Is Now Foods a Good Brand? (Reputable Supplement Brand – All Facts)

Is Now Foods a Good Brand

Do you know if Now Foods is a good brand and a reputable supplement brand? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

When asking yourself what makes a good brand, it can be kind of hard to settle on criteria. Is a good brand one with quality products? One that sources their materials in an ecologically friendly way? One with family values at its core?

Ultimately, everyone has their own idea of what makes a good brand, thus making it difficult for us to outright claim that Now Foods is or isn’t one.

So, is Now Foods a good brand? According to our research, we can tell that Now Foods is a good brand. Now Foods only uses non-GMO products and has a giant laboratory, where they test all of the ingredients, they receive from their suppliers to ensure they are safe and free of contaminants. On top of that, the products are affordable.

However, what we can do is provide all the facts you need to know to determine whether or not Now Foods is a good brand in your eyes.

What is Now Foods?

Now Foods is a reputable company in Bloomingdale, Illinois that focuses on natural health products. That includes organic, all-natural food, dietary supplements, personal care products, and more.

It was founded in 1968 and is still a family-run company to this day. But does it really deliver on its promises?

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What is “Natural” According to Now Foods?

These days, a lot of companies throw around the term “natural” simply as a buzzword that attracts customers.

Meanwhile, the description doesn’t actually mean what the customer believes it does. Is Now Foods such a company? What is their definition of “natural?”

Well, for starters, Now Foods only uses non-GMO products, period. While it cannot be said of all their ingredients, a great many of them are organic as well.

Now Foods goes to great lengths to ensure that their suppliers meet up with their definition of natural as well, so not only do they use ingredients they believe are safe, they also make sure their suppliers provide it in a safe manner through audits.

As far as providing natural, organic products, we’d say that Now Foods is a good brand.

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How Does Now Foods Process Their Ingredients?

Using natural ingredients is great and all, but how they are turned into final products matters as well.

Thankfully, Now Foods delivers on this front as well: their headquarters is well and truly a giant laboratory, where they test all of the ingredients, they receive from their suppliers to ensure they are safe and free of contaminants.

And it’s not just weeding out unnatural elements either, as nature itself has plenty of undesirable things people shouldn’t be consuming.

Now Foods ensures that no such natural hazards make it into any of their ingredients as well.

Make no mistake, Now Foods may be a business, but it has invested a great deal of money in lab equipment and scientific means of keeping its ingredients and products as safe as possible.

If a supplier gives them ingredients that don’t meet the mark, the company is even likely to stop doing business with that supplier.

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Is Now Foods Transparent with Customers?

Here’s a little-known fact: companies are not legally required to disclose the presence of ingredients that are only 1-2% of the final product.

That’s why a lot of “natural” products on the market actually have unnatural ingredients in them somewhere. Now Foods doesn’t do that.

They inform the customer of every single ingredient in their products, being as transparent as possible with them.

Of course, sometimes an unintended ingredient could get into a product on accident, but Now Foods has separate rooms in their labs for each ingredient to avoid cross-contamination.

Needless to say, they go to great lengths to ensure you are actually receiving the products and ingredients they say you are.

Why are Now Foods Products so Affordable?

If Now Foods offers such high-quality products, why are they so affordable? That seems to fly in the face of how the market usually works. However, Now Foods is an extremely large company.

That means they can afford to purchase most of their ingredients in bulk, which makes them cheaper.

Furthermore, they offer a very wide array of products in multiple market areas, meaning they can make afford to split their profits across those sectors and make each individual product cheaper.

Not to mention, Now Foods is just committed to providing affordable products to people, on the belief that customers shouldn’t have to spend ludicrous amounts of money just to be healthy.

We’d say they are a pretty good brand on that front as well.

Final Verdict

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a good brand. However, we feel that we can objectively say that Now Foods is a good brand, based on their dedication to truly natural and organic ingredients, consistent provision of top-notch products, affordability, and transparency with their customers.

If you are a health-conscious individual who only wants to take in natural products from a common that does its best to engage in environmentally sustainable business practices, you don’t have to look much further than Now Foods.

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