How Often Does Instacart Do Background Checks (Proved!)

How Often Does Instacart Do Background Checks

Do you know how often Instacart does background checks? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Instacart employs tons of workers who want the freedom to work outside of an office and obtain tips.

Being a personal grocery shopper and/or delivery driver is a pretty convenient gig that allows those with a valid driver’s license to make extra cash or a full-time living.

Although the application process is relatively simple, there are still some aspects you should be aware of.

Namely, applicants should familiarize themselves with Instacart’s background check process and the frequency.

So, how often does Instacart do background checks? As it turns out, Instacart does a background check once in the application process, and then again once a year if you get hired. According to past and current employees, this is the general modus operandi for the company to ensure their own safety as an employer. 

In this article, we’ll review Instacart’s specific background check policy and share details for applicants and employees to look out for.

Keep reading to understand the full scope of what’s involved.

Instacart’s Background Check Policy

When you first apply to work with Instacart, you have to undergo a standard background check. According to Instacart’s Onboarding website page, they conduct checks via an online platform called Checkr.

Note that you don’t need to do a background check until the company has given you a conditional offer. 

Once you complete the background check, you can expect to get your results within about 10 days, although it could be longer.

What’s nice about their partnership with Checkr is that the Checkr platform allows applicants to log in and check their background check status. 

Of course, after you get hired, you will have to undergo a kind of silent background check once each year.

It’s silent in the sense that you don’t have to do anything to make it happen; Instacart goes ahead and sets it up for you. 

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Are Background Checks Announced?

Based on our research (checking personal testimonies from Instacart workers and former workers), Instacart doesn’t really warn employees before performing the yearly background check.

It happens around the same time each year, though – at least within the same month. What’s also not announced is the result of this yearly check. 

According to employees, if you don’t pass the background check, Instacart can and will automatically deactivate your employee account.

If you don’t hear anything from them, though, it’s safe to assume that you have passed the background check.

How Much Do Instacart Background Checks Cost?

According to our research, we also found that Instacart pays for the cost of any and all background checks they perform on you.

What’s nice about this is that you don’t have to pay any money when you apply, and you don’t have to pay any money for the yearly check, either.

What Does Instacart Look for in Background Checks?

Although Instacart doesn’t specifically state on their website what they look for in background checks, there are a few obvious factors to consider.

Firstly, considering that many Instacart workers have jobs as delivery drivers, it’s pretty safe to assume that they will scan your record driving citations, DUIs, and other related issues. 

Second, if you are going to work as a personal shopper in public stores, you’ll spend a lot of time around children and the public.

The same is true as a delivery driver since you’ll come in contact with customers’ homes. Because of this proximity, Instacart will frown upon anything on your personal record relating to theft or assault.


Working for Instacart is a convenient and unconventional way to earn side money or a living.

When applying to work at the company, you’ll undergo a Checkr background check.

Then, if you get hired, you’ll undergo subsequent yearly background checks.

Consider these stipulations before applying to work with Instacart. 



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