Is Starbucks Coconut Milk Sweetened? (Is It Healthy?)

Is Starbucks Coconut Milk Sweetened

Lindsey, do you know if Starbucks coconut milk is sweetened? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Starbucks uses sweetened coconut milk in their beverages. This means their coconut milk recipe has additional sugar added on top of the natural sugar found in most coconuts.

With the added sugar, the total calories and sugar content go up quite a bit. If you are looking for a healthy option, you are better off using one of the other milk substitutes, like almond milk.

Does Starbucks Coconut Milk Have Additional Sweeteners?

Starbucks coconut milk is sweetened. They do not rely on the sugar of the coconut alone to achieve the sweet taste it lends to your drinks.

Coconut milk is popular for people seeking that extra sweetness. However, if you want to avoid added sugar, this is important to keep in mind.

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What Ingredients are in Starbucks Coconut Milk?

Starbucks does not use raw coconut milk, as it is harvested in nature. Maintaining the flavor and texture that consumers are accustomed to with coconut milk often requires additional ingredients.

Starbucks adds several ingredients to their coconut milk including cane sugar, xantham gum, water, corn dextrin, and more. This is on top of the base made of coconut water concentrate and coconut cream.

Many of these ingredients are added to enhance the flavor. Some, like the xanthan gum, are also added to help maintain the slightly thicker texture of coconut milk.

Does Starbucks Coconut Milk Have More or Less Sugar than other Milk Options?

Starbucks coconut milk has less sugar than all of the dairy milk options, but there are. Non-dairy options with less total sugar.

Starbucks uses almond milk that has less sugar than their coconut milk, though, if you want a lower sugar option.

This table separates the different Starbucks milk by type and lists their total sugar content. Note: you likely will not be having a full serving of milk in many of your beverage options.

Milk TypeTotal Sugar Content per Serving
Soy milk27 grams
Whole milk25 grams
2% milk25 grams
Fat-free milk26 grams
Coconut milk17 grams
Oat milk13 grams
Almond milk7 grams

As you can see, coconut milk has significantly less sugar than several of the other milk options at Starbucks.

However, if the sugar content is your primary concern, oat milk or almond milk at Starbucks has less total sugar.

What is Coconut Milk Made From?

Coconut milk is a combination of coconut water and coconut flesh. Coconut water is the liquid stored inside a coconut.

This is what leaks out as you break a coconut’s shell. Coconut flesh is the white portion on the inside of a coconut.

Coconut milk has more fat and less water than coconut water. However, it has more nutrients than plain coconut water.

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Is Coconut Milk Good for You?

Coconut milk is a popular dairy substitute, particularly in beverages. It has a unique flavor that differentiates it from other milk. Many people who are vegan and/or lactose-intolerant use coconut milk as a dairy-free milk substitute.

But other than the fact that it lacks dairy, are there reasons to choose coconut milk over other milk?

Keep in mind that Starbucks coconut milk is not pure coconut milk, as they add extra ingredients to the coconut water and coconut cream.  

Coconut milk is a high-calorie food that often also contains a lot of fat and sugar. While this does not necessarily mean that it is bad for you, there are other healthy options available that have less fat, sugar, and calories.

Some studies suggest that there may be additional health benefits to coconut milk. Recent studies suggest it may help fight inflammation.

A recent animal study suggested that coconut milk could help shrink stomach ulcers. Other studies suggest that coconut milk can help your body fight off bacteria and viruses.

Which Starbucks Milk is the Best for You?

Coconut milk is one of the healthier options available at Starbucks today. However, it does not make the final cut to be the “healthiest” option.

Oat milk is still fairly new at Starbucks, so there is less information available, but in general, the oat milk has less sugar. Even oat milk, though, is not the healthiest milk option.

Almond milk is probably the healthiest milk option you can get in your Starbucks drinks.

It has the lowest sugar content of all of the milk options, as it only has 7 grams of sugar per serving (compared with 17 grams of sugar in coconut milk and 27 grams of sugar in soy milk).

The almond milk at Starbucks also has less fat and calories than many of the other Starbucks milk.

Which Starbucks Drinks Have Coconut Milk?

Pretty much any Starbucks drink made with milk can be made with coconut milk instead of 2% milk. This includes hot chocolates, lattes, frappuccinos, and more.

Several drinks at Starbucks are already made with coconut milk, so you do not have to substitute for it. Those drinks include

  • Pink Drink- Made from the Starbucks Strawberry Açai Refresher drink with passionfruit and combined with coconut milk. It features chunks of dried strawberries
  • Dragon Drink- Made from mango and dragonfruit flavors mixed with coconut milk and diced dragon fruit
  • Star Drink- Made from starfruit and kiwi flavored juice mixed with coconut milk and kiwi fruit chunks
  • Violet Drink- Made from Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher drink combined with coconut milk and blackberries

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Starbucks coconut milk is sweetened with cane sugar. It still has less sugar content than many of the other milk options at Starbucks, though.

Other options with low sugar counts include oat milk and almond milk.



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