How Much Does Jiffy Lube Charge for an Oil Change (Explained!)

How Much Does Jiffy Lube Charge for an Oil Change

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend how much does Jiffy Lube charges for an oil change? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

They say only two things in life are certain—death and taxes. If we had our way, though, we’d amend that list to also include oil changes.

After all, your car will eventually need an oil change. By going to Jiffy Lube, though, you could save big but only if you know what you’re getting.

So, just how much does Jiffy Lube charge for an oil change? Jiffy Lube will charge you around $50 for an oil change. You can expect to pay between $40 to $50 for a V4 engine with around 5 quarts of oil. Between the costs of oil, labor, and a new filter, you’ll likely spend around $45 for a complete oil change. A V6 engine, on the other hand, needs around 8 quarts of motor oil to run smoothly. The added cost of the oil can make your final bill as pricey as $60.

The total cost of a Jiffy Lube oil change will depend entirely on the type of oil you need, the size of your engine, and the make and model of your vehicle.

Larger vehicles will cost more but Jiffy Lube thankfully has some of the best deals on the market.

Altogether, don’t expect to spend more than $100 total.  

Why Does the Price of an Oil Change Vary at Jiffy Lube?

As with anything, you pay for what you get. Not all vehicles use the same oil, nor do they use the same amount.

If you drive a vehicle with a larger engine, it will need more oil to function smoothly. Also, not all vehicles use the same oil filter.

Some filters are more expensive than others and this cost will be included in your final bill.

For example, a V4 engine can get by with around 5 quarts of oil. Between the costs of oil, labor, and a new filter, you’ll likely spend around $40.00 for a complete oil change.

A V6 engine, on the other hand, needs around 8 quarts of motor oil to run smoothly. The added cost of the oil can make your final bill as pricey as $60.00.

Older models may require filters that are no longer in production. This can make your final bill much more expensive because the Jiffy Lube mechanics will have to source an older filter.

If you’re unsure about your bill, speak with the Jiffy Lube specialist to get a price breakdown for each item.

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The Type of Oil

Beyond the size of your vehicle, the type of oil you use will also influence the cost of an oil change at Jiffy Lube.

While synthetic oils are more expensive than conventional products, the added price tag could save you money in the long run.

Here’s how!

Per oil change, you’ll spend more on synthetic oils but over the life of your vehicle, you’ll spend more on conventional oil.

If we take a look at the chemical makeup of these two types of lubricants, synthetics oils are made from a base of crude oil and a concoction of man-made chemical lubricants.

Conventional oil, though, is made from pure crude oil.

Because synthetic oils are produced using man-made compounds, they’re able to stand up to higher temperatures and withstand the abuse of an engine longer than conventional oils.

This means you won’t have to change them as often as conventional oil. Although you’ll pay more when you do finally change synthetic oils, you’ll pay for convention oil far more frequently.

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What’s the Average Price Range for an Oil Change at Jiffy Lube?

With all things considered, we’ve arranged a breakdown of how much you can expect to spend for an oil change at Jiffy Lube if you own a standard V4 vehicle:

  • Convention oil change – $39.99
  • High mileage oil change – $60.99
  • Synthetic/Convention oil blend – $64.99
  • Fully synthetic oil change – $76.99
  • Fully synthetic oil change with a deep engine cleaning – $89.99

Compared to many competitors, these prices are quite affordable. For larger vehicles, these prices can pass $100.00 but not by much.

Even for a V8 engine, you won’t spend more than $160.

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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

If these prices have you worried, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay for an oil change too frequently.

Even older vehicles can go a few months without an oil change as long as you aren’t driving too much.

Let’s take a look at what factors influence your oil’s life expectancy and how you can better manage it:

  • Your vehicle’s age – As vehicles age, they stop running as efficiently. Years of wear-and-tear eventually break down your engine, causing it to use more oil just to run like it used to. If your vehicle is more than 10 years old, we recommend getting the oil changed at least every 3,000 miles. This should come out to around every 3 months.
  • Where you drive – If you live in a dusty area or regularly drive off-road, you’ll need to change your vehicle’s oil more frequently. As dust gets caught up in your engine, the oil will help trap those particles before they can corrode the metal. However, this means your oil will become tainted much faster.
  • How you drive – Even your driving style can affect the lifespan of your vehicle’s oil. If you regularly speed, your engine will need more oil to stay lubricated at high temperatures. Try to avoid speeding to get the most out of your motor oil.

If you drive a newer model and avoid dirt roads, you should be able to go 10,000 miles before having to change your motor oil.

Just be sure to drive safely and stick to the speed limit.

Save Money by Changing Your Own Oil

If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, you can save on labor fees by buying oil at your nearest motor shop and changing it yourself.

Changing your own oil is easier than you think and can be done in about an hour. You’ll just need a few tools:

  • 5 to 8 quarts of quality motor oil
  • A carjack and stands
  • A wrench
  • A draining pan

With your tools in hand, start by jacking your car up onto stands. Be sure to place the stands under a sturdy piece of metal such as the axle to prevent your vehicle from collapsing down onto you.

From there, locate the oil drain plug. It’s typically positioned at the bottom of your engine’s oil pan and will look like a small metal plug.

Place a draining pan below the plug and unscrew it from the engine block. Thick black oil should immediately begin draining from your car’s engine.

Let it drain completely for around 30 minutes. Once all of the oil has drained from the engine, screw the plug back into place and slowly pour clean motor oil into your car’s oil pan through the hood.

Check the oil levels after four or five quarts by removing the dipstick next to the oil fill cap. The oil should come up to the designated mark on the dipstick.

Once it’s visible on the stick, you’re done! Tighten the oil filler cap into place and close your vehicle’s hood. Let the engine run for a few minutes and then go for a test drive.


Jiffy Lube has some of the best prices on oil changes but your final fee will depend on what type of oil you need, the size of your engine, and what type of oil filter you need.

If their prices seem too steep, you can also save money by changing your own oil.

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