Is Coconut Water Keto Friendly? (Low Carbs, Keto Diet + More)

Is Coconut Water Keto Friendly

Can I drink Coconut Water on a Keto Diet? Lindsey, do you know if coconut water is Keto friendly? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

The Keto diet comes with its highs and lows when followed, with a controlled intake of edibles in balanced amounts. Does this list include coconut water as well?

A strict keto diet means the daily intake of carbs is limited to no more than 50 grams. Coconut water contains 8.9 grams of carbohydrates in 100 milliliters consumed. This makes coconut water not the best consumable item when on a low-carb keto diet.

The article below mentions coconut water and the keto diet in detail. Read on!

What makes a Keto diet different?

Keto diets have been a recent favorite amongst health and fitness enthusiasts. It is different from most other diets generally known for several reasons. Firstly, it cuts out the intake of carbohydrates from the diet and replaces them with fats.

This forces the body to enter a state called ketosis, wherein the body searches for other fuels to keep the systems running.

With the main source, carbohydrates, out of the picture, the body aims to use the next best thing, i.e., fats, as fuel. This causes the stored fats to be utilized and burned, helping reduce the body’s fat.

 Secondly, keto diets have shown to be safe for short-term dieting (up to 10-week of ketosis). However, its long-term sustainability is still unknown. Ketosis has also shown promising results when incorporated with other dietary changes for children who have epilepsy.

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Ketogenic diets have helped reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome in people with this health condition for several reasons. People suffering from metabolic syndrome have a higher chance of facing strokes and heart attacks.

Keto diets, with their focus on cutting harmful ingredients out of one’s diet and incorporating healthy alternatives in limited amounts, mean a quicker sense of fullness with limited unhealthy intakes, promising improved health.

Ketosis, however, has shown to add excessive pressure on kidneys when practiced for long periods. This means the person dieting is at risk of declined renal function, which is a great concern.

Can a person on a keto diet drink coconut water?

A person well aware of their calorie intake, specifically carb intake levels throughout the day, may find it much easier to assess their need to drink coconut water when on a keto diet. However, people new to the diet who are adjusting to the edibles allowed and not allowed may prefer refraining from coconut water intake until they have adjusted to the diet.

Strictly speaking, coconut water is not prohibited when on a keto diet. Since a hundred milliliters contribute 8.9 grams of carbohydrates, the total intake of 40 grams of carbs should not exceed when on a keto diet.

As long as the limits are kept in strict check, intake of coconut water is not harmful when on a keto diet.

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Pros and Cons of coconut water

Coconut water is a natural hydrating drink obtained from breaking a fresh coconut in half. It has several benefits for internal and external use and a few drawbacks when considered in specific ways, both mentioned in the table below.

The details of the table are mentioned in the lists that follow.

Low caloriesNot suitable for athletes
Quick hydrationNot the best taste
Loaded with electrolytesNot a source of healing


  • Low calories: Do not lead to excessive amounts of calories and, therefore, they do not lead to weight gain.
  • Quick Hydration: Coconut water is absorbed quickly in the body and is metabolized in a very short amount of time, making its nutrients readily available to the body.
  • Loaded with electrolytes: It provides more than plain water and ensures the body’s needs are met.


  • Not suitable for athletes: Coconut water is suitable for people who run daily or work out with a regular diet. However, for elite athletes, coconut water is insufficient to meet their needs. It does not provide proteins or fat that are needed by these athletes. Such needs can only be met with protein shakes and increased food intake.
  • Taste: The taste offered by coconut water may not be to the liking of everyone who tries to drink it.
  • Not a source of healing: Although a natural drink, coconut water has not been known to cure any serious health conditions such as cancer or diabetes.

The best way to utilize coconut water

Coconut water has a number of ways to be utilized in order to be the naturally perfect drink with health benefits everyone wishes to gain. These include:

  • The perfect drink: This one is pretty obvious. Coconut water provides the perfect balance of minerals and vitamins needed by the body, especially during seasons with excessive sweating.

This makes sure the body is able to perfectly function without facing dehydration that could lead to other health complications such as dizziness and loss of consciousness.

For this reason, coconut water is widely used in smoothies, shakes, salad dressing, fresh juices, and of course, drank raw.

  • Skin benefits: Coconut water intake ensures sure the body’s micronutrient needs are met. This can be seen with improvements in the texture. A healthy, well moisturized skin radiates as is, showing its needs are met.
  • Prevents health complications: One of the most likely issues with people of older ages is the occurrence of kidney stones. Regular intake of coconut water has shown significant prevention of kidney stones due to its ability to flush out particles that collect and form these stones overtime.

Coconut water has been shown to increase the elimination of salts including citrate, chloride, and potassium from the body, the accumulation of which causes complications in the body’s excretory system.


Using coconut water when practicing ketosis is acceptable as long as you are keeping the point of a keto diet in check.

As soon as the intake crosses the acceptable limit and this break becomes a regular practice, it nullifies the point of a keto diet.

If control over carbs is difficult, such alternatives should be strictly limited or excluded from the diet altogether.



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