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Deliver RVs to dealerships. It’s a common sight these days to see the delivery of travel trailers or RVs. People who love to drive can consider a career in this field. Perhaps, you’ve thought about picking this up as a full-time job, but you are wondering if it’s profitable. We understand your concern, and we’ve done some research on the topic.

So, can you make money delivering travel trailers or RVs? You can make money by delivering travel trailers or RVs. However, the amount of money you make from it depends largely on a number of criteria, such as your expertise. As a starter, you’ll need to develop your skill and learn how to market yourself to make more money in the industry.

Apart from skill and marketing knowledge, tons of other criteria determine the amount of money you can make from delivering travel trailers. In this article, we will be looking at some of these criteria. Read on to find out how you can make money delivering travel trailers, as well as the basic skills you’ll have to master.

How Much Money Can You Make From Delivering Transport Trailers?

If you decide to go into this business, you can expect to make reasonable money. At least, you can expect your total pay for each trip to exceed your expenses for the said trip. Therefore, as long as you can plan your return trip economically and do not lavish money on excess luxuries, you would finish your trip with a reasonable profit.

How much does it pay to deliver RV’s? Well, on average you can make a daily profit after expenses of over $100. The profit varies, however, depending on several factors. If you’ve seen high figures of profit published anywhere, then it’s probably gross income. But it all reduces when you take away the expenses from the profit.

Useful Tips That Help You Earn Money From Delivering Travel Trailers

Below are 5 tips to help you on your way to earning money from delivering trailers!

1. Learn How to Drive Travel Trailers.

This is the first step in it. Just as it is with most other driving jobs, you need to know how to drive first.  Travel trailer delivery can be done by anybody, as long as they are willing to learn, but people that have owned or driven large vehicles are likely to do it better. The maybe reason behind this insinuation is their ability to understand the rules about driving and parking such vehicles, especially in events when they’ll probably need to drive to a different city. This is why most experts would recommend that you start with driving large vehicles so that you can gain some level of experience before going into travel trailer delivery.

2. Learn a Lifestyle That Accommodates Anything

This is not a compulsory requirement, but it will pay to do. Most people that have tried it before understand that the delivery of a travel trailer is quite difficult from the delivery of normal goods by truck. In most cases, the delivery person would only need to make a one-way trip to the delivery destination and then find their way back. Note that the pay covers delivery, so you are only entitled to pay when delivery is complete.

Nobody cares about how you’ll find your way back to your destination. Apart from learning to be prudent in your expenditures, you’ll also need to realize that you’ll be making a lot of adjustments to your normal lifestyle. The time you choose for this job can also differ based on your present lifestyle. If you are taking the job as a supplement to your full-time job, then you can use your weekends and other public holidays for the delivery. Otherwise, you will be on the road every day of the week.

3. Do You Need a Commercial Driver’s License to transport RVs?

Yes, you need a CDL to deliver RVs and make some money. The commercial driver’s license or CDL comes in different categories. Most people already know that class C license holders would not find opportunities in this industry as much as other categories would.

A class A commercial driver’s license permits you to drive travel trailers up to 26,000 Ibs. A class B Driver’s License, would, on the other hand, permit you to drive straight vehicles of up to 26,000 Ibs. Class B Driver’s License is typically more difficult to get in comparison with other classes. Don’t be intimidated by the process involved in getting these licenses. You’ll typically be able to go through the process by enrolling in a driving institute. Once your ability is tested and certified, getting the license wouldn’t be difficult anymore.

4. Improve Your Experience

There’s perhaps no better way to do this than by working for a travel trailer delivery company. The world keeps evolving daily. Today, there are already tons of transportation companies offering the service of travel trailer delivery. You may find the industry quite confusing as a starter, especially in issues relating to financing and road rules.

Most expenditures involved may seem too big for you also. This is where forming an attachment with an established company comes into play. These companies can help you navigate the difficulties until you are ready to start. Getting hired is not as difficult as you are probably thinking. As long as you are prepared to work hard towards getting sufficient skills, then getting hired would be pretty easy for you.

Bear in mind, however, that people with advanced commercial licenses are more likely to gain such employments compared to those that don’t have—looking for such opportunities? Search online for different companies that may be looking for trailer delivery persons.

5. What About Insurance?

Like most other delivery jobs, travel trailer delivery comes with some measure of risks. As a delivery person, you’ll need to protect yourself from these risks; hence, the need to think insurance. Vehicle manufacturers carry their own insurance, but it’s still advisable that you take out such insurances like property damage/bodily injury/uninsured motorist Insurance from a private insurance company. This act will protect you from certain issues that may arise during the delivery process.

Little Known Facts About Delivering Travel Trailers

Here are a few facts about travel trailer delivery that you probably didn’t know before now:

  • With a wide variety of opportunities in this field, chances exist that you’ll find the right position to match your particular skills and needs. Qualified drivers who can guarantee absolute carefulness are a valuable asset to any company. Therefore, most reputable companies are always on the lookout for such drivers, ensuring that their needs are adequately taken care of.
  • Some companies would require that a driver makes at least one trip per month to maintain a good status on the driver’s board. The amount of time you’ll want to be on the road or the level of income you want to make is pretty much up to you.
  • As a full-time travel trailer delivery person, you might want to work between different terminals depending on the condition of those places at different times of the year.


The question now is if it’s worth it to deliver transport trailers. Overall, we’d recommend this job as an excellent way to travel with someone else taking over your travel cost. But it’s not a business that you can rely on to get rich quick or to support a family. There’s not too much money in it. However, it is a good way for a person to make an additional income to supplement an existing job. It’s also a cool job for an adventurous driver that enjoys traveling around the country always.

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