6: Why Do Customers Prefer Hartland Tires?

While most trailers have a standard style of tire that they come with, many people wonder why someone would switch them for another make.

Often the standard tires aren’t capable of handling the extreme conditions and extra weight that most Hartland Tires can manage easily. 

Most people initially become interested in Hartland Tires because they are already loyal customers of Discount Tires. The staff at each location is incredibly friendly and helpful.

They are knowledgeable about all of the products available and always go above and beyond to hook customers up with the best products for their needs. 

When the staff at Discount Tires recommends something, their customers always trust what they have to say.

That is why many of them didn’t think twice when they were introduced to Hartland Tires by a trusted salesperson. However, it’s the superior quality and affordable prices that keep customers committed to Hartland Tires on their RVs.

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7: What Are The Cons Of Hartland Tires?

While many trailer owners love Hartland Tires, they don’t love how hard they are to come by. Since this brand is exclusively made for Discount Tires, that is the only place people can find them.

This creates difficulties for anyone who doesn’t live near a Discount Tire location.

Sometimes the opportunity to buy a used set of Hartland Tires may appear in the classifieds or an online marketplace. However, many buyers don’t always trust these offers because it’s difficult to determine what condition the tires are in and they likely won’t have a warranty included. 

If an interested buyer can’t find the Hartland Tires product they are after from Discount Tires, they will be out of luck.

 Unfortunately, this isn’t a brand that they will be able to find at other dealerships. 

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8: What Is The Price Range Of Hartland Tires?

Hartland Tires are one of the better-priced tire brands that still provide quality tires that customers can rely on. The lowest price tire that they have available at Discount Tire is the standard St Radial which starts at $70 per tire. On the other side of the scale, the more advanced version, St Radial All Steel starts at $210 per tire.

New tires are a big investment, but they will save you money in the long run. With good quality tires, you will be less at risk of an unexpected blowout while you’re on the road.

The last thing any trailer owner wants is for one of their tires to blow when they are on a road that is miles away from civilization. 

Anyone who is interested in new tires, but isn’t sure if they can afford to pay in full should look into the financing options available at Discount Tire. There is a Discount Tire credit card available for qualifying applicants to make it easier to afford a new set of Hartland Tires.

There is no annual fee and the application can be filled out online for easy and fast approval.

9: How Would Trailer Enthusiasts Describe Hartland Tires?

When it comes to finding the best products, there’s no one better to ask than an enthusiast. Many trailer enthusiasts who have tried a number of different trailer tires on the market describe Hartland Tires as one of the beefier brands of tires.

When you want to haul a heavy load from one state to another, these are the most reliable tires that can be bought.

They are worth scouting out a Discount Tire location, even if it is a fair trip to get there. Part of the reason why is that they are built to last no matter what conditions you put them through.

Drivers never have to worry about how these tires are handling the ride.

They can easily make sharp turns in a busy town and have no trouble riding through the bumps on a gravel road.

Since making the switch to these tires, enthusiasts have also noticed that they are no longer having to spend as much money on repairs and maintenance.  

Final Thoughts

Now that the beautiful weather is here. many people are excited to hit the open road with their trailers and RVs. Before taking a journey away from home, you should make sure everything on your trailer is up to code.

What many new trailer owners aren’t aware of is that their tires should be the first thing they inspect before traveling.

When you’re in the market for new trailer tires, Hartland Tires is one of the most trusted in the industry. While they are only available at Discount Tire, they are very well worth it. Not only are they affordable, but they are also the best in quality.

The superior design of these tires can’t be matched by competitors. Their tread allows for a sturdier drive that is also a lot smoother and more durable than other trailer tires.

They are also designed to be a lot safer because they can handle heavier loads for longer distances.



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