KAL Tire Installation Cost (Mount & Balance Price)

KAL Tire Installation Cost

Do you know how much tire installation cost at KAL or how much KAL Tire charge to install tires? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If your vehicle needs new tires, it’s not just the tires themselves you need to worry about – it’s also the cost of installation, mounting, and balancing. How much does KAL Tire charge to install tires?

KAL Tire will install, mount, and balance a full set of four tires for $152. This cost tends to be slightly more expensive than the average cost of tire installation which falls between $80 and $120.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about KAL Tire’s installation services including tire prices, installation options, discounts, warranties, how to make an appointment, and more.

How Do I Get My Tires Installed at KAL Tire?

KAL Tire will gladly install tires that you purchase from their store on your car. Simply go online and shop for your new set of wheels and then book an appointment to get them installed.

KAL Tire will change out your old wheels for the new ones of your choice.

You can shop tires by size or by vehicle model to make sure you get the right ones. KAL Tire ensures quality service and aims to get you back on the road with a working set of tires.

Once you’ve booked your appointment, drive to the location that you made it with and a service member will get your car into the garage.

They will install your tires, mount and balance them, along with any other services you may need. Once the service is complete, they will provide you with a total cost for services which you can pay immediately or set up a payment plan.

Then you will be back on the road with a new set of tires.

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What Are My Pricing Options for Tire Installation at KAL Tire? 

KAL Tire can install, mount, and balance your tires; however, you might not need all of these services. There are different options for pricing depending on the needs of your vehicle.

f you need a simple tire installation without mounting or balancing, the cost will be $52 for a full set of four tires.

For installation and balancing, KAL Tire charges between $85 and $100 to service all four tires. For the full service of installation, mounting, and balancing, you are looking to spend $152 to cover the cost of all of your tires.

If you are looking to save a bit of money on your tire installation costs at KAL Tire, there are a few discounts available that can reduce the price of some of these services.

Can I Purchase Tires at KAL Tire?

KAL Tire offers a wide range of tires for purchase for cars, trucks, ATVs, and trailers. KAL Tire even has winter tires for sale since they understand the need for quality grip and performance during the months when ice and snow cover the roads.

You can select the tires you want by choosing the year of your car’s manufacturing all the way back to 1980. KAL Tire supplies tires for dozens of different makes including popular American, Japanese, and German cars. They also have tires for high end sports cars, and some makes that are no longer manufacturing cars.

The tires that KAL Tire provides are guaranteed by their personal tire test and they provide you with a tread warranty as well as recommend which brands are the best performers for different conditions.

Michelin, Nokian, Nitto, and Firestone are just some of the brands that KAL Tire carries.

Will KAL Tire Install Tires That I Bring to the Store?

Unfortunately, KAL Tire will not install tires that have not been purchased from their store. KAL Tire’s mission is to provide its customers with top quality tires that will achieve stellar performance and a safe ride on the road.

They vet all of the tires they sell, and they cannot guarantee tires that have come from another vendor.

If you want KAL Tire to install your tires, you will need to purchase your tires from KAL Tire. Otherwise, check with the place where you purchased other tires to see where they recommend you get your tires installed.

If you have any questions concerning the nature of your tires, KAL Tire is more than happy to help answer those for you.

If you already have tires installed on your vehicle and they didn’t come for KAL Tire but they just need servicing such as alignment or balancing, KAL Tire can offer you those services.

They are just not able to install tires purchased elsewhere.

Are There Any Discounts for Tire Installation Services at KAL Tire?

KAL Tire has quite a few options for saving money on your tire installation services. They offer a price match guarantee on installation and balancing services (not mounting) for competitors such as Canadian Tire, Costco, car dealerships, and independent tire retailers.

These stores must be located within 100 km (62 miles) of a KAL Tire location to qualify.

Occasionally, KAL Tire will run sales on their services or tires, so be on the lookout for any special deals that might pop up. Additionally, any KAL Tire customers who are members of the Alberta Motor Association can get 5% off all services and products including tires and installation.

Another way to save at KAL Tire is by purchasing all four new tires at once and bundling them with installation.

When taken together, the bundle price is less than the total sum of each individual product and service.

What Other Tire Services Does KAL Tire Offer?

Installation, mounting, balancing, and tire sales aren’t the only tire services that KAL Tire offers. They also perform wheel alignments, repair flat tires, and change and store winter tires.

Wheel alignments are usually necessary with the installation of new tires or if you lift or lower your vehicle.

For standard maintenance purposes, wheel alignments should be performed every one to two years or when you feel your vehicle start to pull to one side when you’re driving.

KAL Tire can help get you back on track.

If you get a flat tire, KAL Tire can also help patch it up if it’s a small enough hole. If you have a major blowout, then they can also completely replace and install the tire.

Additionally, KAL Tire can change out your regular tires for winter tires when the season hits and store your winter tires when spring rolls around again.

How Do I Make an Appointment with KAL Tire to Get My Tires Installed?

KAL Tire provides a convenient way to book an appointment for tire installation or any of the other services that they offer.

Simply visit their website and click the “Book a Tire Change” button right on the home page. You will have to select the desired KAL Tire location and it will populate with available dates and times.

Once you have your appointment booked, you should receive an email or text confirmation. All that’s left to do is take your car in at the appropriate time.

If you are not as technologically savvy, you can give your local KAL Tire branch a call and one of their customer service representatives will happily make an appointment for you.

Is There a Warranty for Tires Bought from KAL Tire?

KAL Tire provides a warranty on most of its tires including custom tires such as those meant for racing.

Each brand and model of tire has a different warranty that can include coverage of tread wearing, structural defects, and chrome or paint finish peeling.

Each of these warranties has different time frames that typically extend for one to two years.

KAL Tire’s warranty will not cover damage or pitting to the finish of wheels except in the case of painted wheels. It also does not cover damage to the wheels as a result of improper maintenance, poor road conditions, racing applications, or accidents.

If you are unsure what warranty coverage you have on the tires you purchased from KAL Tire, call one of their customer service representatives or stop by one of their store locations to ask a qualified associate.

They should be able to help you figure out what is and is not covered by the warranty on your tires.


KAL Tire offers tire installation, mounting, and balancing services for a full set of tires for $152. KAL Tire also sells tires and performs other tire services such as alignment, flat tire repair, and winter tire change and storage.

They can only install tires purchased from KAL Tire, however.

While KAL Tire’s price on installation may be high, they will price match their competitors and offer discounts for members of the Alberta Motor Association.

It’s easy to make an appointment for tire installation with KAL Tire by going online or giving your nearest branch a call.

KAL Tire offers a great range of tires for many vehicles as well as service options depending on the needs of your car.





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