How To Get a Title For a Camper Without Title In Missouri (Step By Step!)

How To Get a Title For a Camper Without Title In Missouri

Do you know how to get a title for a camper without a title in Missouri? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you are looking to take a camper on the road, it is important to make sure it is properly titled and registered. This can save you money on fines so you can spend your time doing what you love.

If your camper does not have a title, do not worry. To get a title for a camper without title in Missouri you need to follow the below steps so you can legally hit the road again.

To get a replacement title in Missouri, you will need to

1. Fill out a title application.

2. Label the application as an application for a Duplicate Title

3. Notarize the form.

4. Submit your application, fees, and any additional forms to the Missouri License office or the Motor Vehicle Bureau.

The rest of this article will dive into how to properly fill out the application and the steps you can take if a duplicate title will not work for your situation.

What is a Vehicle Title?

A vehicle title is a legal document that can prove ownership of a vehicle. Titles are issued for cars, trucks, trailers, campers, ATVs, and more. In general, titles are granted by the Division of Motor Vehicles for each state.

Most titles include information like the full name of the owner, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the address of the owner, and specifications of the vehicle or trailer.

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What Types of Vehicle Titles Are There?

Vehicle titles can be grouped into many different categories. There are four that you are most likely to come across while working with campers.

Those categories are Clean, Clear, Salvage, and Rebuilt or Reconstructed.

The different categories of titles give information about the history of the camper and its current condition.

  • Clean: Clean titles are issued for vehicles or trailers that are structurally sound. They have not been “totaled” and do not need any major repairs.
  • Clear: Clear titles are granted to vehicles that do not have any liens or other major debt against them.
  • Salvage: Salvage titles are reserved for vehicles or trailers that are damaged in a “total loss.” It is important to keep in mind that campers with salvage titles may be more difficult and/or expensive to insure.
  • Rebuilt or Reconstructed: Rebuilt or reconstructed titles are issued to vehicles or campers that were previously totaled but that have been repaired so they can be safe to drive again. If you are seeking a rebuilt or reconstructed title, you will likely need to have the camper inspected to make sure it is safe.

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Do Campers Need Titles in Missouri?

All campers need titles in the State of Missouri. This titling rule also applies to farm wagons, boat trailers, flatbed trailers, livestock trailers, and more.

There are only a few kinds of trailers that are exempt from this rule. That exemption includes:

  • Cotton trailers
  • Tow dollies
  • Hay trailers

How to Get a Replacement Camper Title in Missouri?

There are many reasons that your camper may not have a title.

The most common reasons are if the title was lost during a move or house update or if the title was destroyed in a flood, fire, or another disaster.

Sometimes, a camper is sold without a title. In those cases, you can apply for different titles based on the reason your camper does not have a title.

Missing Camper Title

Within the state of Missouri, you can replace a camper title if it was lost, damaged, or destroyed. To get the new title, you need to apply for a duplicate title.

The application is easy to fill out if you have the camper in your possession. There are also minimal fees you will need to pay when applying for a duplicate title.

To apply for a duplicate title in Missouri:

1. Complete an Application for Missouri Title and License Form. The form is located on the Missouri Department of Revenue’s website.

2. Be sure to complete the form including the box that needs to be marked for a duplicate title.

  • You will also need to include the reason you are seeking a title. This can be something like “title missing” or “title destroyed-house fire.”
  • If your original title was damaged, you need to include the damaged title with your application.

3. Have your application notarized. This can help prove your identification so the form can be submitted through the mail, which saves you valuable time.

4. Fill out a lien release form, if necessary. You can skip this step if there are no liens against your camper. If you need to find the form, it is on the Missouri Department of Revenue’s website.

5. Prepare the necessary fees. You can expect to pay $8.50 for the duplicate title fee and then $6.00 for the processing fee. This would make for a total of $14.50. You can include this in a check, money order, or cashier’s check addressed to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

6. Mail your application to the Missouri License Office or the Motor Vehicle Bureau. You can find the Missouri License Office nearest you here. The Motor Vehicle Bureau’s address is:

301 West High Street

Room 370

PO Box 100

Jefferson City, MO


No Title During Purchase

Another circumstance that can lead to you not having a title for your camper would be if there was no title when you purchased the camper.

You should avoid this whenever possible, as the process for getting a title this way has more liability and can be more expensive.

If you are purchasing a camper through a dealership, you should insist that they provide a title.

 According to Missouri law, dealerships are required to provide proof of ownership, and a title is the most direct way to do this.

If, however, you ended up with a camper without a title, you can still apply for one so that you can legally hit the road. You can do this with a surety bonded title.

Surety bonds put money up to help claim ownership of a vehicle. To be eligible for a surety bonded title your camper must:

  • Be at least seven years old
  • Be worth less than $3,000
  • Have no conflict of ownership registered with the Motor Vehicle Bureau

If your camper is eligible, then you can begin the application process. You will need to:

1. Complete the title application.

2. Write a statement explaining how you came to own the camper and why you do not have a title for it.

3. Compile any documents you have that prove you own the camper. A bill of sale is crucial for this. You can also include a title if your camper was titled in another state.

4. Fill out an Odometer Disclosure Statement.

5. Have your camper inspected by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and obtain a Vehicle Examination Certificate.

6. Collect a surety bond. Your bond will likely need to be worth twice the value of your camper.

7. Submit all of this paperwork to the Missouri Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Bureau office.

In a few weeks, you should receive your surety bonded title. This title is considered “branded.” In most cases, if no other owner has come up, after a few years you can apply for a regular title and have the brand removed.

Title Application Items

If you are looking to fill out a title application, you can streamline the process by collecting as much relevant information as possible before filling out the application.

Do not guess on any of this information, as inaccurate information can delay the processing time of your application.

To fill out a title application for your camper, you will need to know:

  • The type of title you need
  • The full name of any owners
  • The address of the owner(s)
  • The owner(s)’s email address
  • The value of the camper
  • The year of the camper
  • The model of the camper
  • The make of the camper
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The purchase date
  • Information about any lienholders
  • Information about the dealership, if applicable

If you have any questions while filling out your title application, it is best to contact the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Do Campers Need License Plates in Missouri?

Yes, campers need license plates in the state of Missouri. Furthermore, trailers should have the following:

  • Tow bars (these are recommended but not required)
  • Taillights
    • Two red taillights
    • Two reflectors
  • White light to illuminate the license plate
  • Trailer brakes (if the trailer weighs over 3,000 pounds)

Final Thoughts

It is important to quickly get a title for your camper in Missouri so you can legally take it on the road. If you have lost or damaged your title, you can apply for a duplicate title.

If you purchased a camper without a title, you should apply for a surety bonded title. These applications are provided by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

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