Kate Spade Warranty (Repairs, Customer Service + More)

Kate Spade Warranty

All Kate Spade items are designed to last many years. As a result, Kate Spade products come with a fantastic warranty.

Under this warranty, all items should be free from workmanship errors or manufacturer-related defects. If an item is not up to par, Kate Spade will assist you with the problem.

Below, learns everything you need to know about the Kate Spade warranty. The warranty is different depending on location and item.

No matter what Kate Spade item you have, our guide below will tell you how it is covered and whom to contact regarding the warranty.

About the Kate Spade Warranty

Kate Spade has a unique warranty for each category of its products.

It’s important that you read up on the warranty for your individual product so that you know how long it is covered and what to do if the damage is detected.

Here is a look at the Kate Spade warranty for all categories of items:


Kate Spade clothing is seasonal and comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects.

Damage caused by wear and tear, or regular use is not covered by the one-year warranty. Kate Spade provides extra beads and buttons for all products in case yours go missing. So, you shouldn’t need the warranty for AWOL buttons.

Kate Spade does not repair any clothing through the warranty. Instead, they will help you resolve the issue another way.

For this reason, it’s best to take the article of clothing to a store location so that they can assist you with the warranty directly.

Kate Spade Handbags, Wallets, and Baby Bags Warranty

All handbags, wallets, and baby bags come with a one-year warranty as well. This warranty covers defects. If defects are found, Kate Spade will repair the issue immediately.

Under this warranty, you can take the defective item to a store or contact customer service.


Kate Spade offers a one-year warranty on its shoes. This warranty covers any damage caused by problems in the workmanship or manufacturing.

Damage cannot be repaired for free if it was caused by your use and regular wear or tear.

Kate Spade Jewelry Warranty

If your jewelry has manufacturing defects or is damaged, Kate Spade provides a one-year warranty.

It’s best to contact the store where you bought the jewelry if you find any manufacturing issues, but customer service will be happy to help you too.

Kate Spade Watch Warranty

Watches have a different warranty than jewelry. Your watch has a two-year warranty starting the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects related to workmanship or materials.

If you live in North America, the warranty only covers the material and any manufacturing defects that affect the dial, hands or watch movement.

This warranty does not cover crystals, cases, batteries, scratches, straps, gold plating, or damages that come from accidents, normal wear, or water damage.

Water damage is only covered if the product is marked water resistant. The warranty also does not cover issues that come from a repair or service that is performed by anyone other than a Kate Spade-approved party.

Safilo Eyewear

Kate Spade partners with Safilo to produce eyewear. Kate Spade will help manufacturing defects as long as you still have the frame.

If you have any questions, you have to contact consumers@safilo directly instead of Kate Spade.

If you are interested in repairing your eyewear through this warranty, you must download the warranty form, and return the frames and paperwork. You will also have to pay a $15 processing fee.

Once all of this is done, Safilo will inspect the eyewear to see if it is covered by the warranty. No alterations will be made without your permission first.


Kate Spade lighting comes with a one-year manufacturer defect warranty. This warranty only covers items that are defective due to a manufacturing error and are cared for properly.

To utilize this warranty, you must contact 866-999-5283 for assistance.

What If My Item Is Not Covered Anymore?

If you have an item that is not covered anymore by the Kate Spade warranty, Kate Spade still invites you to contact customer support or find a local storefront. There, an associate will help you find a repair facility.

Although Kate Spade may not offer repair for free, they will help to assist you in whatever way possible, even if your item is not under warranty anymore.

What to Do If Your Kate Spade Product is Damaged

If your Kate Spade item is defective or damaged due to workmanship or manufacturing error, you will need to contact Kate Spade for assistance.


If you live in an area with a Kate Spade store, you can always bring your item to that store to have it evaluated. This in-store method is fast, convenient, and free.


Depending on where you live, you might not have a Kate Spade store in your area. In that case, you can contact Kate Spade via customer support.

The email address to contact depends on the location you live and where you purchase the item. Here is whom to contact based on your location:

Canada[email protected]
China (Mainland)[email protected]
EuropeFill out this form
Hong Kong Sar, China[email protected]
Indonesia[email protected]
Japan[email protected]
Malaysia[email protected]
Middle East[email protected]
Singapore[email protected]
South America[email protected]
UKFill out this form
US[email protected]

If you decide to contact Kate Spade via e-mail, you will need to provide photos of your item and a photo of the proof of purchase.

Proof of purchase can be a credit card statement, the original receipt, or the packaging slip. If you don’t have these items, the warranty cannot be processed.

Items You’ll Need

No matter which way you decide to contact Kate Spade, there are a few things you will need.

Most importantly, you will need the item that is damaged and everything that came with it. It’s impossible to process a warranty without pictures of the item or the item itself.

If you have pictures of the item, it’s essential that the pictures include a clear shot of the damage.

If the damaged item came in a protective case or bag, it’s a good idea to bring that item as well. For example, many watches and jewelry pieces come with protective casings.

Bring these items to ensure the warranty process goes over without a hitch.

The second most important thing to have is proof of purchase. Warranties will not be issued without proof of purchase.

Proof of purchase proves that you purchased the item and that the item is still within warranty based on the date the item was purchased.

The original receipt, packaging slip, or credit card statement all count as proof of purchase.


Kate Spade’s warranty is comprehensive and provides a little extra protection for all of your favorite items.

Most warranties are one-year long, but some items come with a two-year warranty instead. It’s important to read up on the warranty of your defective items specifically.

Don’t hesitate to contact Kate Spade if you believe your item is defective. Visit a Kate Spade store directly or use the e-mail addresses above to contact customer support.

Even if your item is no longer within the warranty window, Kate Spade can provide you with some direction about how to rectify the issue.




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