What Is The Jayco Swan Bed Weight Limit? (Must Read)

jayco swan bed weight limit

Have you ever wondered what the Jayco Swan bed weight limit is? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Before selecting any pop up camper, it’s important to consider the bed weight limits. The bed weight limit can determine how many people can sleep in the bed at one time.

If you do not know the weight limit, you could easily add too much weight to the bed, leading to an unsafe situation.

Of the pop up campers, the Jayco Swan is one of the more popular. Just like with any other pop up camper, you need to be aware of its bed weight limit. Spoiler alert, you will be happy to find out that the Jayco Swan bed limit is actually higher than the average pop up camper limit.

So, what is the Jayco Swan bed weight limit? On average Jayco Swan bed has a weight limit of 1050 pounds. This is in fact 50 pounds higher than most other pop up camper bed weight limits. However, many new pop-up camper’s models can handle 1200 up to 4500 pounds per bed but it is more difficult to find weight limits this high.

In this article, we tell you why the bed limit matters, and ways to improve the bed and mattress.

Let’s get started.

The Jayco Swan Bed Weight Limit

Like many other pop up camper brands, Jayco made it a bit difficult to find out the bed weight limit for their Swan beds.

After a lot of digging, we found that each Jayco Swan bed has a weight limit of 1050 pounds. This allows multiple people to sleep in the bed at one time.

This weight is really important because the Jayco Swan claims to sleep six. If the beds weren’t able to handle that much weight, they would not be able to handle near as many sleepers at one time.

How Does This Bed Limit Compare To Others?

One reason that people prefer Jayco pop up campers to other brands is that the weight limit is actually slightly higher. Whereas the Jayco Swan bed weight limit is 1050 pounds, most other pop up camper bed weight limits are 1000 pounds.

“At first glance, 50 pounds may not seem like a lot, but it can allow an extra dog or child to sleep in the bed with you. This can make a big difference while you are camping in your Jayco Swan.”

Of course, there are other pop up campers that offer a higher weight limit than the Jayco Swan. More specifically, many new models can handle up to 1200 pounds per bed.

Some pop up campers are even designed to handle as much as 4500 pounds per bed, but it is more difficult to find weight limits this high.

Expect to pay much more for those pop up campers, but the price may be worth it if you need it. 

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Why Does Bed Weight Limit Matter?

Given that it is tough to exceed a 1000 pound limit, you might not think that knowing the bed weight limit matters a lot.

Although it certainly is difficult to exceed this capacity, you should know it so that you can be safe rather than sorry.

Knowing the bed weight limit can ensure that you use and sleep on the bed safely. Because the beds of the pop up campers do not have a steady foundation, they cannot handle more weight than they are designed for.

 If you put on more weight, you can easily cause the bed to collapse, leading to injury and damage to the pop up camper.

For this reason, the bed weight limit matters a lot. If you are worried about exceeding 1000 pounds on the bed, the Jayco Swan pop up camper will likely be your best bet. Still, be careful.

Not to mention, just because the weight capacity is 1050 pounds does not mean you have to put that much weight on it.

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About The Jayco Swan Bed

The Jayco Swan Camper Trailer has a lot of room. It actually sleeps the most amount of people within the range.

As we already mentioned, it has the ability to sleep six people because of the large beds and couch layout.

If you are looking into the Jayco Swan outback bed weight capacity, you may be interested in the bed as a whole.


The Jayco Swan is fitted with an innerspring mattress. This creates a much more heavy and bulky experience that is more similar to beds you sleep on at home.

This innerspring design can make your camper feel much more comfortable and inviting.

Many people like the innerspring mattress because it holds up against a lot of weight.

Multiple users who are tall, and therefore weigh more, claimed that they have used this mattress for years and have not experienced the mattress compounding.


One downside of the innerspring mattress is that multiple people end up sleeping on the seam, resulting in a less comfortable experience.

It also can cause the zipper to become undone throughout the night while you are moving around.

Of course, there are ways that you can make the mattress more comfortable. For example, you can add a foam mattress Topper.

This allows a bit more cushion while still providing the support of the innerspring mattress. It also helps to make the seam less noticeable as you are sleeping.

Another issue that people have with the Jayco Swan bed is its length. People who are over six feet tall may find it uncomfortable to sleep in, though this is an issue for many pop up beds, not just the Jayco Swan.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about the bed being too short for your height. You should look for options that are a bit longer than this one if you are on the tall side.

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Tips For Your Jayco Swan Bed

If you are thinking about getting a Jayco Swan but aren’t sold on individual detail issues, there are ways that you can modify the trailer to make it more comfortable and livable.

There are many modifications you can do, but we will focus on the modifications that relate to the mattress and the bed.

Add A Mattress Topper

Even if you like the innerspring mattress, it is best to opt for a mattress topper. This will create a much more comfortable experience for your camper.

Most people recommend a memory foam topper because it adds much more cushioning than the actual mattress provides.

As for the size, the Jayco Swan claims to have a double and a queen sized bed. Most double mattress toppers fit perfectly for both mattresses.

Most queen bed toppers will need to be cut down to fit inside perfectly.

Reinforce The Bed Support Poles

In addition to adding a mattress topper, something else you should definitely do is reinforce the bases for the support poles.

This will add a much sturdier bed, meaning you don’t have to worry about the base breaking under excess pressure or weight.

It will not add a ton of extra weight to the limit, but it can help you have peace of mind.

Add A Bed Fly

There is nothing worse than sleeping in a pop up camper when it is raining. It can cause the material to get wet, making the material feel cold while you’re sleeping.

Plus, it can make it more difficult to pack up the camper in a way that mitigates mildew and mold.

You can add a bed fly around the bed materials to keep everything dry and clean. You can find bed fly conversion kits online that will save you time and effort for the installation.

Plus, it will save you time since you don’t have to unroll the pop up camper to let it dry out after you get home.

Add A Clothes Line To The Bed Support Poles

This idea will not help your sleeping experience, but it can help you make the most of your Jayco Swan.

Instead of allowing the bed support poles to just, well, support the bed, add a clothesline to save space and dry wet clothes.

This is an option that is really only unique to Jayco trailers because most pop up trailers have a different supporting mechanism.

You can use pegless clotheslines to connect to the supporting poles with ease.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Jayco Swans have a bed limit capacity of 1050 pounds. This is about 50 pounds more than many other pop up campers.

If you need a pop up camper that has a higher capacity, you certainly can find them, but they will be notably more expensive than the Jayco Swan.

In addition to having a really impressive weight capacity, the Jayco Swan is fixed with an innerspring mattress on both beds.

This creates a much more supported sleeping experience. For ultimate comfort, we recommend adding a mattress topper to the top, as well as reinforcing the poles for a bit more structure and support. 

Of course, there are other modifications you can make to the bed. For example, you can add a clothesline to the bed support poles or add a bed fly around the beds.

If you are feeling really adventurous, you can even extend the queen-size bed to a king-size, but we recommend watching a lot of YouTube videos before taking on that project!



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